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.@SamsungMobileUS Is Unveiling The Newest Galaxy Device Next Month In NYC

July 28th, 2015 by Tech Staff

Samsung will unveil the latest version of its Galaxy Note phablet series and maybe a few more additions to the Galaxy family on August 13th.


Samsung Galaxy


Unpacked 2015 will kick off next month, taking place at the Lincoln Center in New York. Samsung Mobile has traditionally shown off its newest Galaxy Note models in September, with the devices going on sale later that month, but it looks to be moving things up in the schedule to gain a first mover advantage over Apple — which finally moved into the phablet segment when it launched the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ last year — as rumors had earlier suggested.

Beyond the newest Galaxy Note, Samsung could well shell out a larger version of the curvy Galaxy S6 Edge — which is tentatively know as the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, according to some fairly extensive leaked photos. Which could prove that Samsung is going all out to dominate the larger smartphone segment, I mean, they are the originators of selling the successful phablet to the masses, remember?

Not in NYC? You can still be apart of all the action, @DivasandDorks will be in the building sharing all the announcements and first hand looks live on Periscope.  You will also be able to tune in to the August 13 event via Samsung Mobile’s YouTube channel too.

#Periscope Now Lets You Mute Those Annoying Oversharers

July 28th, 2015 by Christen

If you’re new to Periscope you’ve probably noticed that there are some great Periscope users that share great content, and then there are some users that overshare way too much for your liking. Twitter added a much-needed feature to its Periscope live-streaming app: The ability to cut back on notifications from those who stream way too much.




Included in an iOS app update on Monday, the company rolled out a mute button that prevents users from receiving a push notification when certain users they follow go live.  You may want to get a notification when your favorite band or celebrity live streams something, but the feature lets you quiet alerts from power users you don’t want to hear from multiple times a day.

The feature can be accessed on each person’s Periscope profile page. By tapping the small bell icon next to the “Following” feature, you’ll be able to mute notifications for that user. Their broadcast updates will still appear in your feed via the app, but it’ll prevent those live moments from interrupting dinner with a push notification.

The ability to choose language preferences via profile settings also comes in the app update. This means users will be able to see broadcasts in their native language, rather than clicking through live streams they don’t understand. Although Periscope is still rather new, this small addition is a big step toward making the app even more user friendly — quieting those who make a little too much noise one mute button at a time. BOOM.


Are you on Periscope? Check out the Divas And Dorks’ #TechTuesdayTalks every Tuesday at 2pm on Periscope. 

Make sure you follow @DivasandDorks on Periscope for all things stylish, sassy and fun in technology.  

Create A #Periscope Studio With Items You Already Own #DIY

July 27th, 2015 by Christen

Chances are, if you’re a fan of all things trending in the world of social media, you’re already a few steps ahead of the game and are using Periscope, Meerkat and SnapChat with reckless abandon. If you’re looking to create your own mobile Periscope studio, I’ve found a way that’ll help you do just that and chances are, you’ll be able to create your portable studio with items you already own.





What you’ll need:

1 smartphone

1 headphones w/ mic OR mobile lavaliere

1 Selfie stick

1 tripod




Create The New Tripod

If you have selfie stick (by now, we should all have one, right?) simply unscrew the smartphone bracket (or clamp) from the selfie stick.  Once detached, you will notice your tripod has the same bolt available to secure the bracket onto.  (Note: The selfie stick bracket can fit most tripods of any size. I chose to attach it to the desktop tripod for illustration purposes.)




Create Your Audio Source

Using your smartphone earbuds, you can simply input them and use the microphone to record audio.  If you want to be a little fancier, invest in a smartphone lavaliere with attachment clamp and you’ll have professional sound and a periscope video you’ll love.




Follow @DivasandDorks on Meerkat, SnapChat and Periscope for behind the scenes goodness on the go!

Are you a huge fan of MeerKat, SnapChat or Periscope?  Do you have any audio/video hacks that you’d love to share?  Leave your comments in the section below!

Meet Your New Best Frends…They’re The Most Stylish Gold Headphones Ever! @WeAreFrends

July 24th, 2015 by Christen


Frends Taylor Headphones


All women have a piece of jewelry or a handbag that severs as their favorite accessory, and I’m excited to introduce to you, your next favorite tech accessory created with you in mind.  As a connoisseur of golden accessories (I was rocking a gold BlackBerry before it was cool…) I’ve come to enjoy my healthy obsession for everything gold.  So you could imagine my moment of glee to discover the latest in stylish audio accessories from Frends – the Taylor gold headphones.


