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Knock Out Your Head Start On Healthy Living With Jabs Gym

December 1st, 2017 by Christen The other day, I hesitantly walked inside of Jabs Gym for a post Thanksgiving kickboxing class. I walked in tired and unfocused.  One hour later, I walked out excited with more energy to spare! How Sway?! I never expected this day to be a day that I burned 1,021 calories, but that's what happens when you work out at Jabs Gym, you leave weakness on the floor and walk out feeling EMPOWERED AND STRONG!     jabs gym   I mean, who doesn't want to feel accomplished and strong all the time?  I'll admit, I fell off the fitness wagon as soon as the seasons changed, but now it's time to get it right, get it tight (and get a 2-month running head start!)  With plenty of classes and two locations in Birmingham and Eastern Market, Jabs Gym makes it easy and undeniably fun to add hard core workouts to any busy schedule.  

Jabs Celebrates 4 Years Of Dominating Detroit Fitness!

  Now is the perfect time of year to recalibrate your fitness routine. I’m just a few weeks in and I’ve already begun noticing a difference thanks to regular workouts at Jabs Gym. Equipped with a full-sized boxing ring, ample personal training space, free weights, weight machines, cardio equipment, and more, it’s the perfect place to get fit, while having fun.   jabs gym boxing   Want to get a head start on your healthy lifestyle?  Join Jabs Gym and Under Armour for a FREE fitness bootcamp that'll get you fired up and ready to go!  They'll have complementary refreshments, live music, Under Armour & Jabs Gym membership discounts!  If you missed the first Jabs Gym x Under Armour fitness event, you don't want to miss what's next!  

Saturday, December 2nd 2017


Under Armour - Detroit


Are you ready to transform your life for the better?  Get social with Jabs Gym on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram today! Learn more about Jabs Gym and score a free workout session on me at

Five Tips To Avoid A Holiday Money Hangover…And BOOST Your Credit Score!

November 27th, 2017 by Christen Blown your holiday budget already? But there's still last-minute giving and New Year's and your credit score to think about! How big will your holiday hangover be? As the days grow short, so does your budget for December spending. Just as your holiday overeating will determine the demands of your January workouts, these last few shopping days can determine whether you have a small or a large 'money hangover.' You've probably overspent already, especially if you have kids. Don't make it worse than it has to be. Discover a few tips to make the most of your holiday spending budget and learn a pro tip that'll boost your credit too!  

5. Late-season promotions

It happens every year. Retailers and holiday shoppers play a game of chicken. What will happen as the last day for gift-buying draws near – will panic buying set in, or will last-minute sales be required to move those Santa snowglobes? Given the mixed news from this year’s shopping numbers, you can bet the bargain bins will be full as Dec. 25 approaches. So don’t blink: hold out for good deals. FYI - Each year, retailers settle on one day that’s comfortably within the margin of error to get gifts by Christmas Day, and call it Free Shipping Day. Free Shipping Day is Friday, December 15th, and it serves as a good reminder to finish your online shopping, or else you end up paying more for express shipping.

holiday money ideas

4. Creative gift giving

In the age of Pinterest, it’s so much easier to create a spectacular gift that even the pickiest of persons would love. Don’t buy something; make something. Or if you just aren’t crafty, give the gift of a talent you have. Offer up a coupon for a day’s photo session, or house cleaning help, or dog sitting. A free gift like that might be the most valuable present your friend receives all season! PRO-TIP: Homemade gifts for the home are the best! Check out Pinterest's list of 25 best DIY gifts for the holidays and create thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gifts for pennies!   holiday money advice

3. Gift exchanges

A gift exchange is a lovely way to let you focus on giving one person one nice thing, rather than dropping hundreds of dollars on obligations to a wide circle of folks. It only takes one family member to make the suggestion.  Imagine the amount of money you'll save while still sharing moments of giving and love. (It's a WIN WIN for everyone!) PRO-TIP: Bring a little fun to the holiday gift exchange and host a game of White Elephant, Frosty Flip or December Dice game. Check out more holiday gift exchange games here.

holiday money tips


2. Bling at home

Have New Year’s Eve at home instead of going out…Ubers are two times as expensive, drinks are so pricy, parking is jacked up. You can still bling it up with your friends, and the odds your pricey new outfit will end up beer-soaked go down. Stay at home and ring in the new year and save a bunch of money. PRO-TIP: Host a New Year's karaoke party or game night in!  You'll enjoy just as much fun for a fraction of your budget!  

