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Google Glass Available To New Users Everywhere Today

April 15th, 2014 by Christen Rochon

Google glass available

Calling all geeks!  On April 15th at 9am EDT, you’ll have a limited time chance to join the Google Glass Explorer Program.

Google Glass is not commercially available yet; it’s been available only to Google Glass Explorers — in other words, only through a very limited beta-testing program.

Now, Google is opening up the program and folks in the U.S. will be able to get the Glass for $1500 + tax. Google has apologized to everyone else, saying it’s “just not ready yet to bring Glass to other countries.”  The price is steep, but at least Google will throw in frames or a shade of your choice.

To get the Glass, you need to be 18 years old, and you need to be a U.S. resident with a U.S. shipping address. Then, click here today, April 15, at 9am ET. Be fast, as the number of spots available is limited. 


google glass


And, if you’re wondering what Glass is good for, well, you can browse the web with it, you can create stop motion videos with it, take sneaky photos and more.  Or you can just be a regular human and leave the Glasshole antics to everyone else.  #sorrynotsorry

I’m personally not a fan of Google Glass.  There’s nothing technically fashionable and the one-eye look creeps me out.  Plus, I believe that too much multitasking or over-dosing on technology ruins enjoying the world you live in (and doesn’t enhance it.)  That’s just my opinion.  What’s yours?  Would you shell out $1500 to purchase Google Glass for yourself?



T-Mobile Ends Overage Fees And Challenges Other Carriers To Do The Same

April 14th, 2014 by Christen Rochon

T-Mobile Ends Overage Fees John Legere


How much do you spend on your smartphone’s monthly overage fees?  T-Mobile wants to change that and they’re challenging Sprint, Verizon, AT&T and more to end overage charges forever!  

In its latest Un-carrier move – T-Mobile has launched a campaign to eliminate overage penalties, one of the most reviled wireless industry practices. By getting rid of overages for all customers on T-Mobile consumer plans, its CEO has also laid down a challenge to the nation’s largest carriers, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, to do the same. 

More than 20 million Americans were hit with punitive overage charges in 2013. And these penalties from the three largest U.S. carriers take more than an incredible $1 billion out of consumers’ pockets every year.

“Today I’m laying down a challenge to AT&T, Verizon and Sprint to join T-Mobile in ending these outrageous overage penalties for all consumers – because it’s the right thing to do,” “Overage fees are flat out wrong. Agree with me? Join me in putting this challenge to all the major national carriers by signing my petition on Right here. Take one minute to be a part of this consumer movement.” - John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile.


“Charging overage fees is a greedy, predatory practice that needs to go,” continued Legere. “Starting in May for bills arriving in June – regardless of whether you’re on Simple Choice, Simple Starter or an older plan, we’re abolishing overages for good. Period.”

T-Mobile Ends Overage Fees

T-Mobile Ends Overage Fees starting next month. Will other carriers follow suit?

Traditional carriers’ entry-level plans lure customers in with a low monthly fee for a fixed amount of domestic minutes, texts or data. Once consumers go over those limits – even by a little – they’re hit with much higher rates, often dramatically higher.  These plans are purpose-built to drive customers over that invisible line into massive overage charges. The result has been a culture of fear, worry and surprise every time the wireless bill arrives. For example, an individual on AT&Ts entry-level plan, advertised at $45 per month, will pay $125 if he uses just the average amount of data for a U.S. smartphone user (1.5 GB per person).

“The worst thing about these overage fees is that they’re often inflicted on those who can least afford them,” added Legere. “As an advocate for consumers, we’re putting a stop to that. I personally won’t be satisfied until we obliterate this shameful practice from the entire wireless industry.”

To give a voice to U.S. wireless consumers, Legere has started an online petition at calling on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint to end overages. T-Mobile has invited any and all mobile phone users to sign the petition and add their voice to the growing movement to rid the wireless industry of domestic overages once and for all.


What do you think?  If T-Mobile ends overage fees, will this be the end of atrocious overage charges as we know it?  Which carrier is currently charging you too much for overage fees?  Are you going to sign the petition?

