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Fashionable Gadgets For The Diva On The Go

Fashionable Gadgets For The Diva On The Go


We all love a new gadget just like a new pair of shoes or new handbag.  Gadgets are the adult version of a child’s toy.  Some gadgets are just fun to have and some serve a meaningful purpose and can change your life. With a gadget for everything, they may be hard to tote around. Here are some fashionable gadgets that give you everything you need without sacrificing style, comfort and portability.  Here are a few I found that will change your tech lifestyle on the go.

The ASUS WL 330NUL – Smallest Router / USB

Fashionable Gadgets - ASUS USB WL 300NUL Wireless Router

Meet ASUS WL 330NUL Wireless Router and USB is a perfect fit  for the diva on the go.  This fashionable gadget is just a bit larger than a battery. Marketed as the world’s smallest router, it is perfect for the globetrotter that uses ultra thin laptops, tablets, and smart phones; this compact router fits right in.  The router allows multiple device sharing with a USB and Ethernet port.  The router supports Windows 8, MAC OS, and iOS, and operates in WiFi, Ethernet, and access point modes.  Take it for a spin. It’s just  It due out later this month

4G Black Leather Bracelet, USB Flash Memory Drive

Fashionable Gadgets - USB Bracelet


Yeah, yeah, yeah … I know I know.  I just wrote about the awesome ASUS WiFi USB router above, but this trendy bracelet fits right in with my arm candy.  This is too cute and what?! – is a USB memory drive.  Tech meets style in its finest.  No more rummaging through your purse to find that little USB drive or hanging it from you key ring.  Let it blend in right with your other bracelets.  AND!!!! It works for men and women.  The USB drive is 4 gigabytes and works with All Windows operating systems, MAC OS, and Linux.


Amberleigh iPad Mini Satchel Crossbody

Fashionable Gadgets - Amberleigh iPad Mini Satchel Crossbody

I found this handsome satchel on and solves a problem for me; wanting a purse and iPad all-in-one.  This is great?  No more bag lady syndrome during my commute.  This leather satchel features a window where you can view and use your iPad, and has a closure that turns the iPad on and off upon closing the bag.  And, who knows you are carrying an iPad in there!


Fitbit Zip

Fashionable Gadgets - Fitbit Zip

Tracking Your Steps Just Got Cuter with The Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker is a restyled and better calibrated activity tracker perfect for the person on the go.  The Zip tracks your steps, distance, and calories burned while keeping stats of your progress syncing with your computer and smart phone.  While on your way to walking into better fitness you can earn badges, challenge friends through social media, and set daily steps goals for yourself.  Also, the Fitbit app plays well with Run Keeper, Map My Fitness, My Fitness Pal, Lose It, and a few other apps.  The device has an integrated wireless sync dongle, Bluetooth connectivity, replaceable battery, and a free membership.  With USB and Bluetooth connectivity, Zip is compatible with iPhone 4S and 5, iPads, iPods, Samsung Galaxy S III and Note II.    It supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8 and MAX OS X 10.5 and up operating systems for personal and Mac computers.




What are some of your favorite fashionable gadgets?


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