1. Upcycle and shop consignment

Shop consignment instead of new, you can score lots of designer brands at amazingly LOW prices. Upcycle holiday décor, get out the glue gun, glitter and transform your Halloween and Thanksgiving decor into a winter wonderland of greatness.  Sell your labor helping others holiday shop or decorate. (Do you know how many people would PAY to have you decorate or put up the Christmas tree?) PRO-TIP: Check out consignment boutiques like A Daily Diva and Alexis Suitcase for amazing deals on designer wares for you and your home.   holiday money   But what about my credit? How is all of this supposed to help my CREDIT?!? Since you're going to be spending money anyways, you might as well gift yourself something special as well.  Do what I did and give yourself the gift of improved credit and financial freedom with Self Lender.  Self Lender is a venture-backed startup that helps people build credit and savings. As seen in Bloomberg, Newsweek and more, Self Lender can help you establish credit history and save money in a safe, responsible way.  You're trying to save money anyways, right? Why not make those savings work for you in a CD account that's FDIC insured?  Save as little as $20 a month inside a credit builder account that reports to all three credit bureaus every month.  After a year (or two), you can cash out your CD account WITH INTEREST and have positive credit history to boost your overall score. PRO-TIP: Self Lender is a great way to establish a "line of credit" without a damaging credit inquiry (which could lower your current score). If you're shooting for a Happy New Year, a few minor changes and moments of discipline can get you there sooner than later.  For more tips and information on improving your credit visit   via

Jabs Gym x Under Armour – The Perfect Fitness Match!

November 10th, 2017 by Christen   Under Armour and Jabs Gym kicked off a partnership unlike anything Detroit has ever seen. Together, both superstar brands launched a series of events which includes cardio kickboxing fitness, live DJ; free give-a-ways, Under Armour/Jabs Gym discounts and more!   Jabs Gym Under Armour   Jabs gym is the premier fitness features group fitness classes and personal training for all fitness levels. Recently, Jabs Gym owner/Middleweight fighter Willie Fortune, (aka Fortune 500 (22-2), shared his vision for the Jabs Gym brand. Jabs Gym Under Armour   “I make life champions before ring champions because we have a fight every day in our life,” said Fortune who has taken on the calling to prepare members for a fight in their life, where he mentally, physically and emotionally trains participants for any battle they are currently fighting outside of the gym.  “It is with great pleasure to partner with the Under Armour brand. Detroiters embody an underdog spirit, and that comes in both style and fitness. Like Under Armour, we both share an aesthetic for special design including murals by local artists depicting athletes like Muhammad Ali. We are eager to show our clients what the New Detroit has to offer."   Jabs Gym Under Armour   During the electric fitness experience, guests learned the basics in boxing fundamentals from jabs to uppercut punches as well as participated in a vigorous abdominal workout.   jabs gym   Keep an eye out for the next level of fitness with style from Jabs Gym and Under Armour soon.  For more information on Jabs Gym and even get a taste of what score a free fitness class, visit    

How Can Women Truly Run The World? Through Mentorship!

October 26th, 2017 by Christen Disclosure:  This following content has been sponsored with compensation by Johnson & Johnson; however, all opinions shared are my own.  

“I am woman, hear me Roar!”

“Who runs the world? GIRLS!”

