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Five Travel Hacks For Drama-Free Holiday Travel




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It’s that time of year again.  Time where families begin preparing for familiar hellos, road trips, and long journeys home for the holidays.  Although holiday travel in November and December has a long history of notorious tales (its one of the worst travel times of the year) it doesn’t have to be another headache this time around.  If you’re looking to avoid holiday travel hiccups and want a hassle-free travel experience this season, check out these five holiday travel hacks below.


1.  Buy Your Ticket For Cheap

When researching your flight, go through the booking process (make sure you don’t click purchase until you’re ready) until you reach the seat selection step. Take a look at the seating chart and see how many open seats are left. If most of the cabin is still available, there’s a good chance that demand is low, so prices may drop. If the cabin is nearly full, however, you’ll probably want to go ahead and purchase at the going rate.


2.  Travel Hack Like A VIP

When it comes to traveling by plane there’s nothing’s quite as nice as scoring your very own row of seats for you and your travel buddy. Up your chances of snagging this dream come true the next time you’re travelling with a companion by booking the aisle and window seat, rather than two seats next to each other.  If someone does happen to book the middle seat, he or she will likely swap with one of you for the window or aisle. If no one takes the middle seat, you’ve just scored yourself your own row.


3. In Case Of Emergency – Protect Yourself

Who needs paper when you have a smartphone? Instead of carrying an extra set of paper copies of your passport, visa, license and other important travel documents, simply take photos, store them on your smartphone and email them to yourself.  In case of emergency, simply log into your email or retrieve photos from your phone and validate your identity immediately.


4. Pack a Pillowcase For Almost Everything

One of my must have travel necessities is a handy satin pillowcase.  It is the most useful travel accessory you’ll use from the beginning to the end of your trip.  You can stuff it with clothes or your jacket for a makeshift pillow; cover your hotel pillow with a pillow case you already know and love or use it as your laundry bag and stash all your dirty clothes inside during your trip.


5.  Keep A Travel Kit Handy

How many times have you gone traveling and forgotten your toothbrush? Avoid this from now on by creating an extra set of those often-forgotten items.  A toothbrush, travel-sized toothpaste, razor and Q-tips are trusty stand-bys, as are an extra phone charger, bottle opener and headphones. Keep this stashed in your suitcase so you never have to worry about forgetting these items next time you go to pack for a trip.


If you follow these travel hacks, you’ll sure to be prepared and ready for your next weekend trip or family vacation this holiday season.  What are your favorite holiday tips/tricks for holiday travel survival?  Share your favorite tips in the comment section below.



Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Amtrak via The Root.  With outlets at every seat, conference tables for holding meetings and cafe cars to grab a bite to eat, Amtrak delivers the speed you expect and the convenience you deserve. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Amtrak.


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