Frends Taylor Headphones


The Style

Right out the box, the Taylor headphones look and feel amazing.  Complete with touches of leather surrounding the headband and ear cushions, the Taylor headphones unveils a new level of style for audiophiles everywhere.  With wearing lux materials, bold finishes, and flirty details found in the Taylor headphones, you can’t help but exude personal style. Designed for comfort, the Taylor over-ear memory foam cushions are angled to be painlessly worn with earrings. Sealed internal headband adjustments prevent hair snags too. Personally, the cushions are so soft that I love wearing these headphones on long trips on planes or subway trains. Some headphones can be fashionable but not functional for long wear, but fortunately the Taylor headphones have both the fashion and function you need.  Plus, they’re plenty of stylish options (in the form of interchangeable caps) to choose from – so when it comes to style, you can’t lose!


Frends Taylor Headphones caps


The Function

The Frends Taylor headphones are made to work with most devices however functionality may vary by product. The 3.5mm cable on the headphones are fully compatible with smartphones, mp3 players, tablets, computers and more. Using the in-line remote/mic is compatible with all Apple iOS devices but varies with other brands or products. The 3-button in-line microphone and controller lets you effortlessly switch between listening to your favorite song and taking a call from your BFF too.
Frends Taylor Headphones


Shine Bright Like A Diamond…My Favorite Tech Buys

The Sound

Sometimes, you can find headphones that look good but sound like crap.  With the Frends brand of headphones and earbuds, you don’t even have to think about that problem. If you’re looking for headphones that sound just as good as they look, the Taylor headphones are for you! the Frends premium balanced acoustics bring to life every note of a song and word in your conversation.



Frends Taylor Headphones

The Conclusion

The first thing that you notice about these headphones is that they scream FASHION! How great looking are these headphones?!? Owning a pair of Frends headphones can take any fashion moment to a whole new level.  They’re fashionable, functional and are hands down my new favorite accessory ever! And just in case you’re not a fan of wearing gold and black all the time, there are plenty of stylish cap options that can transform your Taylor headphones to match any outfit or style that you can imagine. They’re definitely the most stylish headphone accessory you can own and I’m a huge fan of my new Frends and once you wear a pair, you will be too!

If you want to buy a pair of Frends Taylor headphones ($199.95) of your own, you can check them out on

These Digital Friendship Bracelets Are Teaching Girls How To Code

July 22nd, 2015 by Tech Staff


Remember the friendship bracelets of yesterday? You’d create them in every color, multipule colors and couldn’t create enough of them to give out to all your friends. Now, there’s a new digital friendship bracelet available for young girls and it’s actually teaching them how to code.




Jewelbots, created by Sara Chipps, developer and co-founder of the non-profit Girl Develop It!, Brooke Moreland, a fashion-tech entrepreneur, and Maria Saba, a postdoctoral research fellow, are programmable friendship bracelets that teach tween and teen girls the basics of coding.
“The girls we know are curious and creative, just like we were when we were young (and still are!). We wanted to create something that lets them communicate with their friends while discovering the tools of programming,” Sara said about the inspiration for Jewelbots.




Using basic engineering logic, girls can program their Jewelbots right out of the box. The bracelets light up, vibrate or flash, letting them communicate with each other in Morse code. The bracelets are connected through Bluetooth, and can be used with or without a linked phone.


How Does It Work



For those who want to further their programming skills, they can plug into the computer and use open-source software Arduino IDE to customize their technology-enabled jewelry with unique functions.
Using provided snippets of code, girls can program their bracelets to light up when they receive a new Instagram or Facebook notification, or let them know when a text comes in from a parent, etc.
Once users become familiar with the fundamentals, they can go on to create whatever they want. They’ll also be able to share their work with other wearers on the Jewelbots online community.



Jewelbots is on to something HUGE, last week they launched a crowdfunding campaign, and they’ve already exceeded its goal of raising $30,000 in the first 19 hours. As of today, they’ve already eclipsed the $101,000 mark and still have a little over two weeks to go.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond…My Favorite Sparkling Beauty And Tech Buys

July 22nd, 2015 by Christen

Have you ever felt like life has your sparkle fading away? Maybe it’s the stress of work, family or the need to feel like you have it together all of the dang time that takes its toll. I’ve had my moments or two where I’ve felt “less than stellar” time and time again and sometimes you need a friendly reminder to “shine bright like a diamond.”




Sometimes you can find your moments of inspiration through meditation and prayer and sometimes all you need is a good ole retail therapy session to remind you to sparkle no matter what. I’ve found a few sparkling reminders that remind me to keep shining bright and want to share just a few of my favorites below.


