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Fight Allergies, Hydrate Your Skin And Live Your Best Life With The Venta Airwasher

August 15th, 2016 by Christen


Disclaimer:  The following post is in partnership with Venta Airwasher and  I have received the following product for editorial review.  While the Venta Airwasher was provided for review, all opinions shared below are my own.


The summer heat wave is ON and the sweltering heat has no plans to chill out anytime soon.  It’s moments like this that make me appreciate my Venta Airwasher more and more each day.


Venta Airwasher


While there’s a host of humidifiers or air purifiers on the market, very few can wash and purify the air around you creating a healthier and livelier life that you deserve.  With the Venta Airwasher, you’ll feel more alert, you’ll sleep better and it practically eliminates pet odors, dandruff and allergens that could make you sick.  So what’s the technology behind how the Venta Airwasher works?  Keep reading, because the Venta Airwasher just could be the single household gadget with health and beauty benefits that’ll change your life.


Venta Airwasher


The Airwasher comes out of the box and is up-and-running in less than five minutes.  The Airwasher is also easy to use, fill and clean.  Like most humidifiers, just add water in order for the technology to activate and begin the process of air purification.  With the Venta Airwasher, the air in your home takes only the moisture it needs and no more.  The humidification stops but the purification continues.  This makes the Airwasher ideal to run 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year.


Venta Airwasher


Using the science of cold evaporation, the Venta Airwasher gently rotates the water inside pulling dust and dirt from the air inside. Once the airborne particles are drawn in and passed over the rotating disk stack to the bottom, they’re trapped inside and replaced with clean, hydrated fresh air.  (For best results, the dust and dirt trapped in the bottom of the Airwasher requires cleaning every 10-14 days)


Venta Airwasher


I’ll admit, at first I was a bit skeptical about adding a new humidifier into my home.  I’ve had my share of humidifiers that came along with vapors, mists and plenty of white residue to match.  The Venta Airwasher using the process of cold evaporation, eliminates any white residue or vapors and leaves the room feeling so fresh and so clean.


Venta Airwasher


Personally, I use the Venta Airwasher to supercharge my sleep therapy routine.  Add a moisturizing night mask, some aromatherapy and get ready for the most amazing sleep ever!  The Venta Airwasher has become Europe’s number one humidifier and purifier in one and it’s trusted by thousands of doctors who have bought them for their homes and practices.  If you’re serious about fighting allergens and reclaiming cleaner and healthier air for you and your family, consider adding the Venta Airwasher to your home for a fresh air, fresh start today.


Discover more details on how a Venta Airwashwer can help you live your best life with cleaner, fresher air at



Silent Killers: Discover The Deadliest Apps That’s Killing Your Phone Battery

August 9th, 2016 by Tech Staff

STOP what you’re doing and take a look at your phone battery right now!  If it’s looking a little faint right about now, you’ll want to pay major attention to the info that will make or break your battery life below.  We now know the 10 apps that have been draining your phone battery quicker than ever before, and chances are you’re using one of the worst battery-draining apps right this very moment!


Battery draining apps


A study, published in AVG’s Android App Performance and Trend Report, has been carried out to discover the top 10 battery-draining apps on your phone.  For this particular study, battery usage was measured on Android phones only – but a word of warning to Windows and iPhone users as well (especially since Androids are known to have better battery life than both iPhone and Windows devices.).

Here’s the top apps that will have your phone down to 1% and counting in no time…

9.  The Weather Channel – As one of the most popular apps in both Google Play and iTunes store, this app uses geo-location to give you the most accurate and updated weather information that you can use, but it also drains your battery so much, that it’s probably just  best to step outside and figure it out for yourself or do one better, just watch the morning news.


8.  WeChat – Chances are, you’re not a teeny-bopper or communication-obsessed pre-teen so you don’t use this app, but if you were thinking of downloading, you probably shouldn’t.


7.  WhatsApp – Sure it’s a great app for mass correspondence with friends and family.  I’ve used it to rally a group of colleagues/friends together for a meet up in Austin, TX for SXSW – but when it comes to receiving notifications each time someone responds to a group chat, your phone is certain to bow out of power faster than you could imagine.


6. Kik – Is another social communication app that lets you connect with friends, groups and the world around you through chat. Kik will kill your battery life faster than you can say “Where’s my portable charger?”


5. Blackberry Messenger – Starting to see a trend here?  If you have a messenger app, you’re more than likely to be sacrificing battery life just to stay connected?  Who still has a Blackberry anyways?


