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FashionWare and MommyTech in the TechZone CES 2014

The Consumer and Electronics Show (CES) 2014, taking place now until this Friday, is in full affect this week in Las Vegas and we some goodies to show you.  For the fashion forward fashionista and tech savvy women, come see what we found being featured in the TechZone at CES.

 fashionware TechZone

Our world is being transformed by embedded and wearable technology where style, function, and tech intersect.  FashionWare is an all new lifestyle TechZone that is taking place at the 2014 CES.  The FashionWare will feature jackets that adjust based on outside temperature, solar-charging handbags, and health monitoring devices.  The event is topped off with an after party and live runway show on Thursday.   TechZone TechGloves“The fashion industry is a 972 billion dollar industry but it’s remained virtually unchanged, one of the last holdouts for incorporating high tech. That’s about to change. You’re about to witness a remarkable fashion show where high tech is integral to high fashion.”  source Talking Fashion and tech and perfect for this cold weather, here are a perfect pair of winter gloves.  The U/R ‘Shorty’ Tech Gloves has a conductive palm that is tech-friendly for touch screens.         MommyTech – cool. calm. connected. The Internet of Things, “a movement to create a world of Internet-connected smart products from coffee pots to key chains, will find its most lucrative audience in MommyTech, a focused lifestyle TechZone at CES.”   Tech savvy moms, who wear multiple hats in their life, and are the largest, fastest growing group of tech consumers, juggle multiple priorities.  To keep families connected and make the home more efficient, moms us their smart mobile devices.   On the agenda the MomTech Zone event will features devices like smart door locks, toothbrushes, wrist watches, smoke detectors, ovens, home security systems, garage doors, and toys all controlled by a smart mobile device.  The possibilities are endless.  your smart phone acts as the remote controls for these products, that can remotely lock doors, turn off lights, lower the garage door, or turn on the air conditioning.  No more stressing out, just quickly control the device.   TechZone NESTOne such device is the Nest Carbon Monoxide Detector.  This is no ordinary carbon monoxide detector.  “… it tells you where smoke is or when carbon monoxide levels are rising. This gives you an earlier warning if there’s an emergency, or allows you to silence Nest Protect if it’s just a nuisance alarm, like an overly enthusiastic toaster.”  source The detector will send a message to your smartphone or tablet if the smoke or carbon monoxide detector goes off.       Let’s not forget the children in all this tech talk.  Samsung is teaming up with Fingerprint, a kid’s software provider to build a mobile kids app for Samsung mobile devices.  Called Samsung Kids Mobile Network powered by Fingerprint, the service will offer safe apps and games for kids’ ages 3 to 7, launches first quarter 2014.

fingerprint-samsung TechZone

  What do you want to see from the CES 2014 show floors this year?  Tweet us at @DivasandDorks and we’ll get you the photos and news you need! Follow all the CES fun with @DivasandDorks via #CES2014 #CesOnTrend and #ConnectedByOnStar


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