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Drive With Confidence, No Matter What Car You Drive…

  Have you ever found yourself lost, searching for directions or even worse, fumbling with your smartphone while driving? Did you know that you could bring the intelligent navigation of OnStar to the vehicle you're driving right now? OnStar FMV (For My Vehicle) is a unique product that brings the safety, security and convenience of OnStar to millions of vehicles already on the road. This is the first time OnStar’s popular “blue button” service – with more than six million current customers – is available as a retail purchase rather than factory installed in a new vehicle. I'm sure you've seen and heard OnStar commercials and thought that they were only available in GM manufactured vehicles...Think again. OnStar FMV is a standalone rearview mirror, replacing a vehicle’s existing rearview mirror, offering the core features of factory installed OnStar, including:
  • Automatic Crash Response
  • Turn By Turn Navigation
  • Hands Free Calling
  • Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance
  • Emergency Service
  • Roadside Assistance ....and more!
    20111204-235734.jpg Using OnStar FMV My test vehicle was a Toyota Camry with the OnStar FMV rearview mirror already installed. I could barely even notice that the mirror was an aftermarket addition - as the installation was neat and clean. I have to admit it was as good as having the original OnStar system that comes installed in GM vehicles. With the push of the blue OnStar button, I was able to get directions to nearest gas station, shopping center and more. The OnStar service rep on the other end was very courteous and extremely helpful in a bind....(like when you're cruising on "E" and have no idea where to find the closest gas station...) 20111204-235836.jpg Even in an emergency situation, OnStar shines through! Many consumers have shared their stories online on how OnStar has helped in the survival of tornados and even in the midst of cellular disaster (When Marsha's cellphone wouldn't work - OnStar's did.) Luckily, I did not have to test out the crash response, emergency response or stolen vehicle location assistance - so you'll just have to take my word that it works (that is, if you need it.) Pricing and Installation OnStar FMV is currently available for purchase nationally at Best Buy and Fry's Electronics stores, as well as a number of other retailers that are listed on For a limited time only, the OnStar FMV unit is currently on sale for $199, (just expect to pay out of pocket installation costs of about $50-$100.) Monthly pricing for OnStar service runs from $18.95 (for the Safe & Sound emergency and security plan) to $28.90 (for the Directions & Connections plan, which includes all the Safe & Sound features, plus unlimited turn-by-turn navigation services). Want to find out if OnStar FMV is available for your vehicle? Check out the vehicle selector tool available on


 Want to learn more about OnStar FMV?  Visit OnStar Connections Online at



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  1. Karen says:

    Cool! I need to check and see if i can get one in my Durango.

  2. Good tips, mind if we use them for inspiration and link back to you?

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