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Virgin America Makes The Best Safety Flight Video EVER!

virgin america

There used to be a time where on board safety videos were boring, lame and excruciating to watch. Not Anymore. Virgin Airlines has just released the most entertaining safety instruction video that rivals the sounds and dance moves of your favorite pop music video, Broadway show or season premiere episode of “Glee”.

Taking A Flight? Why Drinking The Coffee, Tea or Water On Board Could Make You Sick


Have you ever noticed why flight crews skip out on the coffee and tea while on board? No it’s not because they’re working – it’s actually because they have a better idea of what actually in the water than most passengers do.

Get Fit While Traveling With The Zumba Dance App For Your Tablet


Whether you travel for work or play, exercising isn’t always a priority when you don’t have time to hit up the local gym, but one thing most travelers always have time for is their favorite tablet and now Zumba Dance is available on a tablet near you!

How To Get Inside Of The Exclusive Airport Lounges You Want


Let’s face it, even if you’re lucky enough to score a first class flight you won’t have the entire first class travel experience unless you spend your pre-travel time in the exclusive airport lounge. Check out these tips on how to get into the airport lounge of your choice.

Cruising Basics With Bon Voyage By Barbour


If you’ve ever considered taking a cruise (even after the latest string of Carnival Cruise mishaps) – you probably have a ton of questions. Lucky for you, the cruising connoisseurs at Bon Voyage by Barbour have whipped up a guide to cruising to answer many of your frequently asked questions.

Four Things That Are Most Likely To Get Damaged At The Airport


TSA agents love to tout their confiscations but are less zealous to share the amount of damages created by the same agents, causing travelers more money than ever before. Discover the four things that are most likely to get damaged at the airport inside.

Five Travel & Aviation Changes To Expect In 2013


A new year means new changes within the airline industry. To stay up on the latest I headed over to Conde Nast Traveler to have a look and deciphered the major points of change that could affect your travel schedule sooner than you think.

Hotel Travel Tips That Insiders Want You To Know


Plan on traveling soon? Did you know there are ways to get around paying for hotel movies and minibar snacks? There are even ways to get hotel stay upgrades absolutely for FREE! Check our some of our favorite tips & tricks discovered to make your next hotel stay a memorable one.