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Finally Some News – A HTC One Update

HTC One Update Google Android smartphone official

  We've been patiently waiting (well some of us anyway) for HTC and the US carriers to announce the launch date for their latest Android flagship device, the One.  We came across some news for the upcoming AT&T and Sprint models. A much needed HTC One update. AT&T finally announced a launch date and price! Sprint offering a deal. Read on to find out more:

HTC One Updates

On the AT&T side of things, it looks to be the only carrier to get the 64GB model HTC One.  This is some interesting bit of news as usually the higher-end specs normally don't make it here to the states.  Good to hear as HTC provided no micro SD expansion, a complaint many HTC Droid DNA users had to deal with.
HTC One Update - 32GB model 64GB model AT&T
AT&T will offer the 32GB model for $199 beginning April 19th. The 64GB model will be $299. If you want to lock yours in, you can pre-order your HTC One on AT&T beginning April 4th at 2 PM (only for the 32GB model).  You can't pre-order the 64GB model. The other carriers, Sprint, T-Mobile, & possibly Verizon subscribers will have just the 32GB model.
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On the Sprint side of things, Radio Shack maybe looking to serve up a deal with their One model.  According to Phandroid, Radio Shack will offer a 32GB HTC One for Sprint along with a $50 credit to the Google Play Store.  That amount should cover a couple of movies/books or many apps.  Easily a win-win.
If AT&T is launching on April 19th, the other carriers can't be too far behind. At least we hope not.
HTC One Update Radio shack
Don't forget that HTC is offering an enticing $100 trade-in offer. You can check it out HERE.
What's more important to you, storage space or the Google Play Store Credit? Are you getting the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy S4 (which is priced at $250)?


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