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CONTEST: @LincolnMotorCo Wants You To Win An Unforgettable Experience


I’m beyond thrilled to partner with ESSENCE Magazine and Lincoln Motor Company to take the Journey Through The City contest nationwide! Are you an aspiring fashion stylist or designer and ready to take your fashion-inspiration to the next level? Discover how you can enter for the chance of a lifetime experience inside!

Bring On Spring In The 2015 @Toyota Highlander Limited AWD

Toyota Highlander

Discover a refreshed view of the Toyota Highlander and check out why it’s one of the safest and stylish crossover SUVs on the road!

The All-New 2016 @FiatUSA 500X: 5 Things You Need To Know #Fiat500X


The all new 2016 Fiat 500X has hit the scene and has made quite the impression in a major way! Discover the chic style of the 2016 Fiat 500X inside!

5 Automotive Mobile Devices Perfect For Teen Drivers

teen driving

While it would be great if parents could keep a watchful eye every time a teenager is behind the wheel, it’s just not possible. In this age of technology, can parents have more peace of mind when their newly licensed teen drivers are on the road?

Say Hello To A New Icon: The 2015 @Chrysler 300 Limited AWD

2015 Chrysler 300 Limited AWD

It’s had to believe that the Chrysler 300 is turning 60-years young this year! With a major makeover and vibrant new-attitude, it’s no surprise that the Chrysler 300 has catapult to iconic sedan status!

Defeat Drowsy Driving: Tips For Staying Awake At The Wheel

Tips For Staying Awake At The Wheel

Unfortunately, driving while fatigued is common in today’s business world. Discover how to beat drowsy driving with tips for staying awake at the wheel inside.

Girls Night Out At The New York International Auto Show #NYIASGNO


With the debut of 60+ new vehicles and social media chatter strong than ever, it’s no wonder that NYIAS attracts so many media, dealers, manufacturers and fans! Check out a few photos from press days inside!

Get Ready For A Spring Fling! The New York International Auto Show Is Here!

New York Auto Show

It’s that time again! The unofficial start of Spring in NYC, when the auto show rolls around, is time to put the windows down and go for a drive. It’s the New York International Auto Show and we’re ready for a wild ride of haute cars and more in NYC!

Could Driving A Jeep Make You Polar-Vortex Proof?


Everyone knows that the Jeep family of vehicles are awesome for any guy or girl on the go – but did you know the Jeep is so awesome that it’s literally Polar Vortex Proof?!?

Evasive Driving In The New 2015 Volvo V60 Cross Country

volvo drive

Discover how the pros whip behind the wheel in this new evasive driving lesson from the experts behind the Volvo V60 Cross Country inside.