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Downloading This Money Saving App Could Score You $500 Before You Know It

Doesn’t it feel like summer vacation fun was just yesterday?  Retailers like Kmart are already baiting shoppers for holiday layaway and you know what’s next? Black Friday deals. Personally, I am a serious fan for Black Friday sales and disguised deals by big-boxed stores. But I’m just not ready to start my holiday savings plan just yet.  Thankfully, I’ve discovered the ultimate money saving app just in time for holiday shopping – Say hello to Digit!

holiday cash


Digit is a free online app that automates your savings in a way that you won’t realize you’re saving. Digit first links up to your bank account, reviews your payment history and predicts your income and cash flow. After Digit’s system understands how much you spend every day and how you try to manage your money, it calculates all your possible daily savings opportunities. Everyday, Digit takes out small amounts of money (anywhere from $5-$50) that you may not have realized you didn’t need or use. After Digit takes out the dough, it puts that cha-ching into your savings account.




The whole idea behind the Digit money saving app is that you’re saving little by little on the daily without feeling like you’re restricting your normal use of money. So you’re still buying your lunches, groceries and gas, but you’re saving too! Your savings stash goes into your personal FDIC-insured Digit account. Digit doesn’t store your password or go through your savings. The account is entirely yours with no minimums and no fees.
Digit always checks in with you and lets you know how much it’s been able to save for you via regular text messages. But if a particularly rainy day hits, just text the word “Withdraw” and your money will be in your pocket by the next business day. Sounds like we’re all going to need a bigger wallet.  Ready to get started? Download the Digit money saving app and instantly earn $5 when you share this money saving app with others HERE.  Just think, if you sign up today, you could save at least $500 (or more) just in time for Black Friday sales!
So what are you waiting for?  Download the Digit app and begin saving dough for next month’s Black Friday deals today!


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