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Discover How Much You REALLY Accomplished This Year!

During the recent holiday season, you and your friends are probably making new year’s resolutions, working on next year’s vision board and reminiscing on your 2015 accomplishments.  If you’re like most people, it’s probably hard to gauge your 2015 accomplishments when you’re always focused on your next project, accomplishment and steps necessary to make it happen.  And if you’re a lover of social media, chances are – you’ve have had the experience of comments on how you’ve advanced, yet you’re not feeling as accomplished as you think you should.

After catching up on some important reading, I realized that there are plenty of people trying to gauge their Guess what, believe it or not – you’re likely doing better than you give yourself credit for – so here are a few signs you’ve accomplished more than you think you have in this year alone:


proof you accomplished more


  1. Your day-to-day routine is a lot different.

If your life is measured by what you do with your days, then the best way to determine how far you’ve come is how much your routine has changed (or, at least, how differently you feel while doing it).  Have you found yourself working earlier or later in the day?  Do you keep a checklist of daily accomplishments?  You may have upgraded your daily routine and ultimately upgraded your yearly accomplishments.


  1. You learned how to respond to your life better than ever before.

The word “responsibility” breaks down to “able to respond,” if you think about it, and there’s a very important reason why we associate adulthood with it. The reality is that to live a happy and healthy and fulfilling life, you must be able to respond to it, and take action where need-be. It’s in our inaction that we suffer (even if “taking action” is just learning to let go!) In a truly successful year, you learned how to respond in ways you never had to before, and built your confidence and self-trust in seeing that you could, in fact, take care of yourself.


  1. You kept your circle so tight, you almost cut off yourself.

More than finding love or making friends, a more powerful measure of companionship is how many years you’ve been with those you already have. It is with each tallied year that you build lifelong relationships and truly develop a core team of people that have your best interest at heart.


  1. You ran into roadblocks. 

While it’s likely that the ways you think you “failed” this year stick out more drastically than the ways you hope you didn’t, the roadblocks you assume you ran into are just as important as the successes. They defined what you didn’t want so you’d know what you did. They showed you what doesn’t work for you so you can discover what does. Every “failure” inches you ever-closer to the life you really want to live.


  1. You had to learn to think differently. 

Whether how to calculate your income taxes for a freelance project, or how to stop feeling jealous, or how to love after loss, or why you take the political stance you do, you were challenged to change your inner narrative this year, and you did.


Are there things on your list you wish you could’ve accomplished before 2016?  Stop sulking and get started on them today.  The more you do today, makes you that much closer to accomplishing your goals tomorrow!


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