Radio Shack Previews The Best In Gifts For Moms, Dads and Grads #MyNewRadioShack

April 11th, 2014 by Christen Rochon



Spring has finally Sprung… which means now is the time to begin thinking about Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Graduation gifts!  (Believe me, it’s closer than you think.)  Radio Shack is giving you a head start on discovering the latest in tech gifts for the entire family.  Looking to upgrade mom’s smartphone?  Does Dad need a man cave makeover?  I discovered a few of my favorite gifts (that won’t strain your pockets) from the preview event and I have my top picks below.

Radio Shack #MyNewRadioShack


Radio Shack #MyNewRadioShack

Help mom and dad save a little money and take control of their energy use with the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch and motion sensor.  It uses motion to turn almost anything in your house on/off.  Have a light go on when you enter a room, have a fan go off when you leave.  It’s a great addition to any home monitoring system – you can have it guard your front door at night.  If you can plug it in, WeMo can control it.  It’s intuitive, and easy to set up using the free WeMo app.  It works with you existing Wi-Fi router/mobile internet at home and away.  The WeMo Insight Switch and motion sensor has 10-ft of motion sensitivity range and allows you to control as much or as little of your home as you like.  Plus – with IFTTT (If This, Then That app) you can completely maximize the WeMo motion sensor better than ever.  (For example, If the motion sensor detects motion outside your front door overnight while you’re on vacation, Then WeMo can automatically turn on the front porch light as well as every light in your home!)  Belkin WeMo Insight Switch and motion sensor $99.99 at Radio Shack.



Radio Shack #MyNewRadioShack


Radio Shack #MyNewRadioShack


The Roku 3 HD Video Streaming Digital Media Player will upgrade any family room or man cave to the next level.  The Roku 3 is compact for HD streaming, it’s easy to set up and works on any TV.  Compared with previous Roku generations, the Roku 3 is a step up.  It’s much more usable.  There’s no need to point the remote at a device, and it can be mounted anywhere.  Flip the remote sideways and it acts as it’s own controller of movies and games.  Enjoy movies and TV from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant idea, HBO Go, VUDU and more.  Music from Spotify, Amazon Cloud Player, Pandora plus live sports packages such as NBA League Pass, NHL Game Center LIVE, MLB TV and more.  The Roku video player has its own remote jack on the side, and audio can be streamed from a specific video right to the remote.  You can privately watch movies without making a sound with HD video streaming using the headphone  jack.  The Roku 3 HD Video Streaming Digital Media Player $99.99 at Radio Shack.


Radio Shack #MyNewRadioShack


Discover more from the Radio Shack Preview Event below:

Where’s The Hookup? Find The Best Deal On The Samsung Galaxy S5

April 10th, 2014 by Christen Rochon


There’s no better time to be in the market for a new smartphone than now.  With the super competitive smartphone climate that we’re in, the buyer practically ALWAYS WINS!  The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 goes on sale on all major carriers tomorrow and if you’re like many consumers looking for the best deal on the latest Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear accessories, I’ve got you covered with the round up that’ll eliminate time wasted shopping around for the best deals.  Discover which carrier has the deals you want and where to find the best bang for your budget below.


Galaxy S5

Best Buy

Best Buy is offering the AT&T Galaxy S5 for $229.99 with a two-year contract and the Sprint Galaxy S5 for $199.99 with a two-year contract. Customers will receive a free $10 Best Buy gift card with the pre-order and purchase of the Galaxy S5. Best Buy will sell the Galaxy S5 for both carriers in Charcoal Black and Shimmery White.



The Sprint Galaxy S5 will sell for $199.99 with a two-year contract. In addition, customers can participate in Sprint’s Easy Pay plan, which offers the Galaxy S5 for $0 down and $27.09 per month for 23 months, with a final payment of $26.92. Customers who choose the Easy Pay option can also get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (which requires a two-year contract). The non-contract, full retail price of the Galaxy S5 when purchased through Sprint is $649.99. The carrier will sell the Galaxy S5 in Charcoal Black and Shimmery White. Pre-orders can be made online and in stores. Sprint will have the Galaxy S5 available in stores starting Friday, April 11.


samsung galaxy s5Radio Shack

Radio Shack is offering the AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Galaxy S5 models and is currently accepting in-store pre-orders. The retailer is also offering a coupon for $50 off Galaxy S5 handsets for customers who pre-order. In addition, customers can utilize Radio Shack’s Trade & Save program and save between $75 and $300 by trading in their existing handsets. The Galaxy S5 will be available at Radio Shack starting April 11. The retailer has not yet detailed which carrier models of the Galaxy S5 it will be selling.