  All the empowerment mantras and songs in the world couldn’t prepare me for my first day at the radio station.  I remember walking into the office, a shy college graduate, just hoping that one of the senior female Account Managers would smile, talk to me, or at least show me the ropes of the job.  I got nothing.  I was a junior account manager, and I wanted was to be mentored by someone who looked like me.  To be honest, it’s been well over 10 years and I still sometimes wish that I received their approval and guidance early on in my career.  If I did, who knows how much more I could’ve accomplished today.   johnson and johnson mentoring   Studies have shown that women report a more difficult time finding mentors than men, which has led to a focused growth of mentoring networks aimed specifically at connecting women with female mentors.  In a world where women make less money than men and are still perceived as non-equals, female mentorship and empowerment programs are important more now than ever before.   Mentorship in 2017

Mentoring young girls today will make a huge difference for tomorrow...

  I never want another woman to go through my experience navigating a career path on my own. And I’m not the only one.  That’s why throughout my career, I’ve connected with several girlfriends in media, marketing and the blogosphere to create the mentorship opportunities that we didn’t have.  Can you imagine, the affect that one woman in the office could have on a company’s future?  But we can’t do it alone.  We need commitments from schools and corporations to not only encourage but implement mentorship programs could drastically change the landscape of women in the workforce forever.  
Mentoring 2017 event

Women in Technology event mentoring young women earlier this year...

  It’s amazing to know that there are great companies and brands that are on our side.  Johnson & Johnson has been championing women and providing the tools, resources and opportunities for women to succeed since its founding more than 130 years ago.  Not only does Johnson & Johnson talk the talk, but they also walk the walk.  At Johnson & Johnson, women hold 43% of manager positions in the company.  They’re committed to propelling the best female talent and are truly committed to igniting the power of women to create a healthier tomorrow.  
    How you can affect change through mentorship?  What are some of your favorite industry or female mentoring programs that you can suggest to others?  Share in the ongoing conversation online using #JNJ.  Together, we can ignite change through mentorship and truly run the world!     About Johnson & Johnson: Through mentorship opportunities available to over 132,500 employees in 60 countries around the world, Johnson & Johnson is focused on growing, nurturing and propelling groundbreaking women leaders as they transform healthcare today and the future of healthcare tomorrow.  In a mentorship partnership with Girls Inc., they are pairing employees with high school girls who are looking to make an impact in their community. By 2020, Johnson & Johnson will have reached 1 million girls ages 5-18 to inspire them to pursue education and careers in STEM2D (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Manufacturing and Design) fields.    

You’re listening to music in your car all wrong! Ford and HARMAN wants to change that!

October 20th, 2017 by Christen If you’re anything like me, chances are you’ve tuned the treble and bass levels in your car once and never touched them again.  There’s probably truth in the fact that you’ve become so accustomed to your normal audio experience that you’ve been listening to your music all wrong!  Well, there’s a better way to listen, and Ford and HARMAN wants to upgrade your in car listening experience. 18Expedition_06_HR Ford’s new B&O Play sound re-defines the car audio experience with a fine tuned system curated by a team of listening experts.  These aren’t your everyday listeners either, each listening expert has hours of training to identify and help create the highest audio quality available.  A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to experience what training entails and check out the science behind the sound of the all new 2018 EcoSport SUV and 2018 Expedition SUV.   Listeners are carefully selected for each vehicle evaluation based on age, sex, ethnicity and height. They first experience sound in a special reference room – an acoustically isolated space outfitted to sound like a living room. ?During each vehicle’s tuning session, listeners first reference a selection of seven 30-second pieces of music of all different genres.   Throughout a full five-minute loop, the listener concentrates on audio elements like high- frequency presence, midrange, bass, image location and reproduction of musical instruments, tonal qualities of male and female voices and many other factors.   Expedition untuned

Sound from an untuned system appears jumbled and echoes from everywhere.

