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Check Out Fanhattan, Our App of the Week

Fanhattan App logo Divas and Dorks - Analie Cruz   Do you have an account with Netflix, Amazon On Demand, Hulu, iTunes, and HBO Go to view your favorite premium channels on your iPhone or iPad?  You access the web or app to access Netflix to watch a TV show and then access HBO Go to watch Game of Thrones.  It’s a pain to remember all those user accounts, passwords, and accessing individual app services to view your favorite shows.  Who can keep track!  Well, your life just got easier.  Fanhattan may have solved our problem.  Access all your video content in one location through Fanhattan.  I’m already in love!   “The company launched its app for the iPad and iPhone in 2011, giving users the ability to search simultaneously through the libraries of a steadily expanding roster of sources of movies and TV shows. That's far more convenient than browsing through Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon and the like sequentially, trying to figure out which one has which content, in what format and at what price.”  

How Does Fanhattan Work?

Fanhattan App - Divas and Dorks - Technology (1) Fanhattan has a cross-service search engine that can find and discover content from all your video services.  It also has user reviews, friend recommendations, and a daily magazine.  You can create a "Watch List" to track your favorite movies and shows – and the service will inform you when new videos on your Watch List become available.      

Check Out Fanhattan, Our App of the Week

Fanhattan App - Divas and Dorks - Technology (1)

  “The Fanhattan web experience will also add a new way of saving content for later". According to Fanhattan CEO Gilles Bian Rosa, iOS users typically use Fanhattan to find content that they want to watch instantly. But web browsers (pun intended) sometimes are looking for stuff to watch later. As a result, Fanhattan provides users with the ability to Watch Now or — wait for it — Watch Later.   Fanhattan App - Divas and Dorks - Technology (4)   The "Watch Now" function shows users where they can instantly tune in to a piece of content. And you can probably figure out what "Watch Later" is for. If a title isn’t on any streaming services yet, or if it’s still in theaters, Fanhattan will let users add it to a Watch List and be notified when it becomes available. Users can even create, curate, and multiple lists for different genres of content, and share them with others.     Fanhattan App - Divas and Dorks - Technology (2) "In addition to providing users with title, cast, and crew information, Fanhattan will also have entertainment news, celebrity interviews, behind-the-scenes commentary, and reviews — giving users a more complete look into the content they’re interested in viewing. Users who are logged in through Facebook will also be able to share what they’re watching and see what their friends are viewing as well.” (       Specifications: ·         Free ·         Available on the web, iPhone, and iPad   Download the Fanhattan App HERE


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