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D&D Pop Quiz: Are You A Social Media Addict?

Put your smartphone down for a second...we said put it down - and find out if you need to step off the grid for a bit...just in time for the holidays. 1.  Jay-Z takes the stage for a surprise gig at your favorite nightclub.  you... A:  TWEET "Holy Crap!!!! Jay-Z  is here and he's killing it!!! B:  Instantly elbow your way to the front and "Wild Out" to the impromptu performance. C:  Text, Tweet, update your FB status - whatever, just as long as your friends know to come here now! 2.  After scoring a pair of vintage Prada pumps from a thrift store sale, you... A:  Post a picture online with the caption BEST THRIFTSTORE EVER! B:  Keep the find to yourself.  Let people think you paid full price. C:  Take a gratuitous picture of the shoes and your legs with the caption "What's hotter:  These Prada pumps or my legs?" 3.  The last time you walked into a lamppost, it was because you were... A:  Distracted by a PYT...(pretty young thang!) B:  Distracted by your first glimpse of an iPad. C:  Posting about your walk to work on Facebook. 4.  You know you've had a good night when you... A:  Top your city's Foursquare leaderboard. B:  Need to use the pictures on your phone to remember what happened. C:  Go a whole night without someone taking a photo to remember such a memorable night. 5.  You're on a date.  Do you... A:  Savor your suitor's company -- their look, smell, the sound of their voice. B:  Keep your BFF updated via IM or BBM. C.  Take a photo and Twitpic it to let your followers decide if you should hit that. ANSWERED MOSTLY "A's" - Life isn't completely passing you by but if you don't be careful you'll quickly lose real friends and have to replace them with pretend Facebook friends. ANSWERED MOSTLY "B's" - You're an iLifer.  You use technology to get the most out of your life.  Remember to peel your eyes away from your phone once in a while. ANSWERED MOSTLY "C's" - You are a Narcissist 4.0.  We'd tell you to look up from your gadget occasionally, but we look forward to seeing you walk into a lamppost. LET US KNOW YOUR SCORE...I PROMISE WE WON'T MAKE TOO MUCH FUN OF YOU...*SMILE*


3 Responses to “D&D Pop Quiz: Are You A Social Media Addict?”

  1. Stacey says:

    Since I have tripped over a curb while texting, I have to admit that I am a Narcissist 4.0 (Don't judge me…lol)

  2. Tiffani says:

    Hahahahaha – I know so many people just like this girl (especially in NYC) "Georgette of the (concrete) Jungle"….watch out for that lamppost!

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