  When they’re done, they move immediately to the testing garage and into a development vehicle. They carefully listen to the same music and proceed to score the vehicle’s audio system according to their listening and testing training. In addition to listening simply to make sure the system reproduces sounds brilliantly, they also listen for any buzzing, vibrations or distortion from the interior components and share that feedback with vehicle engineers. Expedition tuned

Sound from an tuned system amplifies in a clear, concise intentional direction.

  Every time a new software update is released, the system is evaluated and improved until objectives are met – a rich, transformative listening experience for which B&O PLAY is known. Precision speaker placement and calibration also play a role to ensure optimal sound is maintained in the cabin, no matter the driving conditions or seating position.   Ford engineers work with B&O PLAY to focus on putting together a high-performance system, including focusing on proprietary sound quality and tuning technologies to deliver a listening experience that is dynamic, engaging and elevates every drive.  You can discover your elevated sound experience in the new Ford Expedition and and Ecosport Titanium at Ford dealerships this fall.   18Expedition_05_HR    
About B&O PLAY Firmly grounded in decades of design excellence, craftsmanship and product innovation from Bang & Olufsen, B&O PLAY interprets the same values for a new type of contemporary product aimed at design- conscious urbanites with an active lifestyle. The B&O PLAY portfolio is made up of products, that are intuitive to use and easy to integrate into your daily life in order to make beautiful music at home or on the move. B&O PLAY sound is translated to the car cabin by the automotive audio experts at HARMAN. For further information regarding B&O PLAY and Ford, visit

More Life: Important Lessons Learned Right Before My (30-Something) Birthday

March 6th, 2017 by Christen Hey girl hey! It's been awhile, I know.  This little love letter delay is what happens when you pivot your freelance career and take on a little more corporate structure.  But hey, I'm here, I'm happy and guess what?  As of today, I'm one year, older, wiser and a whole lot better! Living life in your 30s affords you a certain level of confidence, but I've learned there are plenty of lessons just waiting to be discovered with each passing year.  Over the last 365+ days, I've learned a impactful lessons shaping me to become a better woman each and every day.  Check out my favorite lessons learned (and life celebratory pics) below.    

Work Life Balance is possible

As a young diva, I believed that the hustle would dictate your success and ultimate happiness.  (Boy was I wrong!) Now that I'm a bit older and wiser, I've learned that you need to take time to enjoy and appreciate life to the fullest (After all, this isn't a dress rehearsal).  Now, I still do believe in working hard - but I also believe that making an effort to travel more and engage in amazing framly (friends+family) experiences is what makes life worth living.     Happy Birthday Christen Rochon

Comparison is the thief of joy

Everyone isn't blessed with the same strengths (or weaknesses for that matter) and its important for all of us to stop comparing ourselves to others. It's easy to wish you had something someone else has, but you also have to remember that you don't know the trials, tribulations, joys and pains that they had to endure to get what they have today.  Don't compare your Chapter 1 to someone's Chapter 12, start living a life of gratitude for what you have today and watch your personal blessings grow by leaps and bounds.   Happy Birthday Christen Rochon

Life Is All About Relationships

As a self-proclaimed introvert, it may have taken me a bit longer than others but I've learned that the relationships that you have with others can help you get through ANYTHING.  I'm talking relationships with friends, siblings, parents - you name it.  Building and maintaining great relationships are investments that anyone can make.  It's calling your loved ones regularly, being a listening ear and not being afraid to tell the ones you love - that you love them.  Investing in relationships early - they'll be pivotal in the bad times and essential when celebrating the good times!     Happy Birthday Christen Rochon

Forgiveness Keeps You Beautiful (...and stress free!)