4. Instagram – We blame the filters, and Instagram stories.  The constant updates, algorithm changes and more is sure to drain your battery?  Don’t believe us?  Check out your battery usage right now, chances are Instagram is one of the top 3 apps using the most battery power on your phone at this very moment!


3. Facebook Messenger – Just send a text.  Can we agree, no more Facebook calls and messages in 2016? PLEASE.


2. Google Maps – It’s probably because we’ve become so dependent on it to get us across town or across the street.  Google Maps is constantly tracking your location, so don’t be surprised that your phone battery is dying a slow death because of it!


1.  Facebook – This a a great reason to stop stalking your college boyfriend’s ex-wife and maybe do something productive like go for a walk instead. (As long as you’re not playing Pokemon Go! LOL)


Now that you’re in the know, which of these apps have been silently killing your smartphone battery? Share which apps you’ve limited use of or have deleted altogether in the comments below!

How I’m using Instagram stories & Snapchat To Share My Journey

August 4th, 2016 by Christen


It came from out of nowhere, when everyone least expected it.  Just when you were getting comfortable and engaged with the short form sharing platform SnapChat, Instagram releases an update that turned the social sharing world upside down.


Instagram stories

So what is an Instagram story anyways?  According to the official Instagram announcement, Instagram stories a new feature that lets you share all the moments of your day, not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. As you share multiple photos and videos, they appear together in a slideshow format: your story. According to social media savants, strategists and experts alike Instagram stories are new ways to engage with friends and followers on Instagram.  According to my brilliant blogger bae Ty Alexander of Gorgeous in Grey Instagram Stories vs SnapChat means……”Instagram kinda bodies Snapchat.


Instagram stories


Like many of you, the new update left me dazed, confused and contemplating if I really have to adapt to using either or both social platforms in the future.  After further deliberation, my conclusion is a resounding YES!  I’ve figured out how to effectively use Instagram stories and SnapChat to share my journey and hopefully it’ll inspire you to share and create authentic content in a fun and exciting new way too!


Instagram Stories – A little less unfiltered.    

Instagram vs snapchat



As much as I love to share my journeys, adventures and moments behind the scenes of building a brand and charging ahead in my career, I often find myself guilty of going days (sometime even weeks) without social shares on Instagram.  The solution:  Snapchat and Instagram stories!  Are you following @DivasandDorks on Instagram? If not, you might want to do that STAT.  As far as Instagram stories are concerned, I’ll be sharing moments behind the blog that’ll give insight into the life of the diva behind  You’ll find plenty of adventures in travel, cars and tech with a sprinkle of delectable dorkiness in between.


SnapChat – Absolutely Uninhibited.



Want to get to know the girl behind the blog?  (This is the part where you frantically search @DivasandDorks on SnapChat and click Add!)  Snapchat is my refuge where I speak to the voices in my head OUT LOUD.  (No there aren’t real voices in my head, but I do think I’m speaking to a group of my imaginary friends, that is, until you guys snap me back and I realize that I’m sharing my boring life with my internet peeps, family and friends! LOL)  On the snap, get ready for a front row seat into the life of Christen.  Lately it’s been a hoot sharing my morning commute karaoke moments, behind the scenes of my tv diva career, family, friends and Sundays at church.


So now you know what to expect from ME, what should I expect to see on your snaps and Instagram stories?  Are you loving the new Instagram update or are you a snapchatter til the bitter end?  Drop your Instagram and snapchat names in the comments and let me know your story below!



Samsung Unveils Latest Products Including Water Resistant Note 7 and More!

August 2nd, 2016 by Tech Staff

Today, Samsung unveiled the newest smartphone, Galaxy Note7, designed to give consumers what they want most in a phone – a device that strikes a balance between work and play, enabling them to do more than what they thought possible on a smartphone.  The Note 7 features an upgraded S Pen with a smaller tip to proved more control while writing on the 5.7″ Quad HD Super AMOLED screen. The Note 7 includes revolutionary security features including a new iris scanner, PIN and fingerprint entry capabilities.

Galaxy Note 7

Key product features include:

  • Galaxy Note7 S Pen –Users can bring ideas to life the moment inspiration strikes, without unlocking the screen.


  • Advanced Security – Note7 provides heightened security and privacy, with highly advanced biometric authentication, including fingerprint scanner and iris scanning technology – a first for the Note series.


