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Divas Drive In Heels: Buick Discovery Tour

On Sunday, November 13th the team was invited to join GM and Buick for their annual Buick Discovery Tour in Stamford, CT. Partnering with Food & Wine Magazine - the theme of the tour included the discovery of culinary delights by reknown chefs, discovering the art of wine-tasting as well as the discovery of the new 2012 additions to the Buick family - The Regal, Verano, Enclave and Lacrosse. 20111114-173444.jpg Upon arrival we were greeted by friendly staff & ushered to our first cooking demonstration by Food & Wine cover chef - Gavin Kaysen. Chef Kaysen took us through a quick recipe of his famous Maine Peekytoe Crab with Orange & Pepper Gelee* - which was delicious! Afterwards, our resident chef Tiffany Kelley had a few questions about the ingredients used & how we could get Chef Kaysen to cater our next event for 20111114-173757.jpg Following our appetizing crab dish, we were introduced to dessert early with Chef Ben Roche of Moto Restaurant in Chicago. (Let's just say he's responsible for making anything edible - including the restaurant menu.) Chef Roche won my heart over from the beginning of his demonstrations with the introduction of Bacon-flavored ice cream* & a S'Mores (chocolate) bomb*. 20111114-174000.jpg Once our bellies were full, then came the fun part - test driving the new 2012 Buick models. As a cross-over lover, I had my eye on the Buick Enclave, that is until I learned about the hologram in-dash feature available in the sleek and sexy Lacrosse (so you know I had to get behind the wheel and try it out for myself...) 20111114-174136.jpg The ride was incredibly smooth (once I got over the odometer / radio / speedometer hologram on the windshield...) the seats were incredibly comfortable and high heel approved (just saying - you know we divas like to drive in our With features like heated and air-conditioned seating, push-button start, Buick IntelliLink, navigation and USB portability with iPod connectivity - this ride is perfect for the stylish girl on the go that needs to stay connected in her fabulous life. 20111114-174259.jpg Wawa got behind the wheel of the all new 2012 Buick Enclave...and Tiffany & I got to enjoy the DVD & legroom (like the big kids that we are! LOL) 20111114-174921.jpg Wrapping up the afternoon, we learned over years of wine tasting & evaluation within 30 minutes.  Have you heard about the Six S's of wine tasting?  (See, Swirl, Smell, Sip, Swish, Spit (or savor) was the methods used to evaluate and enjoy the wine taught by wine aficionado Michael Green.  The final cooking demonstration of the most delicious meatballs* by Chef Michael Psilakis was phenomenal.   Chef Psilakis shared intimate childhood memories on how food affected his life and ultimately his career - he even gave us an autographed copy of his latest book 'How To Roast A Lamb' and encouraged us to use food to "plant  a seed" and create life-long memories.  *Recipes available upon request.   20111114-174514.jpg   After a day of an amazing discovery food, wine & beautiful cars - Buick along with Food & Wine magazine left us with an amazing experience and looking forward to what's next from GM and the Buick brand.  Looking to discover the Buick that suits you best?  Check out your local Buick dealership and test drive any 2012 Buick model and create memories of your own!    


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    Cool! That car looked super roomy…

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