Now this is one of those lessons that's been around us all along, but we've never taken the time to notice it.  One of the most beautiful people I know is my mother.  She's 20+ years my senior, but barely looks like my older sister.  One of the biggest lessons she's taught me through actions is "forgiveness".  She's shown me that not only forgiveness helps others, but it also frees you from angst and unnecessary stress that can cause you to look prematurely old and haggard.  (Between practicing forgiveness and good skincare products like Vichy & LaRoche-Posay you should expect my mom and I to look like this well into our 100+ birthdays! LOL)   Happy Birthday Christen Rochon   I have to say, this chapter in my life feels good and I'm excited for what the future will bring.  (If you forgot my birthday, don't worry, I'm accepting eGifts from Amazon, Panera Bread, Sephora or Starbucks all month long 🙂  Lastly, if I could share one piece of advice to my younger self, it would probably be this.  Don't be afraid to make mistakes and take risks early in life, lessons learned from mistakes are the foundation for greatness! Go Big or Go Home! Did I miss any important life lessons on this list?  Have you learned important life-altering lessons lately? Share in the comments or tweet me @DivasandDorks!  

Jabs Gym Celebrates 4 Years Of Dominating Detroit Fitness!      

February 27th, 2017 by Christen   In celebration of it’s 4-Year Anniversary, Jabs Gym partied the best way they knew how – with a fitness party! Dozens of boxing enthusiasts and fitness newbies laced up their sneakers/boxing gloves and piled inside of Jabs Gym (Birmingham) for an intense sample of kickboxing and conditioning inside (and outside) the ring.   Jabs Gym Anniversary   Led by Jabs Gym co-owner and professional boxer Willie Fortune, fitness fans began the 90-minute experience with cardio-kickboxing basics plus the fundamentals behind classes like Circuit boxing and BOYO throughout the evening.  What’s BOYO – you ask?  BOYO is a group fitness class that combines elements of Boxing and Yoga specifically developed and exclusively taught at Jabs Gym.   Jabs Gym Bootcamp

Get A Jumpstart On New Year Fitness (That’ll Change Your Life!) With Jabs Gym

  It didn’t take long before my girlfriends and I were wrapped and ready to go, punching and kicking our way to our summer body goals.  (It was hard work, but at least we looked cute in our fitness gear! LOL) The kickboxing classes are tons of fun and open to all fitness levels (it may take a few classes to memorize the combination punches and kicks, but it’s all worth it in the end.) If you’ve ever considered boxing – Jabs is it! And if you’ve ever wanted to experience a gym with friendly, knowledgeable staff filled with powerful classes – grab your gym bag make your way to Jabs Gym today!   Jabs Gym Bootcamp Want stylish fitness gear? Find a few favorite tops, yoga pants, sports bras and accessories on Amazon.   Established in 2013 as a state of the art intimate fitness and group training facility to make boxing training accessible to the everyday person, Jabs Gym has is the perfect gym to take your fitness goals to the next level.  Equipped with a full-sized boxing ring, ample personal training space, free weights, weight machines, cardio equipment, and more, it's the perfect facility to get fit, while having fun.  If you've ever wanted to try a new fitness regimen learn more about Jabs Gym and sign up for your FREE fitness class today at   Jabs Gym Bootcamp  

When Did You Fall In Love With Hip Hop? VH1’s The Breaks Giveaway!

