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Create Something Beautiful With The Paper App

The Paper App - Divas - ACIf you are one of those people that carry around a moleskin journal, just in case at any moment you get a creative idea, you can quickly sketch it out, write out your thoughts, and your dreams?  Maybe you are a visual thinker and express yourself in pictures. You can take sketching and note taking to the next level! I’ve found something beautiful created just for you.






Download the Paper App for iPhone HERE


What is The Paper App?

An app (for Apple iPad only) – This is your digital pad of paper, a beautiful artist pad that is simplistic for anyone to learn but has the best technology for a smooth artist touch. The Paper App is great app for those who always feel the need to create on the go. It was actually designed for mobile creations. Using the iPad’s stunning retina display (2048 x 1536).  It won “App of the Year” in 2012.

 The Paper App - Capture Options

How Does the Paper App Work?

Designed for the tip of your fingers, but also is built for a stylus.  Your art creations are cataloged in individual digital journals that you create and build, creating your own cover art.  Inside each journal are pages for your creations with stunningly real like pages.  Your tool box includes a fountain pen and you can purchase extra implements for coloring, sketching, and outlining.  There are several pallets to choose from that can be layered and blended for a beautiful creation.

The Paper App - Divas - Wanderlust   The Paper App - Divas - Journal


Your art can be downloaded to a PDF file, iBooks, Nook, and several other book apps.  They can be emailed, shared on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.  Let your friends see your creative side. There is also a section where you can see creations by other Paper App users.

The Paper App - Divas - Store

Download the Paper App for iPhone HERE

Paper” by FiftyThree App – Free
Device:  iPad
Operating System:  iOS 5.0 or later
In-App purchases:  $1.99 – $6.00


Let us know how the Paper App works as a digital sketchbook!  


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