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Charge Fashionably With The Halo Pocket Power Portable Charger

There are so many gadgets out there and yet it seems that we don't always have time to charge them all or enough. The Halo Pocket Power Universal phone charger is perfect for the person on overdrive with their tech gadgets. If you are one of those people that constantly listens to music, watches YouTube videos, Instagrams pictures all day, surfs the web, download videos, read e-books, tweets, and read emails all on one device, you need this pocket size portable device charger.   Halo Pocket Power Phone Charger - Divas and Dorks - Tech - All ColorsAre there times where you've been out and about all day and realize your smart phone and iPad battery are running low?  What to do?  You didn’t bring your wall charger.  Or you may have to sit in the car and wait for the phone to charge with the car charger.  So frustrating, right?!            

The Halo Pocket Definitely Has Power!

Halo Pocket Power Phone Portable Charger - Divas and Dorks - Tech - Parts   This little device packs a punch.  This is my go to device when I know I’ll be out and about for most of the day and can’t sit still to recharge my phone in a wall outlet.  The Halo Pocket Power charger will fully charge your Smartphone at almost the same rate as a regular wall charger without being stuck waiting in place.  You can go about your day simultaneously charging your smart phone on the go.  

Who is the Halo Pocket Power For?

  • Gadget addicts
  • College students
  • Digital Life Addict
    Halo Pocket Power Portable Charger - Divas and Dorks - Tech - Charging DevicesCharges cell phones, Bluetooth devices, or other gadgets.  Includes power charger, mobile phone cable, interchangeable mini USB and micro USB tips. Buy the Halo Pocket Power Phone Charger! $49.99 Specs: 2,800mAh; Input 5V/500mA; Output 5V/500mA, Durable construction, UL Tested and Approved. Measures 4" (length) x 3/4" (diameter).   Do you use your gadgets so much that you might need to charge them multiple times a day? 


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