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The Best Black Friday Deals On Tablets And Smartphones Are Here!

November 24th, 2015 by Tech Staff

The biggest shopping week is now upon us! No matter if you’re looking for smartphones, tablets, gadget accessories or televisions – the best deals are right under your nose, you just have to know where to look!  Retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target are already offering massive sales even though Nov. 27 is still days away. Keep in mind that some outlets, (AHEM Amazon,) will be changing their deals leading up to Black Friday, so it’s important to check back regularly.


If you’re looking to upgrade your tablet or laptop, look no further!  Check out the best Black Friday tech deals on tablets, laptops and smartphones below!



black friday tablet


iPad mini 2 for $200

The iPad mini 2 is a great choice for those who want a premium tablet with a nice screen that don’t necessarily care about having the latest model. It’s usually priced at $268, according to Walmart.


kindle deal


Amazon Kindle E-Reader for $50

Amazon is offering its touchscreen 6-inch Kindle for a $30 discount off its normal $80 price. The company says it can hold thousands of books and that its battery lasts for weeks.




[DEAL ALERT!] These Are The Best Black Friday Deals On TVs For Any Budget!



Windows 10 Laptops for $250

Best Buy is selling laptops that run Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system for just $250. These devices from Asus and Acer run on Intel Celeron processors and will be powerful enough for those that just need a computer for writing papers, checking email, and getting online. They also come with 500GB of storage space and 4GB of memory.



Galaxy Tb S2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for $350-$400

Those looking for a nice high-end Android tablet that’s comparable to the iPad, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S2 is the device to get. The tablet is thin, light, and has a gorgeous 2,048 x 1,536 resolution screen. Target is selling the tablet for a decent discount — the larger 9.7-inch model is available for $400 versus its usual $500 price, and the 8-inch edition is on sale for $350 compared to $400 regularly.


iphone 6s


iPhone and Samsung Smartphones for $0 Down

If you need a new smartphone and don’t mind committing to a carrier contract, Walmart has a compelling deal. Any Samsung smartphone and the iPhone 5S and higher will be available through AT&T and Verizon for $0 up front. That means you still need to pay off the phone through the carrier’s monthly payment plan, but there’s no immediate cost. Check the fine print in Walmart’s ad for more details.


Looking for more Black Friday deals?  We’ll have the best in tech, including smartphones, tablets, gaming and more on!  Is your gift wish on here?  Drop your gift wish hint with your family and friends by sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter below!



[DEAL ALERT!] These Are The Best Black Friday Deals On TVs For Any Budget!

November 24th, 2015 by Tech Staff

The biggest shopping week is now upon us! No matter if you’re looking for smartphones, tablets, gadget accessories or televisions – the best deals are right under your nose, you just have to know where to look!  Retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and Target are already offering massive sales even though Nov. 27 is still days away. Keep in mind that some outlets, (AHEM Amazon,) will be changing their deals leading up to Black Friday, so it’s important to check back regularly.

If you’re looking to upgrade your television, look no further!  Check out the best Black Friday TV deals for any budget below!

black friday tv deals

Samsung 55-inch Curved 4K Smart TV for $997.99

If you’re looking for a large-screened premium TV for your living room, you can snag one of Samsung’s 2015 TV models for less than $1,000 this holiday season. The TV, which supports 4K resolution and can run apps without a separate set-top box, is usually priced at $1,500.


Sharp 50-inch 1080p Roku Smart TV for $399.99

Those seeking a high-end TV that can run apps but want something a bit cheaper, you may be interested in this deal. Sharp’s 50-inch TV has Roku’s platform built in, and usually sells for $499.99.


Hisense 40-inch Roku Smart TV for $279.99

If the 50-55-inch range is too large for your living room or bedroom, there are some smaller models on sale as well. Hisense’s 2015 Roku Smart TV is selling for $50 cheaper than usual through Amazon.


50-inch HDTV for $150

Online giant Amazon is slipping some of its best “lightning” deals within the Amazon smartphone or tablet app, such as the 50 inch HDTV for a rock bottom $150. That’s app only, and shopping begins Thursday at 3 p.m.


40-inch 1080p TV for $149

Don’t need a smart TV? Walmart is advertising deals on standard 1080p TVs for just $149. The retailer hasn’t specified which brands in particular will be on sale just yet.




best black friday TV deals

Roku streaming player for $25

Roku has released a special edition set-top box that only costs $25. It’s not as powerful as Roku’s more expensive models, but it’ll do if you just need something cheap that can run Netflix, Hulu, and other apps on your TV. It’ll be available in limited supply starting Nov. 26.


Google Chromecast for $20

The Google Chromecast will be on sale for $15 cheaper than it’s usual price at Walmart. The Chromecast is a dongle that plugs into your TV and allows you to cast apps and websites from your phone to the big screen.