The T-Mobile Galaxy S5 will sell for an introductory price of $0 down, $27.50 per month for 24-months, under T-Mobile’s Simple Choice plan. Full retail price for the Galaxy S5 on T-Mobile is $660. T-Mobile is known for changing its pricing with various deals and promotions, so it’s likely the carrier will revert to requiring a down payment for the Galaxy S5, in addition to monthly payments, when the introductory period ends.


Target will offer the Galaxy S5 Verizon, AT&T and Sprint models for $100, through a trade-in program. Customers can exchange eligible old devices for a $100 credit toward a new Galaxy S5, which originally costs $199.99. Customers can take their old handsets to a trade-in location or can trade in online. Target will run this offer from April 11 to 26; quantities are limited.


samsung galaxy s5AT&T

The AT&T Galaxy S5 will sell for $199.99 with a two-year contract. In addition, consumers can participate in AT&T’s Next program: With the Next 18 plan, the Galaxy S5 will cost $25 per month for 26 months, and with the Next 12 plan, the device will sell for $32.50 per month for 20 months. The non-contract, full retail price of the Galaxy S5 when purchased through AT&T is $649.99. The carrier will sell the Galaxy S5 in Charcoal Black and Shimmery White. Pre-orders can be made online and in stores. According to AT&T, the Galaxy S5 will ship in early April, although the carrier has not given a specific date when customers will get them.



Amazon is offering the AT&T, Sprint and Verizon Galaxy S5 models; the AT&T and Sprint models are selling for $189.99 with a two-yea contract while the Verizon model is selling for $99.99 with a new line of service, or for $149.99 with a device upgrade. All models are selling for $699.99 without contract. Amazon will sell the Galaxy S5 for both carriers in Charcoal Black and Shimmery White.


samsung galaxy s5Verizon

The Verizon Galaxy S5 will sell for $249.99 with a two-year contract, which comes down to $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. In addition, customers can use Verizon Edge, which offers the Galaxy S5 for $0 down and $25.22 per month for 24 months. The non-contract, full retail price of the Galaxy S5 when purchased through Verizon is $599.99. Verizon is also offering a buy one, get one, deal for the Galaxy S5; customers can purchase a handset and get a get another Galaxy S5, Samsung ATIV SE or HTC One M8 free after a $50 mail-in rebate.



MetroPCS has announced that it will begin carrying the Samsung Galaxy S5 in April, but pre-orders are not yet available. Customers can pre-register for more information.


Are you looking to get your hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone?  Need a hands on refresher course first?  Check out my hands on experience with the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Gear here



Meet The Mirror Taking Your ‘Selfies’ And Posting On Twitter

April 10th, 2014 by Christen Rochon


It’s clear that selfies are only as great as the length of your arm…. (see Ellen DeGeneres’ celeb-filled Oscar photo, a very limiting factor when taking a selfie is the length of your hand.)

That problem is resolved with S.E.L.F.I.E. or “The Self Enhancing Live Feed Image Engine,” a two-way mirror that automatically takes photos of you and posts them on Twitter.  A project by digital agency iStrategyLabs, S.E.L.F.I.E. actually consists of a Mac mini hidden behind the 2-way-mirror, a web cam and LED lights embedded behind the mirror.  Selfies are no longer limiting with the S.E.L.F.I.E. – check out how it works below.



The facial recognition software installed on the Mac recognizes you and initiates the photo-taking process; the LED lights indicate when the photo will be taken.  After the “selfie” is taken, the software sticks your logo onto it and shares it to Twitter. Though the S.E.L.F.I.E. is just an experiment, you can contact iStrategyLabs if you want one for yourself.  Would you snap a selfie using the S.E.L.F.I.E?