  • Best-in-Class Entertainment –A gorgeous, curved QHD Super AMOLED screen delivers a bold and immersive picture, ready to stream HDR video in a cinema-like experience with brighter colors and a deeper black, just the way the filmmaker intended


  • Galaxy Foundation with Refined Craftsmanship – Note7  boasts an innovative design, easier one-handed operation and durability, the advanced camera that was introduced on the Galaxy S7, 64GB of internal memory, and a long-lasting, fast-charging battery


  • Water and Dust Resistant –Taking on everything life brings from morning workouts, to sudden rain storms and accidental spills

Galaxy Note 7

The Galaxy Note7 will be available in Blue Coral, Silver Titanium and Black Onyx beginning August 19, with pre-orders starting on August 3, 2016.  For a limited time, Verizon customers who buy Galaxy Note 7 or Galaxy 7 Edge can get a free Gear Fit 2 or a Samsung 256GB memory card to enhance their device.  They can also get $20 in rewards when they make their first qualifying purchase with Samsung Pay.

Are you thinking about stepping your tech game up with the new Samsung Note 7?  Share your thoughts about the latest offerings from Samsung below!

VerveOnes+ Are The Earbuds That Will Change The Way You Live, Work And Play!

August 1st, 2016 by Christen

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by VerveLife in conjunction with Blog Meets Brand and I have been compensated for my participation. All opinions are my own.


If you follow my daily antics on Snapchat, you’re sure to see that I STAY on the go!  Whether its business meetings, traveling cross-country for press engagements or stress-releaving power walks and runs with neighbors – I try to stay productive and active during my daily activities.  Lucky for me, Motorola’s VerveLife products offers me a solution to my busy lifestyle with a unique range of wireless connected products.





Recently I got the chance to include the VerveOnes+ into my active lifestyle and after using these earbuds once, I don’t ever want to use another kind of wireless headphones ever again.  (Yes, it’s that serious!)


So what are the Motorola VerveOnes+ exactly?  Created by VerveLife, it’s an exciting NEW brand of wireless connected products launching worldwide, including here in the U.S. The completely wireless smart earbuds fit securely inside your ears without wires so you can listen free from distraction.  They’re Siri and Google Now compatible and offer deep, rich HD sound for your favorite playlists wherever you are.




For business, I use the VerveOnes+ for conference calls – the dual mic enables your music to pause automatically for an incoming call. Chat away, and music resumes once you hang up.




For my workouts, I love the fact that my VerveOnes+ are sweat & waterproof earbuds that allow me to workout freely without wires limiting my movements and fun.




For travel, the VerveOnes+ are the perfect accessory to help me make cross-country moves comfortably.  The earbuds come with four adjustable inner ear cushions making it easy to fit my ears and listen to my favorite playlists comfortably on long airline flights.  Plus, when it comes to moving quickly through airports, it’s the real travel MVP! (Did I mention the cute portable case makes it easy to charge the VerveOnes+ for up to 12 hours of playtime?)


The Motorola VerveOnes+ are designed for people like you and me.  We rise to any occasion, push ourselves beyond our limits and challenge ourselves daily to live our best lives imaginable.  Once you use the VerveOnes+ you’ll ask yourself why you used any other wireless earbuds before.  It’ll truly change the way you live, work and play!



Verizon’s #YouDontKnowMe Initiative Puts A Spotlight on Racial Stereotypes

July 25th, 2016 by Christen

Stereotypes are real. And although in recent days, they’ve seem to be too real, causing terrifying reprocussions – Verizon is doing something about changing the narrative with it’s newest #YouDontKnowMe initiative.


Baltimore middle schooler Loden Harris became an inventor at age 13 when he turned his vision for a mobile phone charging stand into a real working product with a 3D printer. By bringing his idea to life, he shared a message to his African-American peers: “There are young black males who are preparing to make a difference in the technical world!”


Verizon #YouDontKnowMe

photo courtesy of


Loden’s phone charging stand is just one of the more than 500 technology products including apps and 3D inventions, that African-American boys have brought to life in the last year – with the help of a new program that’s focusing on minority middle school boys. This group is often “forgotten” when it comes to programming for technology skills, despite the fact that African-American males remain one of the most underrepresented groups in STEM professions, and the “boys club” of Silicon Valley is stiflingly monochromatic.



The Verizon Innovative Learning program for minority males is a new initiative that is making sure these boys have a chance to succeed, by investing in them with marketable tech skills, mentors and access to classes on college campuses. Even more than skills, it’s helping these boys get a new picture of how they too can MAKE IT, even if they aren’t a rapper or professional ball player.


