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Designer Spotlight – House Rossil

Founded by designers Wayne and Tamara Iluyomade in 2009, House Rossil was created with a focus on designing a line of dresses with the luxurious and exclusive wax prints and introducing them to a wider audience in the US. (Learn more about House Rossil distinctive wax prints HERE.)   House Rossil designs feature the UtBT House Rossil line of sexy, contemporary womenswear with exclusive prints and distinctive designs that is a huge trend this season.

This week, we got a chance to talk to Wayne Iluyomade about his inspiration and the House Rossil line…

DIVASANDDORKS.COMWhen did you realize that you were born to become a designer? How did you know that designing was for you?

HOUSE ROSSILDesigning involves the balancing of aesthetic, functional, economic, and psycho-social forces upon the object being designed be it a piece of garment, a skyscraper, a car, a website, or an iPad. Given that elaboration, I guess I always knew designing was for me since that is what I have always been engaged in. My process, medium, and finished product have often changed, but I have always designed and probably always will.


DIVASANDDORKS.COM –  Of all of your designs, is there a particular one that has a special meaning to you?

HOUSE ROSSIL –  The UtBT House Rossil Spring 2011 collection is our first full collection and as such all the items have special stories. I am partial to the delineated series including the skirts, jacket dress, and banded baby doll dress. But I am equally partial to the sheath dresses including the keyhole dress, the angel-wing, and the bustier dresses. And don’t get me started on the Kimono…







DIVASANDDORKS.COM –  Describe three gadgets that you rely on for everyday productivity or creativity?

HOUSE ROSSIL –  As you may know, I am also a Software Architect and as such I am particular about the way the design forces are held in delicate balance in any device that I use and rely upon on a daily basis. In that regard, I have come to respect and admire Apple’s suite of products. I am a heavy user of my iPad, iPhone, and MacBook Pro.






DIVASANDDORKS.COM – Fashion photographer Bill Cunningham once said; ”Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life. I don’t think you could do awaywith it. It would be like doing away with civilization.” Describe how this statement affects how you design for House Rossil?

HOUSE ROSSIL – Fashion is the utilization of clothing, accessories, and hair to communicate or highlight something about oneself. It could be a feeling, a political statement, an idea, or something else. It follows then that fashion is indeed integral to civilization because it is arguably a primordial form of communication. And like any other product that is used by humans to communicate to one another, our collection is designed with an intimate feel for that which our market craves to communicate to the wider world. House Rossil heavily utilizes the fabrics that are favoured on the continent of Africa and yet realizes that its customers have a very modern and truly cosmopolitan lifestyle. The balancing of these forces leads to the UtBT House Rossil collections that utilize beautiful wax prints, contemporary and sexy silhouettes, and US-based construction on dresses that are superbly-constructed and very wearable.


DIVASANDDORKS.COM –  What’s next for House Rossil?

HOUSE ROSSIL –  House Rossil still has a very long way to go in establishing its presence on the American Fashion scene. We intend to continue to get better at what we do and to be at the forefront of bringing African-inspired fashion to the wider audience. On the immediate horizon is the development of the next of collections, expanding our sizing to include the plus-sizes for our curvier customer base, and expanding our marketing and retail channels.



LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? Check out more of House Rossil stunning designs at

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4 Responses to “Designer Spotlight – House Rossil”

  1. LaVette Rochon says:

    Green dress with contrasting dark green is hot. I like the trim at the neckline and the interesting details in the applique.

  2. Tiffani says:

    I really like the Kimono and the Green/White key hold dress. I would wear both with a statement necklace and chunky accessories. Very Cute!

  3. Meghan Smitheson says:

    The green and white dress would be perfect for Easter Sunday! I would wear the dress with cute pearls…

  4. Christen says:


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