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Check Out The Top 15 Meme Photos of 2012

2012 was definitely the year of the memes! While they were sort of introduced before; they exploded big time this year! Check out some of the fan favorites.


1. Gymnast McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed Meme

McKayla Is Not Impressed Meme


US Gymnast McKayla Maroney was not impressed with her silver medal at the Olympics. Needless to say that she’s not impressed with many other things.







2. One Does Not Simply Meme

One Does Not Simply Meme


Taken from the Lord of the Rings (“One does not simply walk into mordor); this meme has been used to describe complex/funny situations.






3. Overly Attached Girlfriend (Clingy Girlfriend) Meme

Overly attached girlfreind on Mckayla


What started off as a simple video contest submission has become into a very popular meme. Overly Attached / Clingy Girlfriend is so popular it has spawned variations such as “Underly Attached Girlfriend”, “Misunderstood Girlfriend”, and “Overly Attached Boyfriend”.







4. Skeptical Third World Kid Meme

Skeptical Third World Kid Meme1

Skeptical Third World meme kid mocks first world problems with skeptical humorous questions. Unfortunately, some of his questions are true.











5. Pacquiao Knock Out Meme



Manny Pacquiao is a well respected boxer. His matches rake in tons of views and money. On December 8th at a match against Juan Manuel Marquez; Pacquiao suffered a KO that will forever embed him in meme history. Images of Pacquiao knocked out have been placed in all types of backgrounds. They don’t seem to get old.






6. Grumpy Cat Meme

Grumpy Cat Meme


A pic of a snowshoe cat posted on Reddit back in September; gained fame because of its facial expression.










7. Third World Success Meme

Dancing Third World Kid Meme



Third World Success Meme talks about successes in third world country fashion. The dance in the picture is somewhat of a victory dance.










8. Brace Yourselves Meme

Brace Yourself Meme


This meme has the character Ned;  from the HBO Series Games of Thrones. This meme is used to warn about epic events or lots of pictures of a certain holiday/food/object.









9. Bill Clinton Wrong Timing on Obama Meme

Inappropriate Timing Bill Clinton Meme1

This meme of a very happy Bill Clinton and a tired President Barack Obama usually has inappropriate sex jokes as captions.








10. JaVale McGee Meme

JaVale McGee Meme Yes Kid


This meme features JaVale McGee who plays for the Denver Nuggets.  Along with McGee’s confused facial expression the memes are usually captioned with dumb questions and expressions.








11. Texts From Hillary Clinton Meme

Hillary Clinton Meme


This meme features Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looking badass with her sunglasses. She seems to be texting on her phone. These memes are captioned with stone cold and clever “replies” from Hillary.






12. What If I Told You Meme

What If I Told You Meme

Featuring Morpheus from the Matrix; this meme mocks stupid and annoying behavior.








13. Condescending Wonka Meme

Willy Wonka Meme2


This meme is features a skeptical looking Willy Wonka (from the 1971 movie Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory). These memes are usually captioned with condescending statements.






14. The Most Interesting Man in the World Meme

Dox Equis Meme


This meme has the actor from the Dos Equis beer commercials. These memes are usually captioned with I don’t always try to _______ ; but when I do __________.









15. Success Kid Meme

Success Kid Meme


This meme has a baby with a with a smug expression and a cute adorable fist. This meme is usually captioned with a funny successful story.











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