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Five Reasons Why iPhone 4 Users Should Be Jealous Of The NEW iPhone 5

It’s officially 5 days away from the long-awaited launch of the Apple iPhone 5 (Apple launch event will be held October 4th)! With anticipation growing as rapidly as the rumors are brewing, it’s only fair that I forwarn iPhone 4 users of the jealously that may ensue if you don’t upgrade to the iPhone 5.  (Get ready to trade in those iPhone 4 devices and upgrade because I have 5 reasons why (upon release) iPhone 4 users will be particularly jealous of the iPhone 5 and it’s users everywhere…

5.  It’ll have a new sleek and sexy design that’ll make the iPhone 4 look like an original iPod…(you iPhone 4 users know how you snub us iPhone 3GS carriers…payback’s a —- LOL)

4.  The iPhone 5 will undoubtedly have faster processing power – which will totally outspeed and perform the iPhone 4 in all apps from Google Maps (and directions) to Tweets, it’ll keep you up to speed and saying “Whew, that was fast…”  (Can anybody say A5?)

3.  Say Cheese!  Okay, you Android users may have had the first laugh when it came down to crisp, clear camera resolution worthy photos but with rumors of an added 8-megapixel camera and full 1080p video recording capabilities, but there’s no doubt that Apple iPhone 5 users will have the last laugh.  (yay for instagram and all my other favorite photo sharing apps…)

2.  Can you hear me now?  The iPhone 5 is going to take voice-recognition apps to another level.  Since acquiring Siri – Apple has saved this Ace of Spade for the right time… (I’m particularly curious to see how Apple will outshine the current voice-recognition market…the suspense is killing me…)

1.  iPhone 5 will NOT be limited to AT&T, Verizon…did someone say Sprint?  YES!  More carrier options means more interaction with other coveted iPhone users…all you AT&T customers still sticking with your current plan… you should just be ashamed of yourself…LOL (Maybe now Apple can up the ante on market share against Android…here’s to hoping…)


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  1. Tiffani says:

    I will be waiting in line for sure when it's released…

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