Looking for more Black Friday deals?  We’ll have the best in tech, including smartphones, tablets, gaming and more on!  Is your gift wish on here?  Drop your gift wish hint with your family and friends by sharing this post on Facebook or Twitter below!

Cyber Safety: Four Tech Tips To Ensure A Safe And Secure Cyber Monday

November 23rd, 2015 by Tech Staff

Experts anticipate the number of cyber threats will increase this holiday season, especially during the popular Cyber Monday shopping holiday, as shoppers head online and in-store in record numbers to purchase gifts.

Consumers should be on alert following this year’s high-profile cyber data breaches at national retailers, yet many are not taking sufficient precautions to protect their personal information.  Research shows consumers know credit card fraud is a reality in today’s economy. In 2014, 552 million consumer identities were stolen from retailer data breaches according to the 2014 Norton Report, and that number is projected to grow in 2015.

cyber safety

 Nearly 70 percent of Americans frequently or occasionally worry about identity theft, according to a recent Gallup Poll and 62 percent worry about having a computer or smartphone hacked. More than a quarter of Americans reported they, or someone in their household, had personal financial information stolen in the last year by computer hackers who targeted retailers.

With the added threat of retailer hacking, cyber crime is at an all-time high for today’s consumer, an ill-informed consumer is a hacker’s primary target, so this holiday season consumers must take responsibility for their own protection.  Discover how you can shop safely online using these tips below.

Cyber Safety

Discover four tech tips for consumers to protect themselves against cyber hacks and ensure a money-saving and secure cyber monday shopping experience below.

1. Shop on secure websites: Avoid accidentally clicking on infected sites by looking for the SSL certificate and ensure the site starts with https:// and has a padlock icon.

2.  Keep your passwords secure: Use different passwords for each of your online accounts, and change each password every three months in case your data is hacked.

3.  Update anti-virus software regularly: Cyber criminals are always developing new viruses to hack into your devices. To ensure your computer is protected from the latest threats, install anti-virus software and configure it to update automatically.

4.  Delete apps you don’t use: Information stored in mobile applications, like passwords, is vulnerable to Internet hacking. Get rid of apps you no longer use.

Cyber criminals will pounce on the opportunity to exploit a seemingly simple security mistake, savvy consumers need to mitigate the risks by staying wary of anything suspicious this holiday season.

A Chic Holiday Gift For Him That Jimmy Fallon And J. Crew Approves!

November 20th, 2015 by Tech Staff

If you’re looking for a quirky stocking stuffer gift to take your man’s style to the next level, J. Crew has the perfect gift for you.

Jimmy Fallon, the host of “The Tonight Show,” had a vision for something that would take his style to the next level, so he whipped up a prototype and approached J. Crew with an idea: an iPhone case and a pocket square in one.

Pocket Dial


And thus the limited-edition Pocket Dial was born —because carrying your phone in your pants is so 2014. And since one pocket square is never enough, J. Crew even created interchangeable extras (the Pocket Redial) in classic patterns that are at home in any suit pocket. But you won’t just look good, you’ll feel good too: All of the net proceeds benefit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a Kenya-based charity that protects Africa’s elephants from ivory poaching and extinction.



How does the man in your life balance his tech and style?  Would this be a new gift you’d like to give this season?  Share your thoughts below!

New Facebook Feature Helps Ease The Sting Of Updates from Your Ex

November 19th, 2015 by Tech Staff

Looking for a way to distance yourself from social media updates from your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend?  Facebook wants to help!  

Facebook is rolling out a new set of features on the mobile app that’ll help you “weed out” the amount of updates you see from your exes and vice versa.  Instead of blocking or unfriending them, you can now be a sneaky and slowly ween yourself apart online.  Discover more the new Facebook breakups features coming to mobile devices soon, below!


Facebook breakups


With one fail swoop and change of your relationship status Facebook will give you the option to magically reduce the number of updates, photos and videos visible.  Additionally, this Facebook breakups feature will give you the option of automatically untagging or limiting the visibility of posts and photos with an ex. You can either go through each post one by one to decide whether to untag yourself or get rid of all tags in one clean sweep.


Facebook breakups


The feature will also allow you to limit the updates your ex may see about you. You can choose to hide your posts from that person, so they will only be able to see those posts that you share publicly, with mutual friends or those that you have tagged them in.


After years of requests from users in the community, Facebook has decided to offer options other than “unfriending” and “blocking exes” to make the transition a whole lot easier. Ending a relationship in the age of Facebook breakups will always be complicated, but this new feature may be just the option you never knew you needed to make it a friendlier experience online.
Are you friends with your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife on Facebook?  Have you ever “unfriended” or “blocked” an ex after a breakup?  Share your thoughts below!

