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Divas Ride In Taxis: Win $100 Cash From Cash Cab!

 Taxi cab hail

  If you're in New York (the taxi cab capital of the world), chance are, you've seen the headlines across today's papers "Cabs Cash In: Rides Will Rise 17% more in September" With rising costs left & right, and bills, expenses & everyone trying to take your money wouldn't it be nice if someone put cash IN your hand for a change?   That's where we come in... DIVASANDDORKS has partnered with Cash Cab to put a little joy back into your taxi cab experience. We've all been a lil too fabulous at times to catch the bus or subway - so the taxi cab is the next choice, right? But taxis are often like a box of chocolate..."you never know what you're gonna get." To celebrate the surprising fun that Cash Cab brings to the taxi experience, we too want to surprise our readers with a Cash Cab giveaway on And because you should never have to work hard for a surprise, we're making this giveaway contest one of the easiest yet!  

Share your CRAZIEST CAB CONFESSION in the comments below for your chance to win $100 in CAB CASH!

One (1) winner will receive:

$100 Visa Cash Card

Prizing provided by MGM

Giveaway open to US Mailing addresses only

The reader with the best comment selected will WIN $100 CASH!

Contest Ends July 20th 2012

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Discovery’s Emmy winning hit Cash Cab is now airing 5 days a week! The funniest game show on TV, Cash Cab combines elements of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Family Feud and Candid Camera as taxi driver/comedian Ben Bailey picks up unsuspecting people hailing a cab and gives them a chance to win thousands. To find out where Cash Cab is playing in your area, visit






10 Responses to “Divas Ride In Taxis: Win $100 Cash From Cash Cab!”

  1. out drinking one night had to go to work early early the next morning and was so tired and sleepy didnt realize till i got to work i had on 2 different shoes and different colors too ,wondered why i was being stared at on the train lol

  2. Alexis says:


  3. mandy529 says:

    I dont take cabs that often and one of the times I did I sat in the front seat with the driver. I had no idea why my friend was laughing in the backseat the whole time

    Amanda S

  4. Hailed a cab in NYC to go to the airport. I asked the driver to go a certain route because I was looking for a specific building for my return trip. Well he decided not to do it. I asked him to go back and he refused. I asked him to stop. He didn't and said that's crazy, It's raining and I'm taking you to the airport. At the next stop light, I got out in the rain and patiently waited for the next cab to scoop me up. He followed my instructions and I headed on to the airport.

  5. Elena says:

    My husband and I flew to Los Angeles and waited for our taxi that never arrived. Then we saw the police car stopped next to us and the police guy was nice enough to offer us a free ride to our hotel. That was my first ride in the police car. lol

  6. @eemaanee says:

    I recently had a friend from high school come to visit DC and we spent a glorious night out on the town even though I have very little working knowledge of DC’s public transportation system. When 1:30AM rolled around we decided to part ways.
    Well, apparently I didn’t know the buses as well as I thought. I sat at the stop that I normally use to pick up a bus to go home for a good thirty minutes before turning around to look a the schedule and discovered that my darling D6 bus doesn’t run on Sundays! At this point I start to panic. The part of DC that I felt most safe in suddenly felt unwelcoming. The metro was closed, I didn’t have cash on me, my cell phone was dead. What was I to do?
    As I was weighing my options and considering how dangerous it would be for me to walk home alone in one of the safest neighborhoods within one of the most dangerous cities in the United States a black Lincoln towncar pulled up to the stop I was sitting at. The driver just barely cracked one of his tinted windows and said, “taxi, Miss?” My knee-jerk reaction was to get up but as soon as I did and started to examine the car more closely I changed my mind. Why wasn’t the driver showing his face? Where was the regulation taxi light-box? Why didn’t the “taxi” say taxi or cab anywhere on the car’s façade? I declined but I quickly noticed more black, unmarked vehicles driving up and down the street, always slowing down when they approached me. I gripped my purse, frowned, and looked away whenever they did.
    At this point I had given up hope on all taxis, real and otherwise. Everything feels dangerous and wrong at 2AM when you’re by yourself in a pretty unfamiliar city. I held out hope that some bus would come by and I could ask the driver which stop would take me closest to my apartment. It seemed like no other buses were coming and I was on the verge of tears when a regulation taxi pulled up and the driver gestured for me to get in. “I don’t have any cash,” I yelled back. He was insistent and I was desperate so I got in the cab. He explained once I was in that he would take me to the nearest ATM free of charge.
    The grandfather-like, Somalian cab driver was so kind, polite, and friendly that he completely turned my night around. He asked me about my internship, where I went to school, my aspirations, and even fussed at me (gently) about such being out so late by myself—which I totally deserved. I tipped him very generously and returned to my apartment, shaken but safe.

  7. colleen boudreau says:

    I've never took a cab before.

  8. @jdnorthwest says:

    San Francisco, 1999, New Year's Eve. That cabbie was on a mission to deliver as many people as he could that night. I've never been more scared in a vehicle. I think it was a car but we spent a surprising amount of time airborne on our 1.6 mile ride.

  9. Stacey B says:

    when i was young a group of friends and i wanted to go to the local fair, but didnt have a ride. we scrounged up our change and hired a taxi driver, only had enough money to cover the fare. left the driver with a few coins for a tip, he was prob not happy with us

  10. @Lexi__Paige says:

    My friends and I took a trip to NYC last summer it. We were coming home from a club and it was really early in the morning. We hailed down a cab (it was a minivan cab) and about a minute down the street we noticed a smell. We look in the back and there's two different piles of vomit in the back rows of seats. We then try to tell the driver and he either didn't speak english or pretended not to. We covered our noses with our shirts until we got back to the hotel.



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