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Discover Five Tech Savvy Travel Tips For The Ultimate Road Trip This Season (+ Visa Giftcard Giveaway!)

May 24th, 2016 by Christen

It’s the unofficial start of the summer and road trip season!  With most planning on driving more than 50 miles in search of summer fun we’ve got the tips you need to make your next road trip a great one!


From how to drive, travel apps and more – we’ve teamed up with Toyota & industry expert Jeff Fortson to help make holiday travel more fuel-efficient and fun! (Plus we’re giving away Visa Giftcards to help fuel your holiday weekend travel!)


road trip giveaway 2



“Drivers can take simple steps to help them get the most gas mileage on their trips this Memorial Day weekend,” says Fortson, founder and editor of, a site dedicated to auto education and car-buying clinics. “Taking heed to these tips will not only lead to fuel savings but will help provide a little extra money once you arrive at your destination.”


Toyota and Fortson offer six fuel-efficiency tips designed to help protect your pocket at the pump before you start a memorable road trip with family and friends.


  • Use the cruise control (and the optional radar-activated cruise control system) for holiday road trips. Both systems minimize sudden acceleration and de-acceleration. According to, speeding, rapid acceleration and braking can decrease gas mileage by 33 percent.


  • Be sure to check and properly inflate each tire, including the spare before you set out on a trip. Gas mileage can be improved if tires have adequate pressure. Some vehicles are equipped with a tire pressure monitor system which alerts you when it detects tire pressure is critically low. If the car isn’t equipped with this system, a tire gauge can be purchased at the local parts store and the service department can check the air pressure.


The Toyota Camry XSE Is A Sporty Sedan With Serious Style!

  • Rent a fuel-efficient vehicle. If you are renting a car, you may want to consider a hybrid vehicle, such as Prius or Prius V.


  • Use the factory installed navigation system or a favorite app like Google Maps and Waze from your smartphone to make your drive safer. These navigation systems will alert drivers of traffic congestion and provide you with the shortest route to your destination.


Discover The Best Apps For Drivers And Driving Worldwide


  • Always pack smart. Just like flying, you should only take necessary items for a road trip. Avoid using the roof rack, if possible, because it reduces the aerodynamics and decreases fuel efficiency.


  • Watch the A/C. It is recommended that you use the air conditioner when driving highway speeds. When driving in stop-and-go traffic, turn the air conditioner off and allow air to circulate through the vehicle.


road trip giveaway


Are you getting ready for your next road trip?  What’s inspiring your upcoming road trips this summer?  TWEET US! @DivasAndDorks and share your favorite road trip inspirations on Twitter using #ToyotaMemories for your chance to win a $25 Visa Gift Card today!


Unforgettable Moments From My #FindNewRoads Cross Country Camaro Drive

November 10th, 2015 by Christen

It’s always been an experience I’ve wanted to scratch off my bucket list for some time now.  Who wouldn’t want to grab their best girlfriend and go on a cross-country road trip in an amazing car?



Over the course of several weeks, Chevrolet’s hosted media influencers and journalists on a drive throughout the 48 US contagious states.  Driving behind the wheel of the 2016 Chevy Camaro, we were encouraged to #FindNewRoads and discover points of innovation throughout the country.  We visited landmarks and discovered the roads less traveled during our drive from New Orleans, LA to Dallas, TX (with plenty of exhilarating & unforgettable moments to spare!)

Check out a few of my favorite moments from our cross country Camaro drive in search to #FindNewRoads below!


Crescent City Connection

If you’re familiar with the Denzel Washington flick “Deja Vu” chances are, you’ve seen the iconic twin cantilever bridges that carry U.S. Route 90 Business over the Mississippi River in New Orleans before. Formerly known as the Greater New Orleans Bridge (GNO) – it’s the widest and most heavily traveled bridge on the lower Mississippi; instrumental with the Hurricane Katrina evacuations in 2005.


2016 Camaro


The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro and the Crescent City Connection – two iconic symbols of mobility and strength all rolled into one #FindNewRoads moment.


2016 Camaro


Mardi Gras World

What’s the next best thing to visiting New Orleans during Mardi Gras?  Taking a trip to one of the happiest places on earth – Mardi Gras World. We were looking for a real, behind-the-scenes look at New Orleans Mardi Gras and boy did we find it!

2016 Camaro


At Mardi Gras World, guides take the mask off Mardi Gras with an all-access Mardi Gras tour, winding through the massive studio where these magnificent floats are built from the ground up. Guests learn about the history of this unique and festive tradition and go beyond its reputation to get a deeper understanding of the real Mardi Gras.