To date, the program’s reached 450 boys so far and is now expanding to 12 cities, where it will engage more1,200 young men. New data also shows the program is making an impact – increasing minority boys’ interest in STEM careers and subjects.  Verizon is also hosting 100 young men from July 27th – 30th in San Francisco at an event where they will receive hands-on tech training, hear insightful lectures and experience behind-the-scenes workshop at Lucas Films and the Levi’s Stadium Gridiron Engineering & Design Lab.


Want to do your part in sharing the new narrative about our community in STEM?  Check out the video and share it socially on Facebook and Twitter using #YouDontKnowMe today!

Connect with Verizon Innovative Learning:
Learn more about Verizon Innovative Learning app challenge:
Find Verizon Innovative Learning on Facebook:
Find Verizon Innovative Learning on Twitter:


How are you changing the narrative and stereotypes in your community?  Sound off and share on social media using #YouDontKnowMe today!

Essence Beauty & Style Expo Uncovers the Secrets Of Black Beauty With Olay

July 7th, 2016 by Christen

Disclosure:  I am a spokesperson for OLAY participating in the ESSENCE Festival Style & Beauty chat, while the talent appearance has been compensated all views expressed below are my own.


During Essence Festival in New Orleans, My Black is Beautiful celebrated 10 years of inspiring women of all ages to cultivate and celebrate our Black Girl Magic from the inside out.  Utilizing beauty consultations, intimate conversations breaking beauty myths, I teamed up with Essence beauty editor Nykia Spradley and Dr. Thompson from OLAY to share tips, tricks and the science behind achieving naturally glowing skin for the summer.




For more than 60 years OLAY has delivered phenomenal products to celebrate and enhance generational beauty passed down from our grandmothers, mothers and now for us.  Cultivating quality ingredients and formulas that enhance our skin and empower the idea that ‘Black Don’t Crack”.  In addition to vitamins like B3, retinol and SPF, there’s a complex blueprint behind the science of creating beautiful skin and OLAY has cracked the code.




Everyone wants beautiful, healthy, radiant skin and it all starts from the inside out. Clean eating with emphasis on fresh fruits, vegetables and plenty of water is the key to unlocking younger looking skin. If you’re not a huge fan of drinking water, grab a water bottle infuser and add fresh strawberries, cucumbers or lemons for a refreshing splash of taste.




If you’re ready to upgrade your skin from the inside out, try pairing OLAY Regenerist Luminous Collection because its properties and ingredients really do enhance my skin by fading dark spots and giving me a beautiful, healthy looking glow. The Luminous Collection uses a Skin Brightening Complex which penetrates 10 layers deep into the skin’s surface to fade the appearance of dark spots. That’s some deep tissue moisturizing right there!




Olay’s #1 selling face cream – Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream – is enhanced with vitamins and skin firming properties to keep you looking ageless with the added bonus of SPF 30.  Since Olay is committed to helping women make smart beauty decisions, it includes SPF in its facial moisturizers and body lotions for convenience.




I know we’re busy women with careers and children, but you must also wash your face daily (especially before bed), and moisturize. Don’t go to sleep with make up on! If you’re really on the run, Olay has made it easy to remove make up and wash your face with convenient micro-exfoliating wet cleansing cloths.




We all know the mantra  “Black Don’t Crack” but now we can make sure we have flawless and ageless looking skin with a few changes in our diet and adding OLAY to your daily beauty routine for an easy skin fix.  How do you keep your skin glowing all summer long?  Share your thoughts below!

Google and Cartoon Network’s “Power Puff Girls” Empowers Black Girls Code

June 20th, 2016 by Tech Staff





Cartoon Network and co-host Google welcomed Made with Code, Mayor of East Point Jannquell Peters and Black Girls Code at Turner in Atlanta for a special event launching GIF: The Powerpuff Girls. The event and coding activity are part of the collaboration between the companies with a mission of combining their entertainment and tech expertise to bring the power of creative coding to kids in every community, at every income level and in every demographic group.




Must Read: This New Website Will Turn You Into A Beloved “Powerpuff Girl”


The event’s special guests, forty five teenage girls from Black Girls Code, were greeted by female executives from Cartoon Network and Google, including Christina Miller, president and general manager for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Boomerang; Katie Krentz, Senior Director, Comedy Animation Development, Cartoon Network; Lilyn Hester, Public Affairs Manager for Google; Google Engineer Monica Renneke; and Mayor Peters. Each woman reaffirmed the importance of coding as an essential language to fulfill your goals and dreams, and encouraged the girls to continue to explore their creativity through coding.