Secret Shiny Flair

sparkle charming charlie earrings


Charming Charlie Earrings – My new obsession (I mean, besides this blonde bob cut I’ve been rocking all summer) is definitely the front/back earring trend.  It’s a cute and subtle way to add unpredictable flair to any day or evening look. The secret behind my new favorite accessory is that unlike most earrings, the front/back style is locked in place in front and in back of your ear lobe, giving it a unique “floating” look.


Liquid Shine Meets Fab Lips

Who says shiny and sparkling has to be limited to bling and jewelry? My favorite accessory is the god-given soup coolers on my face – aka my lips! During a recent trip to New Orleans, I got the chance to score lush and long-lasting lip colors that would make a Kardashian jealous.


stilla liquid lipstick and magnolia makeup


Stilla in “Bella” – Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick delivers intense moisture and long-lasting color that stays in place for up to 6 hours of continuous wear. Bleed-proof and transfer-proof, Keeps lips soft and hydrated. If you love pink lippies – a new favorite of mines is “Selfie” by Magnolia Makeup, it’s the perfect pop of pink for any pout.  (Say that five times fast.LOL.)

Stilla in “Como” – Stila’s Summer Collection features five new, bold shades, inspired by the colors of the sunset: Rosa, Como, Bella, Venezia and Amalfi. Unlike most matte lip colors, leaves your pout super soft–not dry or flaky. Magnolia Makeup in “Petal Pusher” is another one of my favorite mattes and you can’t beat the pigments in these hippies anywhere.


Golden Gadget Girl

Trina Turk iphone 6 case


Trina Turk Iphone 6 case – Fashionably guard your Apple iPhone 6 with this Trina Turk chrome case, which features a slim, sliding 2-piece hard shell for easy docking and removal and a stylish print. The cutouts provide easy access to your device’s features.



Frends Taylor Headphones


Friends Layla Headphones – Taylor is the perfect modern statement piece. The distinctive silhouette, gold shine and sound quality round out this addition to your wardrobe as your most justified accessory to date.


Adding a little shine to your everyday is as simple as 1-2-3 when you bring a little bling to it.  I’m loving how upbeat everything feels when you add a little sparkle to it and that’s just what my latest buys did for me.  What about you?  What’s your favorite retail or sparkling buys that bring a little joy to your world?  Share your favorites below!

You Broke Your Apple Watch. Now What? (Apple Watch Repair Nightmare)

July 20th, 2015 by Christen

If you’ve ever thought about buying an Apple Watch or have one now, you may want to think twice about getting it repaired.  It’s a real nightmare!

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been putting my Apple Watch to work.  Guiding me through the streets of NYC, Washington DC, LA, Atlanta and New Orleans.  I can honestly say that I’ve become a bit dependent of having most of the information I need available at the flick of my wrist.  (Review blog posts coming soon.)

apple watch


Unfortunately, while hanging by the poolside cabana for lunch, my watch fell out of my purse and onto the concrete floor….CRAAAAAAACK!  My hopes, dreams, tech stylish aspirations shattered along with the sapphire crystal glass screen of my Apple Watch.  Was I devastated? Yes. Completely destroyed? Nope. Cause I cashed out on the Apple Care+ insurance package.
{Note: If I didn’t have AppleCare+, the repair would have been “out of warranty” (because it was my fault), which costs $229 for the Sport model, almost the price of a brand new watch. The steel Watch repair costs $329; and the gold Edition watch is $2,800. (You can find more details about Apple Watch repair here.}


cracked apple watch


As I strolled into the only Apple Store in New Orleans the last day in town, I felt relived that I could get my cracked Apple Watch replaced before catching my next flight.  A short-lived moment of peace that died 2.5 hours later, when I was informed that Apple Care+ requires you to ship your watch out to Apple’s repair facilities before replacing your device with a new one.

I wasted hours in the Apple store…and missed my flight.  I demanded to speak to a manager.  

The manager informed me that due to the replacement policy, I was going to have to leave my watch with the store and that they would ship the Apple Watch out for repairs.  She vowed to wave the $79 service charge and once the new watch was sent back to the store, she’d priority overnight the package to my home.  (Apparently, Apple doesn’t ship in-store purchases to homes.)  She promised that I’d get a confirmation call with tracking info the moment it arrived in store.  I never got a call.

I called the Apple store:


Me: “Did my watch come in yet?”


Me: “Did my watch come in yet?”


Me: “Did my watch come in yet?”

Apple Rep: “Oh yeah, it’s been shipped.  Here’s the tracking number.  It says it arrived this morning.”

Me: “Who signed for it?”

Apple Rep: “There was no signature required.”

Me:  “The package was never received.  And why would you send an expensive watch without a signature confirmation?”