One monkey don’t stop no show:  The massive Mardi Gras World experience is a MUST during your next New Orleans visit.  Make sure you bring plenty of camera storage because there are plenty of picture perfect moments you’ll want to capture during your visit.

Bayou Dinning And Aligator Bites

After a 15-mile drive outside of New Orleans, we stumbled upon the beauty and bounty of the Restaurant des Familles. Nestled along the waterway home to alligators, turtles, egrets and other wildlife (Bayou des Familles) – we were in search of authentic Cajun and Creole bites and the Alligator Stuffed Mushrooms with Alligator Sauce Piquant more than delivered.



Good Eats:  We enjoyed the best of the best from the Restaurant de Familles including the grilled Shrimp & Grits with jalapeno-cheddar grits with scratch gravy, Caesar Salad and Catfish strips.

The Alligator Stuffed Mushrooms with Alligator Sauce Piquant was amazing – and the views of alligators just a few feet away were even better.


Swamp Tour Through Gator Country

I’ve never been in an airboat before, let alone on a tour through the swamps of the bayou.  So of course finding the road less traveled lead us to the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve. Trained guides escorted us into the murky waters of Louisiana swamps where we came face to face with the beauty and beasts of nature.




Meet My BFF And Find New Roads In The New 2016 Chevrolet Camaro




Driving The 2016 Camaro

The 2016 Camaro more than handled the road, it commanded it.  Driving from New Orleans to Dallas  as a Camaro road warrior was beyond amazing.  As the most efficient and powerful Camaro SS ever it’s equipped with improved handling, performance, technology and kept heads turning throughout the entire drive.


2016 Camaro


2016 Camaro


Discover where the 2016 Camaro SS is headed next!  Keep up with all the spectacular sights and see how others #FindNewRoads by visiting

Meet My BFF And Find New Roads In The New 2016 Chevrolet Camaro #FindNewRoads

November 3rd, 2015 by Christen

It’s amazing how driving a car can introduce, impact and ignite friendships that can last a lifetime.  Driving is one of the rare experiences that highlight shared moments in your life that you’ll never forget.  Exciting moments that lead to earning your first driving permit to unforgettable road trips with friends, no matter your age – you can always remember moments that involve your first or favorite car on the road!

This week, I’m revved up with excitement as me and my best friend get ready to take our friendship on the road driving the 2016 Camaro across the U.S., seeking people and places that embody the spirit of Find New Roads by pioneering new solutions in technology, business, education, arts and culture.


Find New Roads


My BFF Tiffany and I met years ago as key players for our high school volleyball team.  I was a high school senior and she was a wise-cracking freshman who bummed a ride home from volleyball practice.  We instantly clicked and became friends by riding home from volleyball practice together.  Who knew that months of after school driving would set the foundation for a 17-year friendship?!?



Months later after graduation, I was off to a whole new world – college.  We eventually lost contact, but was once again reunited by the same car that drove our friendship into existence.   One random afternoon, Tiffany noticed my car-bra-clad sedan (in aftermarket electric blue) parked outside my college dorm. Can you believe she yelled out my name, over and over until I ran outside?  I found my best friend and just like that, we were connected at the hip again!



We were the epitome of girls that love their cars!  We both had the same make and model and created our very own car club on campus (we were the only two members of the car club, but who cares – we thought we were haute stuff! LOL)  We always compared notes on driving/parking tricks on campus and cultivated the foundation of our friendship over cars, wise-cracking jokes and the craziest college co-ed experience ever!  Over the years we’ve watched boyfriends, degrees and even random auditions for MTV’s “The Real World” come and go and 17 years later, you ain’t seen nothing yet!


BEST FRIEND (noun): A person who you value above other friends in your life, someone you have fun with, someone you trust and someone in whom you confide.


  Find New Roads


Meet my best friend… we’re exact opposites and yet exactly the same – and this week we’re going on the road in the all new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro.

From college to a cross-country road trip, where can you find us next? Meet us in the Big Easy this Wednesday, November 4th at the NOLA Motorsports Park! Check out our road tripping hijinks, map track the tour and details at #FindNewRoads

Check out the #Drivetastic Giveaway with @DivasDriveHeels and @Autotrader_com on

September 17th, 2015 by Christen




Have you checked out lately?  Divas Drive In Heels….Haute cars and stylish automotive news, for women – by women!  That’s what we’re all about!  The newest rides, automotive trends and how they intertwine in entertainment and everyday life. – the web’s first lifestyle automotive hub online, for women, by women, is a driving source of everything automotive that’s important to women, we are the authority in automotive news, entertainment & more for women interested in purchasing, maintaining or upgrading their vehicles.  Finally a fresh spin on what matters to style conscious consumers most…


We’ve partnered with Autotrader to create a #DRIVETASTIC giveaway!  Check out to discover how you can enter to win $200 AMEX gift card today!




