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Cutting the Cord: Are You Ready?

Cutting the Cord:  Are You Ready?

Cutting the Cord - Divas and DorksWhat we mean by cutting the cord, we mean your cable service!  Is this unthinkable for you?  From those floor models, to big boxes, to flat screens – televisions have come a long way - a VERY long way.  Oh well, there could be time for another upgrade if the millennials (18 year olds - 33 year olds) have anything to say about it.  Most people between the ages of 18 – 33 are moving to laptops, tablets, and smart phones when viewing television content and digital content providers know this.  They are tech-savvy and use their technology more resourcefully.        
“early six in 10 Millennials watch at least one hour of television every day. The real shift is HOW they consume television. A 2013 eMarketer study found that 106 million Americans, or one in three Americans, watched TV online. That number is expected to grow to 145 million in the next four years and the trend is led by those ages 18-34. In 2010 a survey of college freshman found 87 percent said they prefer watching TV and movies online rather than subscribing to a cable or satellite dish service. Some television networks realize this shift and are evolving to better engage them.”  

Cutting the Cord: Why Go to Streaming Services?

  Cutting the Cord - Divas and Dorks 1Cutting the Cord - Divas and Dorks Amazon Prime   They want their information fast and now.  More TV viewers are subscribing to streaming video services such as Amazon Prime Instant, Netflix, Aereo, and Hulu Plus. They are paying a significantly lower fee than the surging cable prices and have the option of watching content anytime, anyplace and from multiple devices.  Each year subscriptions to these online streaming services grow.  Certainly cable companies still have better options for viewers such as easier to use technology, and they can offer more content because of license agreements and restrictions, but I’m sure in the near future that will change.  Oddly enough, cable subscription fees have increased.  
The challenge for marketers today is to create content they want to view, but equally important is to make it viewable in the right places and to make it interactive.  
  How much of an effect do you think the price of cable service has for the shift to online viewing? Do you think you could ever completely cut off your cable service? 


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  1. I think that I would be able to cut the cord on cable as soon as streaming was a bit more up to date (or maybe I am using the wrong streaming service).

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