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You’re listening to music in your car all wrong! Ford and HARMAN wants to change that!

October 20th, 2017 by Christen

If you’re anything like me, chances are you’ve tuned the treble and bass levels in your car once and never touched them again.  There’s probably truth in the fact that you’ve become so accustomed to your normal audio experience that you’ve been listening to your music all wrong!  Well, there’s a better way to listen, and Ford and HARMAN wants to upgrade your in car listening experience.


Ford’s new B&O Play sound re-defines the car audio experience with a fine tuned system curated by a team of listening experts.  These aren’t your everyday listeners either, each listening expert has hours of training to identify and help create the highest audio quality available.  A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to experience what training entails and check out the science behind the sound of the all new 2018 EcoSport SUV and 2018 Expedition SUV.


Listeners are carefully selected for each vehicle evaluation based on age, sex, ethnicity and height. They first experience sound in a special reference room – an acoustically isolated space outfitted to sound like a living room. ?During each vehicle’s tuning session, listeners first reference a selection of seven 30-second pieces of music of all different genres.


Throughout a full five-minute loop, the listener concentrates on audio elements like high- frequency presence, midrange, bass, image location and reproduction of musical instruments, tonal qualities of male and female voices and many other factors.


Expedition untuned

Sound from an untuned system appears jumbled and echoes from everywhere.


When they’re done, they move immediately to the testing garage and into a development vehicle. They carefully listen to the same music and proceed to score the vehicle’s audio system according to their listening and testing training. In addition to listening simply to make sure the system reproduces sounds brilliantly, they also listen for any buzzing, vibrations or distortion from the interior components and share that feedback with vehicle engineers.

Expedition tuned

Sound from an tuned system amplifies in a clear, concise intentional direction.


Every time a new software update is released, the system is evaluated and improved until objectives are met – a rich, transformative listening experience for which B&O PLAY is known. Precision speaker placement and calibration also play a role to ensure optimal sound is maintained in the cabin, no matter the driving conditions or seating position.


Ford engineers work with B&O PLAY to focus on putting together a high-performance system, including focusing on proprietary sound quality and tuning technologies to deliver a listening experience that is dynamic, engaging and elevates every drive.  You can discover your elevated sound experience in the new Ford Expedition and and Ecosport Titanium at Ford dealerships this fall.





About B&O PLAY

Firmly grounded in decades of design excellence, craftsmanship and product innovation from Bang & Olufsen, B&O PLAY interprets the same values for a new type of contemporary product aimed at design- conscious urbanites with an active lifestyle. The B&O PLAY portfolio is made up of products, that are intuitive to use and easy to integrate into your daily life in order to make beautiful music at home or on the move. B&O PLAY sound is translated to the car cabin by the automotive audio experts at HARMAN. For further information regarding B&O PLAY and Ford, visit

HARMAN Wants To Upgrade Your Listening Experience in Your Home, Car and Beyond!

January 13th, 2017 by Christen


Celebrating a colorful 50 Years of stylish technology in Las Vegas.

(Get the look: Glasses, Shirt dress, pants, boots)


This year the 50th Annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas highlighted the brightest and best in all things tech.  HARMAN received nine 2017 CES Innovation Awards for breakthrough innovations like the JBL Everest Elite SDK, JBL BassPro Go, JBL Flip 4, and Infinity BassLink DC. The HARMAN brands continue to drive exceptional listening experiences everywhere.  Audiophiles want connected and personalized products in the car, at home or in the office. Check out a peek into how HARMAN wants to upgrade your listening experience in your home, car and beyond below!


ces 2017

Smart Listening At Home or Office

Whether its listening to your favorite podcasts or music streaming service at home or in the office, JBL has you covered!  What if you could take the powerful booming bass from your car into your home or next outdoor party (*grabs party shoes*)?   Imagine a hybrid automobile subwoofer and portable speaker, this versatile speaker system that delivers JBL’s Signature Sound anywhere on-the-go.  Say hello to the JBL BassPro Go!


JBL BassPro Go


When docked inside the vehicle’s trunk, the JBL BassPro Go adds powerful bass to the existing car audio system, delivering sound performance equivalent to a traditional aftermarket subwoofer system. The JBL BassPro Go also operates as a portable Bluetooth speaker when undocked from the vehicle. The speaker is designed to deliver big concert sound to outlast any tailgate or party with its 15 hours of play time. Users can connect up to 3 mobile devices and take turns playing DJ when it’s detached from the mount. The JBL BassPro Go also features JBL Connect+ technology that can wirelessly link multiple JBL Connect-enabled speakers together to amplify the listening experience. The JBL BassPro Go will be available for purchase for $599.95 at and select JBL retailers Summer 2017.


JBL Flip 4


The award winning JBL Flip 4 is the perfect listening companion to make life on the go more fun than ever before.  Wirelessly connect up to two smartphones or tablets to the speaker and take turns playing impressive stereo sound. Built-in 3000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery supports up to 12-hours of playtime. Take crystal clear calls from your speaker with the touch of a button thanks to the noise and echo-cancelling speakerphone. Build your own party by connecting more than 100 JBL Connect+ enabled speakers together to amplify the listening experience. Available in 6 vibrant colors & prints including: Black, White, Teal, Gray, Red and Blue, the JBL Flip 4 will be available on and select retailers for $99.95 starting spring 2017. (Can’t wait? Get your hands on the JBL Flip 3 for a lot less here.)