Want to learn more and get started on your Drivetastic Autotrader experience, get social with Autotrader on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and shop for your next fresh ride on and


Journey Through The City With Me, @EssenceMag & @LincolnMotorCo in NYC [VIDEO]

July 29th, 2015 by Christen

To kick off the summer in style – Essence and Lincoln teamed up to surprise three lucky winners a celebrity-inspired experience of a lifetime! Of course NYC is know for amazing fashions and spectacular street style, so of course it would be the first stop for any aspiring fashionista to get into the industry as a fashion stylist.  Check out some of our fun while chauffeured in the all new Lincoln MKX.


journey through the city 1



Must Read: Driving In The New Luxury: The 2015 Lincoln MKC and Lincoln MKC Black Label Edition


Discover the amazing style and fun during the Journey Through The City –  NYC below…



Must Read: Southern Living With Lincoln Black Label at Home #LincolnBlackLabel


journey through the city 2

Anytime is a good time for a selfie with celebrity stylist & designer June Ambrose.


This was just the beginning of the cross-country fun with Essence and Lincoln Motor Company.  Want to see more? Stay tuned to to discover the celebrity fun in DC and ATL soon.  For more information on the Lincoln MKX   visit and get connected on social media with @LincolnMotorCo on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram today!

Driving In The New Luxury: The 2015 Lincoln MKC and Lincoln MKC Black Label Edition

June 23rd, 2015 by Christen

Lincoln Motor Company has re-enginered what luxury looks and feels like with the 2015 Lincoln MKC and Lincoln MKC Black Label.  As a luxe crossover with a touch of chic technology appeal, driving the 2015 Lincoln MKC this Spring in both Detroit and Dallas was an experience that I’ll never forget!



From the dramatic HID headlamps (which are more visible than conventional headlamps) and the full-length LED tail lamps it’s easy to instantly see how the Lincoln MKC makes beautiful accessories, necessities. Inside, comfort goes beyond just leg room. The spacious interior is streamlined and graceful with controls at your fingertips – like the push-button-shift transmission – seamlessly integrated into the instrument panel (which can often confuse the first time driver, but it’s definitely a welcomed upgrade to your typical push-to-start ignition buttons.)




The journey starts here. With all of your connections made effortlessly. Say a command and stay in touch without taking your hands off the wheel. Or touch the signature 8″ color screen to have your favorite song from the playlist on your MP3 player piped through your vehicle speakers. No matter where you’re going or what you have going on, here, the lines of communication are always open.






Lincoln Introduces Exclusive Brand Experiences In LA, Miami, New York and Dallas

There’s re-engineering what luxury looks and drives like and then there’s creating a mark of luxurious distinction – and that’s what the 2015 Lincoln MKC Black Label entails.  The Black Label collection of Lincoln vehicles aren’t just an upgraded vehicle with premium leather, wood and other materials – it’s a completely upgrading vehicle owning experience.  Including a premium extended warranty, curated at-your-service dining experiences, complementary wash/detailing services and more!


The Lincoln Black Label collection of vehicles (Lincoln MKZ / Lincoln MKC) come in a variety of styles inspired by natural and renewable resources.  Drawing their inspiration from scents, sounds, fashion, food performing arts and orchestra, the Lincoln Black Label designers created four distinct design themes.  Each style offers a different aesthetic or theme based on colors, textures, patterns and natural woods.  Modern Heritage is a contemporary twist on the classic elegance that defines Lincoln. Indulgence exudes the rich allure of luxurious chocolate. Oasis is a retreat to a desert resort, or the sands of a tropical paradise. Center Stage dramatically reflects the excitement of the curtain rising on the opening night of a theatre performance.

During my drive, I selected the Lincoln MKC Center Stage edition during a recent drive in Dallas, Texas and needless to say, the Black Label experience was definitely an upgraded one.

Inspired equally by the fashion world and the theater district, this interior is for those with a flair for the dramatic. The Jet Black leather interior with Foxfire Red Alcantara® accents captures the excitement of standing center stage, while onyx wood (MKZ) and black striped wood (MKC) add a lush texture to this undeniably stylish design.