Become The MVP Of Your Next Party With This Photo Sharing App

November 18th, 2015 by Christen

There’s nothing like hanging out with good friends or family and capturing those priceless moments that’ll last a lifetime.  If you’re anything like me, you’re always swiping through party or event photos to share online.  Whether it’s selfies, usies or group photos, most people are still stuck sharing photos the archaic, old-fashioned way via text or email.

But what if you could share high quality photos, quickly and without compromising your private contact information?  With FotoSwipe, you simply swipe the photo from one device to another to share seamlessly.



Imagine you are out with a group of friends at a party and you’ve taken a dozen photos of the evening. Your friends all want copies, but texting each of them twelve photos would take hours. Sometimes, I’m so engrossed in living in the moment that I forget to immediately share group photos.  With FotoSwipe, everyone in your group can get your photos in seconds!




FotoSwipe is a secure, photo sharing app that allows you to share photos or videos between iOS or Android smartphones or tablets by simply “swiping” using your finger from one device to the next.  Sharing is easy! Simply place the two phones next to each other and launch FotoSwipe on both. Select the photo/video you want to share and drag it from your screen to the receiver’s screen. The photo will be copied instantly.




FotoSwipe isn’t just the easiest way to instantly share photos and videos with people near you, it’s also a great way to transfer photos too.  In addition to sharing photos with friends, I use FotoSwipe to transfer photos between all my handheld devices including my iPad, Amazon Fire tablet and Samsung tablet.

Be the MVP of your next party or family event, download FotoSwipe on iTunes or Google Play today, it’s fast, simple, and free.

Plan And Prepare: 5 Emergency Apps You Need To Download Now!

November 13th, 2015 by Christen

If you’ve tuned into the news or have checked social media within the latest hour, Paris is under siege with six different locations almost simultaneously under deadly attacks. The national borders of Paris has been shut down & Paris is now under a state of emergency. Drenched in chaos and countless people paralyzed with fear, some people are turning to social media to share news of their safety and the latest reports of explosions and deadly shootings across Paris.


emergency apps


During this unprecedented attack, many are concerned for their friends and loved ones in Paris & have no way to account for their safety. This has me wondering how I would react if thrown in case of an emergency.  How would I connect with family and friends if cell phone, internet, or landline phones don’t work?  There are sites and apps that help you prepare, plan and stay informed for emergencies, discover them and create a safety plan for you and your family below. is a national site designed to educate and empower Americans to prepare for and respond to emergencies including natural and terrorist disasters. This site was created and shares updates to encourage the public to increase the level of basic preparedness in case of untimely emergency.


Guardly: Users can instantaneously connect with friends and family in emergencies with Guardly. With a few taps, users can dial for help or send out an alert. Triggering an alert enables real-time location tracking.  Users can also capture and send photos to mobile contacts or authorities in non-threatening emergencies. On the app’s map, users can see which friends and family members are nearby. Another in-app defense lets students sound off a blaring siren to “deter would-be attackers” and “signal for help.” (Free on  iPhoneAndroid and Blackberry app with $1.99 monthly subscription or $19.99 one-year subscription. App comes with a few free features.)


Facebook Safety Check:  In times of disaster or crisis, people turn to Facebook to check on loved ones and get updates. The tool is activated after disaster and if you or your loved one in the affected area, you’ll receive a Facebook notification asking if you’re safe.  If you’re safe, you can select “I’m Safe” and a notification and News Feed story will be generated with your update. Your friends can also mark you as safe. If you have friends in the area of a natural disaster and the tool has been activated, you will receive a notification about those friends that have marked themselves as safe. Clicking on this notification will take you to the Safety Check bookmark that will show you a list of their updates. Free for iPhone, Android, Windows and Blackberry



emergency apps


MyForce:  The subscription-based MyForce app puts an emergency alert system in your pocket. Tap to send a call for help when you sense danger. By hitting the app’s bright red button, you’ll trigger a discreet alarm. Once the alert is triggered, MyForce will start recording your call and pinpoint your present location. The monitoring operator who you connect with will determine it’s an emergency and call 911. Your emergency contacts will also be alerted.  Free iPhoneAndroid and Blackberry smartphone app (with monthly subscription).


Circle Of 6:  The Circle of 6 app is designed to help users out of dangerous situations. On the app, users should connect the phone numbers of up to six family members or friends. In dangerous situations, users can safely send a mass message for help. By pressing the car icon, users send out a text complete with current GPS location. Your safety network will get your message and can plan for pickup.  Users can also call 911 from within the app. Free iPhone and Android.


