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Must Have Gadgets For Spring Cleaning – Soniclean And T-Fal Has You Covered

March 5th, 2014 by Christen Rochon

Gadgets for your spring cleaning

Whether you live with roommates, family or your significant other, cleaning is usually the source of major friction between anyone who shares their space. With the first day of spring (March 20th) arriving in just under four weeks (finally!), it’s the perfect time to alleviate tension (in more ways than one!), and re-organize and refresh our homes while appeasing those who are closest to us.



· A poll of 3,500 adults found that 45% of men deliberately do a shoddy job with the iron in the hopes that someone else will take over

· 59% of couples ages 18 to 24 claimed to have arguments predominantly about cleaning



Personally, I can’t even function properly with a messy home or unorganized area so now is my favorite part of the year to clean, purge and out with the old…and in with the new!  If you’re looking for new gadgets for spring cleaning projects, the  T-fal  Ultraglide Iron and Soniclean VT Plus S-200 is for you.  Sleek enough to fit in tight spaces, but strong enough to get the job done; these products are must haves for every home or apartment spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning T FALT-fal FV4495 Black Ultraglide Iron

While wrinkled clothes may have worked hidden under the layers of coats in the wintertime, spring time invites the sophisticated side of us out to play. The recently launched sleek and innovative T-fal FV4495 Black Ultraglide Iron invites users to lose the coat and the wrinkles while providing superior glideability and scratch resistance for the easiest and fastest ironing. The Ultraglide was ranked #1 in “glideability” and speed in lab tests against the top 20 competitors, and has a unique ceramic soleplate with a pointed tip that easily works around buttons, pleats and seams.

Available at and K-Mart and Walmart Spring 2014



Soniclean VTplus S-200

Soniclean VT Plus S-200

The first vacuum to combine suction with sonic technology, the Soniclean VT Plus S-200 dislodges and removes microscopic particles embedded deep down in the carpet, typically 0.2 to 100 microns in size. These particle sizes are where allergens come in—anything from bacteria to pollen spores that trigger allergy effects and cause illness—particles too small for standard vacuums to remove. The vacuum also features a fragrance dispensing system that emits a fresh laundry scent while you clean, leaving both your vacuum and home smelling clean!

soniclean in the mail

Spring Cleaning on the agenda? I’ve been using the Soniclean VT Plus for weeks and I love it!

I’ve been using my SonicClean VT Plus for a few weeks and can’t wait to share my full review of this cleaning powerhouse soon.

Available for purchase online at as well as Soniclean is also available in select Bed, Bath & Beyond retail locations nationwide.

Are you looking forward to spring cleaning?  What are your go to gadgets that help you get the job done?  Share your favorite spring cleaning gadgets below…

Raising The Fitness Bar With The Samsung Gear Fit

February 25th, 2014 by Christen Rochon

If you’re one of the many Fitbit Force users that have been affected by the recall and looking for an alternative device – move over Fitbit Force, there’s a new wearable in town – the Samsung Gear Fit.

Gear Fit

Yesterday we were introduced to the Samsung Gear Fit, the industry’s first curved, Super AMOLED wearable device for the active consumer. The Gear Fit offers the unmatched convenience of Samsung Gear technology with the most comprehensive fitness tools available, empowering consumers stay physically active without sacrificing personal style or mobile connectivity.


Gear Fit


The Gear family continues to expand with the new Gear Fit designed to help those consumers striving to live more fit and active lives without sacrificing their own personal style or their ability to stay connected on the go.  Whether used as a standalone or companion device, the Samsung Gear Fit puts people in charge of their personal and active lives while staying connected so they never miss a moment.
The Samsung Gear Fit was designed to comfortably contour to consumers’ wrists while offering a vivid Super AMOLED display. Gear FitIt provides much more than an everyday fitness band, keeping consumers up to date instant notifications from Galaxy smartphones such as incoming calls, emails, SMS, alarm, S-planner, 3rd party apps while consumers are on the move so they can stay connected. Changeable straps in Black, Orange and Mocha Grey will let users express their individual style, changing the look of the Gear Fit to match their outfit or mood for any type of activity.  Check out video below.



It’ll receive notifications, track your heart rate, control music, and…well, do all the basic things most people think of when they think of “smart watch.” Will the Gear fit usher in a whole new world of wearables for the future?  I sure hope so.  What do you think?  Would you buy a Gear Fit to replace your current fitness tracking wristband?




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