Equipped with specially selected Venetian leather. (Only 1% of rawhide skins are selected).  Known for it’s lightly finished texture, Venetian leathers in ebony are form-fitted to the interior, wrapping the seats, steering wheels and door armrests and also creatively stitched in subtle accent and perforation patterns to complement the overall vehicle theme.




Specialty Black Stripe reconstructed wood infused with layers of veneer, creating dramatic stripes both accent and enhance the design of the Lincoln MKC beyond imagination.


The Lincoln MKC Center Stage is undoubtedly a showstopper.  Inspired by the worlds of theatre and fashion, the Lincoln Black Label Center Stage theme is for those with a taste for the dramatic and definitely for those who want a vehicle that is a stylish extension of their personality!




Black Label was designed to offer a specialized customer experience and with an introduction like Black Label at Home across the U.S. I’m sure this is  Hello that prospective buyers will never forget.  For more information on the 2015 Lincoln MKC and MKC Black Label visit


[Watch Me Whip] Heels And Wheels 2015 Recap #HeelsAndWheels2015

May 28th, 2015 by Christen

Jaguar F-Type Coupe Heels And Wheels


By now, I’m sure you know how much of an automotive enthusiast I really am!  From luxury chariots to muscle cars, I love em all!  Last week, I was invited to attend a Heels And Wheels media retreat in Malibu, California to test out some of the hottest cars from Jaguar, GMC, Lexus, Mazda and more!  [Heels And Wheels invites women automotive journalists from across the country to take part in a 2-day media drive for networking and fun in the sun.]


Heels and Wheels


Discover a sneak peek of my favorite #HeelsAndWheels2015 moments below…


Heels and wheels

Chief Engineer Allison Rahm shares the phenomenon behind the 2015 Dodge Charger.


Mazda6 Heels And Wheels

The 2016 Mazda6 was a standout surprise – I was absolutely amazed by this drive!


Heels And Wheels

Rene Syler whips around the corner in the 2015 Land Rover Discovery


GMC Canyon Heels and Wheels

The 2015 GMC Canyon SLE is a leading pickup trucks with 17% of owners being women.


Heels and Wheels

Auto journalists, PR reps, brand specialists and we’re all women!

Divas Drive In Heels

With so many options to drive, you’d be surprised to discover which car was my absolute favorite, which ride was perfect for new parents and which AWD vehicle left more to be desired. That’s why I’ve shared more photos, first impressions and more on our official automotive channel for everything cars, trucks, wheel-related and more, you can find it on

Check out more from Heels And Wheels at

Style Files: Say Hello And Color Me Happy In Heels #OOTD

May 15th, 2015 by Christen

Target style


Hello Friday!  There’s no happier time of week that the day that we welcome the weekend! As the days get longer, my dresses get shorter (Hey, I’m pre-gaming for summer!) With my favorite mid-Spring (not-quite-summer) frock and sneakers, I’m ready to take on the weekend in style!

Check out a few of my favorite shots from this week’s shoot with the Fiat 500 L below!


Target style

Covered in Happiness from head-to-toe.

I love easy style! Chances are you’ll find me in everyday wear that easy to throw on and go!  Since I’m a tall curvy girl, it’s important that my style feels chic and confident no matter what.  So pairing a short and sleek shirt dress with wedge sneakers was just the style and comfort I needed!

Can you believe that on my way to another shoot location, I just happened to come across this colorfully graphic wall and said, This is it! The similarities between my shirt dress and this mural were uncanny – so of course an impromptu photo shoot was meant to be!

Target Style

Shirt dress: Prabal Gurung x Target (Sold Out)

Nike sky hi premium

Shoes: Nike x Undercover Dunks (Sold Out)

Prabal Gurung Target stripped dress

Steppin to the beat of my own drum…

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban


For more on the 2015 Fiat 500 L visit soon!

Prabal Gurung Target stripped dress

Hello Weekend, is that you?  I’ve been waiting on you (at the door) all week long!

Cheers to the weekend & I’ll see you all next week!

Style Files: Spring Fling To The Max With The 2015 @Toyota Highlander

May 12th, 2015 by Christen

There’s nothing I love more than a nice drive paired with beautiful weather, and when you add a flowing maxi dress to the mix – you’ve got the perfect combination for an amazing Spring day.  Recently, I purchased this beautiful chiffon frock and I must admit, I’m in love!

For me, Spring is all about flow and coverage – many Spring days can get rather warm, while the evening temps require a light sweater or jacket.  Because of this, wearing a long-sleeve chiffon-style dress is totally worth it as it covers and protects without being too hot and heavy.