Hair Care Goes Digital With The New Jane Carter Mobile App

April 9th, 2014 by Christen Rochon

jane carter mobile app


The Jane Carter Solution natural hair brand has taken the mystery out of natural hair care with the arrival of it’s new beauty app.  Beauty editors, hair gurus and bloggers alike celebrated the arrival of the new Jane Carter mobile app during an intimate launch event tonight in New York City. The Love your hair app offers free personalized hair care prescriptions, plus it’s also a shopping platform for Jane Carter Solution natural hair care products.  In addition to shopping, users receive expert hair care tips, product spotlights, sales and promotions, plus can find salons and locate products in stores.

jane carter mobile app3


jane carter mobile app5


jane carter mobile app8

Jane Carter Solution is a collection of healthy homespun hair care products specifically designed for all hair types and textures such as dry, curly, relaxed, permed or color treated hair and for anyone who desires a healthy non-greasy look.  The Jane Carter Solution hair care products use naturally based superior ingredients that give extraordinary results that actually contribute to beautiful, healthy hair and scalp.  Using natural ingredients such as essential oils, shea butters, vitamins and other ingredients from God’s green earth, The Jane Carter Solution doesn’t just lie on the surface of the hair and scalp, it actually brings health back into hair.  This innovative treatment line reaches out to the multicultural household, or any household that contains different heads of hair with different textures.  By simplifying the process of making hair healthy, The Jane Carter Solution takes the mystery out of hair care.


jane carter mobile app4


The Jane Carter mobile app puts the power of hair knowledge in the palm of your hands with a personalized hair care prescription tab as well as hair care tips based on your defined hair type.  You can also, upload and share photos, connect with the Jane Carter Solution blog and discover upcoming events right within the Jane Carter mobile app.


The Jane Carter mobile app is free and available now for iOS and Android devices.

Jane Carter solution products can be found in select retailers, online at and now at Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply stores nationwide.  For more information, connect with Jane Carter Solution on Facebook and Twitter today.



Social Media and Smartphone Facts: Men Versus Women

April 8th, 2014 by Christen Rochon


Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars, but are men and women really that different when it comes down to using mobile phones?  In the world of smartphones use when it comes to men versus women – there are major differences in who uses a smartphone for what.


Men versus Women

Women seem to use their smartphones in more ways than men, while men dominate the use of devices for love and business.  The gender difference in use revolves around three distinct areas: our personal and professional relationships, the need for information and entertainment, and consumer behavior.  Discover how different we  really are.  For instance, men are more likely to use social media for business and dating, while women for relationships, sharing, entertainment, and self-help.

Men Versus Women:   Women are mobile gamers:  38% of women play games on their smartphones and they outnumber men by 10%!

Surprisingly, women ignore paid advertising more often than men. This makes sense because women in general are more conscious of their social circle and ads are intrusive strangers.  In fact, women dominate men in almost all the top smartphone activities, such as, visit websites, download apps (surprise!), messaging, text, and camera use.

Men Versus Women: Men are looking for mobile love:  13% of men use social media for dating in comparison to only 7% of women!

Discover more surprising facts about how you and your mate may use your mobile phones different below.


impact of social media on society



10 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Devices This Season

April 8th, 2014 by Christen Rochon

Spring is here, which means it’s time to start clearing away the dust and clutter of winter. You may be cleaning windows, scrubbing floors and putting away the winter wardrobe, so why not clean up your phone or tablet, too? Add a screen protector, what about a new case? Free up some memory and increase your device speed…I have some useful apps, accessories and suggestions that will help your mobile device seem like new again.

Household cleaners, step aside. Give your phone or tablet some attention by following these tips to get your devices looking (and functioning) almost new.

Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning

Spring cleaning

Is your smartphone low on space? Having a hard time downloading a software update due to not having enough storage?  For more spring cleaning options and ideas, check out how you can declutter your device and free up some memory here.


