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Fashions Night Out…Through My Eyes

It was shortly after 6pm and excitement was buzzing through the island of Manhattan unlike anything else I've experienced. It was Fashions Night Out and my set schedule was planned to the minute, who I'd hang out with, clients I'd go to see, celebrities I was bound to run into...the whole night was planned...that is, until 6:15pm rolled around...

"If you want to make God laugh...tell Him your plans..." - Unknown

My Fashions Night Out revolved around Fifth Avenue (aka the Mecca of NYC Fashion) from Drake at Versace to potent flutes of champagne at BCBG the ladies of had a grand ol time - check out the pictorial of Fashions Night Out, through my eyes... 20110915-105318.jpg It began as a journey to Macy's Herald up 34th we went...that is until club Famous Footwear grabbed our really, Famous Footwear had music blaring and a line down the street as if it was Ibiza... 20110915-105416.jpg Most stores lured you in with free food and drinks...(ding, ding...) - and the little pigs in a blanket served by the waitresses in overalls at Levi's were divine...and yes, the piggies were grazing in a tray filled with grass...How cute! 20110915-105637.jpg Finally making it to the Fifth Avenue Lord & Taylor department store where not only the NFL Jets cheerleaders were found gyrating at the entrance - but also where the games and flutes of champagne seemed to overflow with participation from the crowds of consumers... 20110915-105823.jpg Clearly as I saw with my own eyes, Sephora was the place to be...lines and lines of people and the cutest little divas (eyelashes and all...) 20110915-110056.jpg 20110915-110200.jpg Finally, making my way to Saks Fifth Avenue (staying true to the Divas and Dorks mentality) we stopped by the Lenovo lounge where they launched the newest member of the Lenovo family laptop and highlighted a Lenovo favorite (mixing the music that kept the party going all night long...)... 20110915-110455.jpg   Then there was Drake at Versace... Onto the Coup De Grace of FNO entertainment, Bergdoff Goodman's display windows came to life with live musical performances and interesting displays of fashion, flair and more... 20110915-110612.jpg Ending the the night, Tiffany, Cat Peoples and I made a stop into BCBG for some fly accessories, (more champagne) and more time with an old friend... 20110915-110728.jpg

What did you enjoy your Fashions Night Out?


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