There’s no better time to think about preparing for safety and create a communication plan with your family and friends using the apps and website listed.  Share this article with friends and family today.  Do you have an emergency plan in place?  Share your thoughts below!

Facebook Brings 360-Degree Videos To iOS For Super Content Creators

November 12th, 2015 by Christen

Have you heard about the upgrades coming to Facebook videos?  In September, Facebook upgraded the ability to share and view 360 video in News Feed, and since then we’ve seen thousands of unique and exciting 360 videos on Facebook, from all kinds of publishers.


360-degree videos made their way into Facebook’s News Feed back in September, but it was only available for web and Android users. Now, however, iOS users can join in on the fun as well thanks to a new Facebook update that is being rolled out today. There’s also good news for Gear VR owners: you’ll now be able to play back those videos from News Feed without ever taking your headset off, making it that much easier to delve into new immersive experiences.


Facebook videos


Today a number of publishers are sharing new 360 videos on Facebook — including BuzzFeed, FOX’s Scream QueensFrontlineGoProLeBron James & UninterruptedNew Orleans Saints, and Nickelodeon.


Facebook also announced today that it’s going to start 360 video ads from AT&TCorona (AB InBev), Nescafe (Nestle), Ritz (Mondelez), Samsung, and Walt Disney World (Walt Disney Parks and Resorts) with more to come. It won’t be long now before immersive video will be the norm on Facebook.


Have you spotted the 360 video content on Facebook lately?  Share your thoughts below!

via Facebook

BaubleBar’s Latest Collection With Target Is Guaranteed To Be The Best Stocking Stuffers Ever!

November 12th, 2015 by Tech Staff

We all know that BaubleBar creates eye-catching accessories that makes girls everywhere swoon, but did you know the latest BaubleBar collaborations with tech the stylish tech world by storm?  In October, BaubleBar jumped into the world of wearables, partnering with accessories for fitness fashionistas with Jawbone.  Now BaubleBar has partnered with Target for a new collection of tech accessories, just in time for the holidays!


BaubleBar Target


That smartphone glued to your hand is as much a part of your outfit as a clutch or bangle. So shouldn’t it have an elevated style to match your look?  That’s why Target tapped BaubleBar, the beloved jewelry destination known for on-trend styles at affordable prices, to bring a bit of glam not to our wrists, neck and ears—but to our gadgets.

While the line is distinctly BaubleBar — bright, colorful, and accented with rhinestones, glitter, and other forms of sparkle — there isn’t a piece of jewelry involved. With amazing accented and geometric framed phone cases, luxe headphone and bluetooth speakers and more – this collection is sure to be a hit online and in stores.


baublebar target


The BaubleBar Target 26-piece collection will be sold exclusively at Target starting on November 29.  You’ll find phone cases, headphones, bluetooth speakers, portable phone banks, and other tech accessories, all ringing in under $50.


BaubleBar Target


This BaubleBar Target collection is the ultimate for any Diva & Dork on your holiday gift list.  I mean, who wouldn’t love a sparkly selfie stick or bling worthy smartphone case for Christmas?  


Love To Binge Watch? This Mobile Carrier Is Letting You Watch Your Favorite Shows For Free!

November 11th, 2015 by Christen

How would you like to binge watch your favorite shows from Netflix, HBO Go and more – anytime, any place?

With Binge ON, T-Mobile unleashes your favorite binge-worthy shows without ever burning up customers’ high-speed data.


Binge On


If you’re a T-Mobile customer, you can now watch your favorite shows without watching your data or searching for WiFi.  With Binge On, video now streams free for viewers and subscribers of Crackle, Encore, ESPN, Fox Sports, Fox Sports Go, HBO Now, HBO Go, Hulu, MLB, Movieplex, NBC Sports, Netflix, Sling TV, Sling Box, SHOWTIME, STARZ, TMobile TV, Univision Deportes, Ustream, Vessel, Vevo, VUDU—with more streaming services on the way—without ever touching their 4G LTE data on Simple Choice plans with extra data.


TMobile is also including Verizon’s Go90 and AT&T’s DirecTV streaming services in Binge On.

“With Binge On, no one pays—not the customers, not the video streaming services—and everyone wins,” – TMobile President and CEO, John Legere


With mobile video now the #1 way Americans use smartphone data, it’s nice to see a carrier making a way for customers to enjoy entertainment easier and less expensive.  Customers are using nearly two-and-a-half times more of their wireless data for mobile video in the last two years. But that’s nothing compared to where we’re headed. According to forecasts, mobile video usage is poised to surge more than 400% by 2020.

Binge On and the new Simple Choice plan will be available starting Sunday, November 15. Existing TMobilecustomers will get Binge On starting Thursday, November 19. For more information on Binge On, see



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