Check out a breakdown of my Spring look below:


Toyota Style



H&M – CONSCIOUS. Long, V-neck chiffon dress with a printed pattern. Buttons at front and at cuffs. Tie belt at waist. Lined. Made partly from recycled polyester. ($49.95)



Earrings & Necklace – Charming Charlie

Sunglasses – Ray Ban Aviators ($170)


[Must Read: Bring On Spring In The 2015 Toyota Highlander Limited]


Toyota Style


Steve Madden sandals


 Toyota Style

Want to learn more?  Discover more Toyota Highlander colors, trims and options by visiting and get social by connecting with Toyota on TwitterFacebook and Instagram today!

5 Things Learned About Love And Life, Inspired By @FiatUSA 500X #Fiat500X

May 4th, 2015 by Christen

During a very recent trip to Los Angeles to celebrate the arrival of the new 2016 FIAT 500X, I found myself gaining a wealth of knowledge that not only introduced the latest Fiat, but also shed a little light on the parallels of technology, love and life. The All-New FIAT 500X crossover combines classic Italian style with power, size and the capability of an available All-Wheel-Drive system—a FIAT first in America.

Check out five things I learned about love and life, inspired by driving a Fiat 500X in Southern California below…

2016 Fiat 500X



5. Love comes in many shapes and forms.  As a tall woman, it’s easy for me to fall in love with large trucks and SUVs – but once I sat inside for the 2016 FIAT 500X for the first time, I realized that sometimes great things come in small packages. Designed at Centro Stile in Turin, Italy, the all-new Fiat 500X leverages the character and iconic features of the Fiat 500 into a larger and more capable package. Featuring comfortable seating for five, the 2016 Fiat 500X interior also provides unmatched utility, featuring a large rear cargo area with a height-adjustable rear cargo floor, second-row 60/40 split seats and fold-forward front passenger seat. Who knew all of this was hidden in such a compact package?




 4.  Grab the keys to your happiness and go!  

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” – Albert Schweitzer

I’ve enjoyed driving every since I was a baby, so it’s only natural that I enjoy driving today! As an infant, I would cry my eyes out at night, that is, until my parents put my in my car seat and drove me around town.  I’m told that after only 10 minutes of driving around, I would fall asleep and sleep the entire night through.  Fast-forward to today, with over 17 years of driving experience behind the wheel, driving is truly my therapy for calming my mind and focusing on my happiness.  Who knew that finding my happiness behind the wheel, I’d be able to take something that I love and create a successful career from it! (




3.  Don’t look back!  The rearview mirror was designed to give you a sense of what’s behind you.  But even the mirror doesn’t give you an accurate view of just how far away you are from what you’re leaving behind.  (If I wouldn’t have quit my job 5 years ago, I wouldn’t have traveled the world and would be stuck at a desk that I hated.  Who knows where I’d be today.) Since objects are typically closer than they appear, my takeaway from  a moment in the Fiat 500X – When you’re driving full speed ahead, look forward to what’s to come and never look back.






2.  Take time to get out and enjoy the sights and sounds around you. Sure the Fiat 500X comes loaded with technology and convenience, to make the most of any trip.  The Fiat 500X is available with features like Uconnect 6.5 radio with a 6.5-inch high-resolution touchscreen and navigation, Bluetooth streaming audio, Uconnect Access Via Mobile, a 3.5-inch color thin-film transistor (TFT) cluster display, Keyless Enter ‘n Go, and heated front seats and steering wheel.  With all this goodness inside the Fiat 500X, it’s easy to forget about the world going on around you, but take the time to get out and enjoy the sights and sounds around you – I’m sure you won’t regret it.





1.  Finally, you’re the one behind the wheel, take control of where you want to go! Of course there will always be variables that impact your success, but the one thing you’ll always have control of is your perception and reaction to what impacts you.  That’s your steering wheel.  While people are staring at that glass of water figuring out if it’s half empty or half full, I’ve already drank the water and quenched my thirst for life.  The moment you take control of how you perceive situations and react accordingly, you create and control your own rules, and can go as far as you want!



2016 Fiat 500X Trekking Plus


It’s amazing how you can learn some of life’s important lessons just from living life in the moment.  Hopefully this moment of learning inspired by my exhilarating drive in the all new 2016 Fiat 500X will inspire you to find time to live life to the fullest and take advantage of every moment given.  Want to learn more about the Fiat 500X – check out my review of the 2016 Fiat 500X and discover how it combines iconic Italian style with functionality, performance and all wheel drive confidence at what you see?  Discover more from the all new Fiat 500X and family of Fiat vehicles online at and connect via social media on FacebookTwitter and Instagram today!




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