5 Reasons Why The New HTC One M8 Should Replace Your iPhone 5S

April 4th, 2014 by Christen Rochon

After the well-recieved launch of the HTC One M8 last week, some of our readers have asked if I really think the HTC One M8 could replace my standard iPhone 5S.  After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that not only is the HTC One (M8) a better device than the iPhone 5S, but some of my favorite features of the new HTC One sync so well with my lifestyle that it tempts me to give up and replace my iPhone 5s altogether.  Don’t believe me?  Here is a list of five ways the new HTC One beats the iPhone 5s. Are they reason enough for you to make the switch from iOS to Android?

HTC One M8

TV Remote

The TV Remote feature is a godsend for a girl like me, I misplace my remote control all of the time – but I never misplace my phone.  Not only does the device act as a remote, but it also suggests new programs based on your television show preference and interests.  Your HTC One is able to power on your TV, change the settings, control the volume, and switch between channels.  The HTC One’s IR blaster even has exceptional range, so much so, it even worked when it wasn’t pointed directly at the TV or cable box.  The Sense TV software is extremely powerful. It provides detailed information on TV shows and movies, and gives you the ability to easily switch between them. The app provides complete TV schedules through the channel guide and includes built-in notifications to ensure that you never miss your favorite shows again.




If you’re an iPhone user that has more photo editing apps than any other apps on your photo – listen up!  One of my favorite things about the HTC One M8  is its Zoe camera mode. Tapping on the shutter button records continuous still photos and video simultaneously. This might not sound like too big of a deal, but it’s a godsend when trying to capture action shots on the go. The resulting photos and videos are automatically remixed into multimedia videos thanks to the phone’s Highlights feature. I’ve spent way too many hours of my life editing and sharing photos using various editing  and sharing tools. None of them are as easy and satisfying as uploading a Highlight to Facebook, tagging a few friends and calling it a day.  Zoe is like your magical editing genie in your HTC – no additional editing apps required.

HTC One M8


The HTC One features a 5″ display that delivers full 1080p resolution (1920 x1080 pixels). The HTC One’s display is an inch bigger than the iPhone 5s and is simply better suited for everything from reading news to watching movies. It’s not that the iPhone 5s’s display is bad, it’s just that it’s stuck somewhere between 2010 and 2012. Apple introduced the Retina Display back in 2010 with the iPhone 4, kept it the same in 2011 with the iPhone 4s and stretched it out a bit in 2012 with the iPhone 5. Nothing changed for the iPhone 5s display in 2013 and now we’re stuck in in 2014 with an iPhone 5s with a display that’s too small for getting the most out of our 4G LTE networks and more powerful apps.  (And even though the HTC One is slightly larger, I can still operate and maneuver the device with one hand without worrying about fumbling or dropping the phone.)

HTC One M8


The HTC One M8 has a pair of BoomSound speakers facing forward. They’re loud and produce stereo sound that’s far superior to the mono sound piped out of the iPhone 5s’s single speaker. It’s easier to hear movie dialogue on the HTC One than the iPhone 5s. Games and movies have way more depth to them on the HTC One than the iPhone 5s because sound is actually split into left and right channels, just like when listening through headphones.


HTC One M8

Isis Mobile Wallet / Google Wallet

The HTC One supports both Isis Mobile Wallet and Google Wallet payment solution. This means users can pay with their phones rather than credit cards at many retailers by simply tapping the HTC One when checking out. That might sound trivial to some, but it’s always nice to have alternative ways to pay.   [Tap, Pay and Go With Isis Mobile Wallet]



HTC Advantage

HTC believes in caring for your device, even after you’ve taken it home.  So much so, that if case you ever drop or damage your phone HTC offers a free one-time cracked screen replacement within the first 6 months. You also get 50GM of free online storage (that’s extra storage above and beyond taking advantage of the external memory slot.) and  a host of new software and updated features.  Discover all the added freebies at


Now of course your iPhone 5S still maintains the lead in accessory variety, app availability, music management and support – but when it comes down to pricing, this just might be a key factor that’ll change your mind.  The HTC One is already available from Verizon Wireless for just $199 with a contract. Which is $100 less than the 32GB iPhone 5s, and that’s just the beginning. Verizon’s already offering a free HTC One with the purchase of an HTC One, which drops the price down to $100 each. If HTC and its partners are offering these kinds of deals right off the bat, imagine what we’ll see in a few months. Verizon Wireless has a bit of a head start selling the HTC One (it’s available now in stores and online).  If you’re looking to buy the HTC One on other carriers, you’ll have to wait until next week – when it becomes available on over 230 carriers on April 10th.