Apple Rep:  “I’m so sorry.  That was clearly an oversight on our behalf.”

At this point, I was ready to conjure up the spirit of Steve Jobs and go COMPLETELY OFF! It was time to take things from a local conversation to a corporate one.  I called Apple Care+ and spoke with a supervisor immediately.  I explained how the Apple store failed to explain the replacement process, failed to contact me TWICE and ultimately failed to deliver my replacement watch.  The Apple Care+ supervisor contacted the New Orleans store and after what felt like a 2hour, 3-way call, the manager contacted my local Apple store and they provided me with a brand new Apple Watch with a black sport band.  (That’s two bands for the price of one PLUS a 10-day, customer service catastrophe.)


apple watch repair


LESSON LEARNED:  If you damage your watch, be prepared for headaches as replacement/repairs come with plenty of frustrations.  The 2-3 day replacement window as promised by Apple is a complete joke and your sanity could be at stake.  As for now, I’m keeping my watch a little more protected than usual.  I’ve purchased extra screen protectors/casings in hopes that I never drop my Apple Watch and have to live this repair/replacement nightmare ever again.


How To Score The Best Amazon Prime Deals Safely Online! #HappyPrimeDay

July 15th, 2015 by Tech Staff

Calling all online shoppers! Today is Amazon’s Prime Day, a day that offers Prime members exclusive deals “better than Black Friday”, supposedly. Online shopping will be at its peak today, with not only Amazon’s deals but all of its opponents, such as Walmart and Best Buy, competing for clicks and cash.

amazon prime day

While this is great news for consumers who love bargains and the convenience of online shopping, Trend Micro wants to remind deal hunters that it online shopping also increases the risks of identity and personal data theft via malvertising and clickjacking from cybercriminals who are strategically targeting these sites on this big day.

To keep personal data safe, consumers can follow these five quick tips:


amazon prime day


  1. Be cautious with ads that offer anything at unbelievably low prices or unrealistic discounts. Hover above links to check where they lead to and double-check these links’ trust ratings
  2. Pay by credit card if possible, as it will offer more protection in the event of fraud
  3. Keep e-receipts, and check credit card and bank statements to make sure they tally.
  4. Trust your instincts. If something doesn’t look right, stop shopping and do a bit of background on the company in question.
  5. Ensure your computer is running a reputable, comprehensive cloud-based security software to protect against phishing and malvertising.


With incredible deals on movies, accessories, tech gadgets and more – I’m shopping a little bit safer online thanks to these tips and hopefully you’ll improve your online shopping safety too.

Terrence J, Morris Chestnut, Omarion and More Team Up With Verizon Against Domestic Violence #Hopeline

July 13th, 2015 by Christen




Over the July 4th weekend, Verizon’s HopeLine program teamed up with celebrities Terrence J, Justine Skye, Omarion and Morris Chestnut to debut a powerful PSA at Essence Festival 2015 to raise awareness about an important issue that affects our communities, friends, and family members – domestic violence.


Verizon’s HopeLine program, together with Terrence J, Morris Chestnut, Omarion and Justine Skye, are asking people to take action against domestic violence in a very simple way – by donating a used wireless phone. Verizon is aiming to reach 1 million phone donations to their HopeLine program by the end of 2015. These phones are turned into vital resources for victims and survivors of domestic violence.


The new PSA was designed to empower individuals to take action against domestic violence in one simple way – visit any Verizon store and donate a used wireless phone through their HopeLine program. Each donated phone helps make an impact by connecting survivors of domestic violence to vital resources and fund domestic violence organizations nationwide.

Now we can all make change and give hope to domestic violence victims and survivors by helping HopeLine, a phone donation and grant-giving program, reach its goal of 1 million phone donations by the end of 2015! For more information, please visit

MacBook Emojis For Everyone! How To Add Emojis To Your MacBook Keyboard

July 13th, 2015 by Tech Staff

Have you ever wanted to insert an all too necessary emoji in the midst of your desktop email? Those days of endless emoji-less emails, status updates and Gchats are finally over, because Business Insider revealed the most crucial Mac hack ever. Rejoice! MacBook emojis for everyone! The era of copy + pasting is finally over and your laptop convos are dull no more.

macbook emojis

Accessing the emoji keyboard on your Mac is actually quite simple. It’s upsetting we didn’t know how to get to all those icons long, long ago. All you have to do is hit Control, Command and the space bar at the same time and a pop-up keyboard filled with all your fave emoji, displayed the same way as on your iOS device, will appear onscreen for you to play with and use until closing time. And just like that, your life is forever better.

Will you be using this Mac hack to make emoji use easier when using your Mac? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Business Insider, photo via Apple)????



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