February 24th, 2017 by Christen When did you fall in love with hip hop? Honestly, truly?  For me, it was sneaking to watch music videos at my grandmother's house and witnessing a rambunctious trio known as T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli singing, rapping and causing mayhem in their first music video "What about your friends?" -- and just like that, I was hooked!  As an 80's baby, growing up in the golden era of music, expression and creativity was something that has shaped the way I work, live and play today.  (Remember the calculator watch?) Eclectic beats and styles inspired "around the way" girls everywhere to love extensions in their hair, and bamboo earrings (at least two pair).   The Breaks Giveaway   Nowadays, it's that same freedom of expression that has influenced the retro styles in music, fashion and even technology today.  Love the nostalgic look and feel of turntables scratching and mixing from pubescent school dances?  You can bring memories back to life with mixing turntables or a retro bluetooth boombox.   When it comes to music, I live by hip hop nostalgia playlists on iTunes featuring Notorious B.I.G, TLC and Kris Kross.  (Who remembers the East Coast family of BBD, Boys II Men and The Boys? Say I!)  What about the 80's and 90's style?  From designer takes on the trends, like Gucci belt fanny packs and gigantic gold bamboo earrings to New York Fashion Week trends of bra tops, shearling coats and bright bold colors - the Hip Hop era of the 80s and 90s will forever inspire and shape the things we love and enjoy today.   I've partnered with VH1 to share my love of Hip Hop and if you love nostalgia like I do, then you'll love this amazing giveaway!  In celebration of The Breaks return to VH1, we're taking you back to summer with your chance to win a $100 iTunes Gift Card to purchase a Season Pass to VH1’s NEW Original Scripted Series, THE BREAKS, your favorite Hip Hop music from the 80's/90's and more! Find out how you could win below!  
  The Breaks series picks up where the successful VH1 original movie leaves off. It is 1990 in New York City at the height of rap's "Golden Age" of creativity, but corporate America has been hesitant to embrace the genre. Nikki (Afton Williamson) lands a dream job as the assistant to the legendary and out-of-control Barry Fouray (Wood Harris). Her best friend and producer DeeVee (Mack Wilds) is working with rapper Ahm (Antoine Harris) who is currently under investigation by the police for murder. How far will these driven young people go to rise to the top of the hip-hop world?  Stay on top of the twists and turns of this new series and get your Season Pass for VH1's The Breaks now on iTunes.  

The Breaks series airs Monday nights on VH1.  

  VH1 The Breaks giveaway   To enter, head to our Instagram and answer the question "When did you fall in love with Hip Hop?" or "What 80's/90s Hip Hop song describes you?" One (1) lucky winner will be selected at random.

Good Luck!

This post is sponsored by VH1 The Breaks. All opinions expressed and shared are my own.


HARMAN Wants To Upgrade Your Listening Experience in Your Home, Car and Beyond!

January 13th, 2017 by Christen FAF0FCE5-18A0-4F5F-9695-2FCA20B74D2C

Celebrating a colorful 50 Years of stylish technology in Las Vegas.

(Get the look: Glasses, Shirt dress, pants, boots)

  This year the 50th Annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas highlighted the brightest and best in all things tech.  HARMAN received nine 2017 CES Innovation Awards for breakthrough innovations like the JBL Everest Elite SDK, JBL BassPro Go, JBL Flip 4, and Infinity BassLink DC. The HARMAN brands continue to drive exceptional listening experiences everywhere.  Audiophiles want connected and personalized products in the car, at home or in the office. Check out a peek into how HARMAN wants to upgrade your listening experience in your home, car and beyond below!   ces 2017

Smart Listening At Home or Office

Whether its listening to your favorite podcasts or music streaming service at home or in the office, JBL has you covered!  What if you could take the powerful booming bass from your car into your home or next outdoor party (*grabs party shoes*)?   Imagine a hybrid automobile subwoofer and portable speaker, this versatile speaker system that delivers JBL’s Signature Sound anywhere on-the-go.  Say hello to the JBL BassPro Go!   JBL BassPro Go   When docked inside the vehicle’s trunk, the JBL BassPro Go adds powerful bass to the existing car audio system, delivering sound performance equivalent to a traditional aftermarket subwoofer system. The JBL BassPro Go also operates as a portable Bluetooth speaker when undocked from the vehicle. The speaker is designed to deliver big concert sound to outlast any tailgate or party with its 15 hours of play time. Users can connect up to 3 mobile devices and take turns playing DJ when it’s detached from the mount. The JBL BassPro Go also features JBL Connect+ technology that can wirelessly link multiple JBL Connect-enabled speakers together to amplify the listening experience. The JBL BassPro Go will be available for purchase for $599.95 at and select JBL retailers Summer 2017.   JBL Flip 4   The award winning JBL Flip 4 is the perfect listening companion to make life on the go more fun than ever before.  Wirelessly connect up to two smartphones or tablets to the speaker and take turns playing impressive stereo sound. Built-in 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 12-hours of playtime. Take crystal clear calls from your speaker with the touch of a button thanks to the noise and echo-cancelling speakerphone. Build your own party by connecting more than 100 JBL Connect+ enabled speakers together to amplify the listening experience. Available in 6 vibrant colors & prints including: Black, White, Teal, Gray, Red and Blue, the JBL Flip 4 will be available on and select retailers for $99.95 starting spring 2017. (Can't wait? Get your hands on the JBL Flip 3 for a lot less here.)   JBL Flip 4  