Tap, Pay And Go – With Isis Mobile Wallet

April 3rd, 2014 by Christen Rochon

If you’re the proud owner of the latest SamsungDroidLG or HTC device, chances are you have a secret payment system that’ll save you time, money and even freebies – I’m talking about Isis Mobile Wallet.

Isis Mobile Wallet Duane Reade shopping

Isis Mobile Wallet is available on most LG, Samsung, HTC and Droid devices, similar to this Verizon Droid Ultra by Motorola.


What is Isis Mobile Wallet?

Isis uses a technology called near-field communication, or NFC, which enables customers to wave their phone at special cash registers to pay for anything including quick bite to eat or cab ride across town.  Isis isn’t just a digital wallet either, it can also improve your shopping experience with freebies, discounts and shopping benefits helping you spend safely and securely.

During a recent visit to Duane Reade, I took the chance to stock up on a few of my favorite Spring Beauty Essentials and demonstrate just how easy it is to use Isis Mobile Wallet for everyday purchases.  Armed with a Motorola Droid Ultra smartphone running on Verizon’s 4G LTE – I was able to shop the Look Boutique aisles and update my beauty routine arsenal for Spring.

Isis Mobile Wallet Duane Reade shopping

Look who’s shopping with Isis Mobile Wallet in the Duane Reade Look Boutique…


Wondering how the Isis Mobile Wallet protects your payment information?  Your payment credentials are stored in a chip called the Secure Element contained within your smartphone. The Secure Element is isolated from your phone’s main operating system and hardware allowing access only to Isis Mobile Wallet, to initiate transactions. Plus, the Isis Mobile Wallet can only be accessed by a user-selected PIN, which adds another layer of protection for all of your transactions.

Isis Mobile Wallet Duane Reade shopping

This is the joyous face of one happy shopper…LOL…


Loyalty cards within the Isis Mobile Wallet are digital versions of your existing retailer loyalty cards. You can load loyalty cards for any participating merchant listed in the app directory. Then you can present these cards when you make a purchase for redeemable discounts and coupons as usual.  Get rid of those annoying loyalty key fobs, with Isis – everything is conveniently located in all in one place.

Isis Mobile Wallet Duane Reade shopping

Who needs a wallet when checking out? The Isis Mobile Wallet eliminates the hassle of pulling out cash or credit cards with tap and go payments using your smartphone.


With SmartTap, you can make a payment, present your loyalty card or redeem an offer by tapping the payment terminal with your Smartphone. Look for the Isis SmartTap symbol on or around the payment terminal to see if this feature is available. When you use SmartTap, loyalty cards are automatically recognized. However, offers have to be manually selected by you first before they can be redeemed through SmartTap.


Isis Mobile Wallet Duane Reade shopping

Tap and Go! And just like that checkout is complete.

To make shopping easier & even more rewarding, Isis Mobile Wallet customers can still use Isis Mobile Wallet for special deals at Jamba Juice (Jamba Juice is still giving away 1 million free smoothies to Isis users – but hurry, offer ends April 30th).   Now through June 1st - American Express Card Members who tap to pay with a registered Card for a ride in a qualifying NYC Yellow Medallion Taxicab can get 50% back in statement credits. With deals and freebies like these, it pays to use Isis Mobile Wallet.


Isis Mobile Wallet Duane Reade shopping

Neutrogena, Maybelline, Essie, Olay — just a few of my favorite Spring Beauty essentials paid with Isis Mobile Wallet.

For more on Isis Mobile Wallet and to discover the hundreds of retailers and merchants that accept Isis Mobile Wallet visit or connect via social media by following @PayWithIsis on Twitter.



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