“This day is exactly why we at Cartoon Network committed ourselves to encouraging kids to explore coding and the intersection of creativity and technology,” said Christina Miller, President and General Manager of Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and Boomerang, during the event. “We know how important this is, and that is why we want to be part of the community who helps all kids learn the language of coding to build their futures – and frankly – all of our futures.”

Get Dad The Tech Gear He Really Wants This Year With These Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 17th, 2016 by Tech Staff

Father’s Day is just a few days away and totally crept up on us faster than we thought!  If you’ve been procrastinating in finding the perfect gift for dad, we’ve round up a few of our tech gear favs that any dad would love below!


LG Father's Day


For the outdoor enthusiast that wants to capture “it all” … literally … the LG 360 CAM is a game-changer. The pocketable virtual reality camera is ready to capture all of your outdoor experiences in amazing 360-degree dual wide-angle 13 million pixel detail.


Zepp Father's Day


For the dad who loves to play baseball, the Zepp Baseball will view your swing in 3D from any angle. It will track how fast your bat is traveling at impact with the ball and measure the angle and location of your bat at impact.


father's day


If your dad is looking to get fit and training for a marathon this summer, the Moto 360 Sport is a must. It will track your distance and pace with GPS right on your wrist. Moto 360 will continuously monitor your steps, calories and heart rate while delivering updates to your smartphone.


Zepp Father's Day 

For the avid golfer, there is always room for improvement. The Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer will view your swing in 3D from any angle while measuring the angle of your club at the top of your back swing. Place your smartphone in your pocket and it will also measure your hip rotation.


 Show your dad how you really feel and get him the tech gear he’ll use and love this year from Verizon Wireless!  Score these gifts today just in time for Father’s Day – Sunday, June 19th.  

Apple Rumors, Trends And Top 6 Updates That’ll Change Your Life Forever!

June 14th, 2016 by Tech Staff

Today Apple rolled out the red carpet introducing the latest advancements, updates and bells and whistles.  Major updates are on the way for operation systems including the Apple Watch, iPhone and more!  Discover the top Apple updates that will upgrade the way you use your Apple device, accessories and change your life forever!




Apple iMessage

Bring on the Emojis, invisible ink messages and more!  Soon, your iPhone will have emoji predictions as you type and when you tap the emoji button, words that can be emoji-fied will be highlighted. All you have to do is tap to emoji-fy your message. Bubble effects lets you send messages in a whole new way — slam text, loud text, gentle text, Invisible ink  — which allows you to reveal a concealed message or photo with a swipe of your finger —  and more. You can also draw images via digital touch, send reactions to texts, write messages in your own handwriting and send full-screen effects.


watchOS 3 is on the way!

watchOS 3 is seven times faster. Rather than simply waiting for your apps to load, thanks to watchOS 3’s Quick Start feature and Instant Launch, everything on your watch is going to load faster than ever. You can expect this lightning-fast update to launch in the fall.




Apple Music is getting redesigned. AGAIN.

With Apple Music’s redesign, you’ll have access to lyrics, a daily playlist curated just For You and other new features like Browse, which will allow you to discover new music.






Photos in iOS 10 = PURE AWESOMENESS. 

Photos in iOS 10 will be able to do Face + Object + Scene Recognition and sort your photos accordingly. There’s also a new Memories feature that will aggregate events and trips for you, and will even automatically string together your clips to make videos for you. Oh, and those super cool Live Photos Apple introduced back in September are now editable.



Apple Pay is coming to the web. Soon Apple Pay is going to be as ubiquitous as PayPal or Visa. When you’re shopping online, you’ll be able to select and pay with Apple Pay. Just have your iPhone or Apple Watch handy, then use your thumb to checkout.





Siri is coming to the Mac

Siri is coming to the Mac. You read that right. Siri is coming to your computer and will soon be able to pull up files with just the sound of your voice.


In other news, in order to make the OS more cohesive with its other operating systems, Apple has decided to change the Mac operating system name to macOS. Apple, which has a long tradition of naming its Mac operating systems after California landmarks, is calling the newest edition Sierra.

The public beta of Sierra will be available in July, but will officially launch in the fall.

What updates are you looking forward to in the new macOS systems this fall?  Share your thoughts below!








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