HARMAN Voyager Next In Car Experience

 JBL Bass Pro

With so many car sharing options on the road, Millennials aren't so quick to spend a lot of money for their first car.  HARMAN believes that you don't have to sacrifice technology and sound for an affordable new car.  Moving beyond traditional audio to capture a fully integrated entertainment experience, Voyager Next adds customizable in-vehicle lighting along with connectivity and control of compatible in-home and portable devices.   Voyager   The HARMAN Display Audio provides an embedded, connected head-unit that brings the best of your smartphone experiences seamlessly into the car through the tech, navigation and other capabilities you already know and love.  Instantly connect using Apple CarPlay, Google AndroidAuto, Baidu CarLife and SmartDeviceLink; giving you several ways to connect any smartphone to the car regardless of make or OS.  HARMAN Voyager Next completely redefines traditional car connectivity, making it available and affordable for all.   No matter if it's in the car, office or your next impromptu house party or outdoor picnic, HARMAN and JBL has the ultimate sound quality experience to enhance your favorite moments audio from day to night.  For more on HARMAN and JBL products visit    

Save Thousands Towards Your New Year Resolution With One Simple App!

January 2nd, 2017 by Christen money saving app   Is saving more money one of your big new year resolutions?  Is more income, luxury travel or a new car plastered on your 2017 vision board?  What about a new designer bag or slay-worthy pair of shoes? (I don't judge!) How would you like to save at $500, $1500 or more for your next big purchase or vacation? One of our loyal readers did just that when she recently shared how quick and easy it is to save - thanks to!  If you're looking for a little help saving quickly and easily, I have the perfect app for you!  Say HELLO to Digit! The best money saving smartphone app that will be your saving grace for 2017!   digit money saving app   Digit is a free online app that automates your savings in a way that you won’t realize you’re saving. Digit first links up to your bank account, reviews your payment history and predicts your income and cash flow. After Digit’s system understands how much you spend every day and how you try to manage your money, it calculates all your possible daily savings opportunities. Everyday, Digit takes out small amounts of money (anywhere from $5-$50) that you may not have realized you didn’t need or use. After Digit takes out the dough, it puts that cha-ching into your savings account. I've saved more than $1000 using the app myself and look forward to saving even more in 2017! The whole idea behind the Digit money saving app is that you’re saving little by little on the daily without feeling like you’re restricting your normal use of money. So you’re still buying your lunches, groceries and gas, but you’re saving too! Your savings stash goes into your personal FDIC-insured Digit account. Digit doesn’t store your password or go through your savings. The account is entirely yours with no minimums and no fees. Use Digit's new GoalMoji feature to check the balance on your savings goals for a new home, vacation, car and so much more.  My new goal? A bigger house for 2018 and Digit's new GoalMoji feature will get me there! best money saving app Digit always checks in with you and lets you know how much it’s been able to save for you via regular text messages. But if a particularly rainy day hits, just text the word “Withdraw” and your money will be in your pocket by the next business day. Sounds like we’re all going to need a bigger wallet.  Ready to get started? Download the Digit money saving app and instantly earn $5 when you share the best money saving app with others HERE.  Just think, if you sign up today, you could save at least $500 (or more) just in time for a new designer dress, bag, sunglasses or Summer vacation! So what are you waiting for? Start saving today!



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