JBL Flip 4


HARMAN Voyager Next In Car Experience

 JBL Bass Pro

With so many car sharing options on the road, Millennials aren’t so quick to spend a lot of money for their first car.  HARMAN believes that you don’t have to sacrifice technology and sound for an affordable new car.  Moving beyond traditional audio to capture a fully integrated entertainment experience, Voyager Next adds customizable in-vehicle lighting along with connectivity and control of compatible in-home and portable devices.




The HARMAN Display Audio provides an embedded, connected head-unit that brings the best of your smartphone experiences seamlessly into the car through the tech, navigation and other capabilities you already know and love.  Instantly connect using Apple CarPlay, Google AndroidAuto, Baidu CarLife and SmartDeviceLink; giving you several ways to connect any smartphone to the car regardless of make or OS.  HARMAN Voyager Next completely redefines traditional car connectivity, making it available and affordable for all.


No matter if it’s in the car, office or your next impromptu house party or outdoor picnic, HARMAN and JBL has the ultimate sound quality experience to enhance your favorite moments audio from day to night.  For more on HARMAN and JBL products visit






People Are Charged Up About The New 2017 Chevy Bolt That’s Less Than $30K

September 20th, 2016 by Christen

Last week, Chevrolet introduced the headline-making 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV that boasts a range benchmark of an EPA-rated 238 miles for a full charge. That’s the equilivent of driving from New York City to Washington DC without using a single drop of gas.  Chevrolet has delivered an electric game-changer that will make tech-savvy drivers rejoice…and maybe forget what paying at the pump feels like.

2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV

If you cost conscious and weary about paying at the pump, the Chevy Bolt EV could be the perfect ride for you! Chevy Bolt EV buyers won’t be able to find a better value for an all-electric, thrill-inducing ride with an available federal tax credit of up to $7,500. Plenty of range, cargo space, technology and safety features make the Bolt EV a great package for any driver.  Beyond producing a quality vehicle with technological advancements Chevrolet is keeping its promise to offer the Bolt EV at an affordable price too!  Just announced today, the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV will have an MSRP of $37,495 including destination charge. Depending on individual tax situations, customers may receive an available federal tax credit of up to $7,500 making the Chevy Bolt EV only $29,995.


2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV
When the Bolt EV arrives at select Chevrolet dealerships in late 2016, Chevrolet will offer a flavor of electrification to meet any customer’s needs. Whether it’s the pure electric Bolt EV, the Chevrolet Volt or the Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid, Chevrolet dealerships are full of affordable options for an efficient and engaging driving experience.

Discover what makes the 2017 Chevy Bolt EV the car of the future and how to set up a test drive at a dealer new you soon at Still not convinced that going electric is for you?  Discover tech savvy tips & benefits of driving electric at

Ford’s Escape New York Experience Made Me Change The Way I View NYC

August 5th, 2016 by Christen


There’s an epidemic going on, and yet no one has recognized and addressed the elephant in the room.  There’s a mass exodus of New Yorkers fleeing the city that never sleeps in search of a better quality of life.  Just as quickly as transplants are finding their way to the city that claims “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” There’s a subset of New Yorkers in search of their “anywhere” outside of the five borough vicinity of New York City.  People are escaping NYC for something new and it’s a common epidemic that no one seems to talk about, until now.


Escape New York


The irony that I recently participated in Ford’s unique pop-up event in the heart of Manhattan, doesn’t go unnoticed.  The Ford Escape NYC experience was a 1-day activation inviting journalists and consumers the chance at problem solving highlighting the new features and benefits of 2017 Ford Escape.


2017 Ford Escape


Based on the ever-popular “Escape The Room” event concept, teams of four were challenged to learn about the 2017 Ford Escape and utilize features and benefits absorbed to solve puzzles, riddles and problems in order to escape to the next level of the game. Check out the recap video here.


Escape New York


It’s funny how a simple game can have you analyzing career decisions you’ve made in life.  While this may be news to some (if we’re Facebook friends or you follow my shenanigans on Snapchat, you’re already well aware) – I’ve recently taken a career shift and have graduated into the next phase of my multimedia career by accepting an integrated marketing role in network television.


While this amazing experience has afforded me the opportunity to utilize my 10+ year broadcast marketing expertise on a largely valuable scale, it’s also afforded me the moment I’ve waited two years for, an escape from New York.  Don’t get me wrong. My 6-year New York experience was an eye-opening and life-altering chapter in which I was forced to grow and become the woman I am today.  I’ve traveled the world, made genuine life-long friendships and learned that you never want to intentionally eat a street hot dog.  I’ve also learned that while New York offers world-class food and entertainment, it was lacking the quality of life experiences that I was now ready to live out for the remainder of my days.


Early morning commutes with hundreds of people on the subway was one of the leading factors behind my escape from New York.  I’m all for building up communities, however my tolerance for roommates, shower sharing, NYC rats and roaches really made me question if I knew there was a better quality of life out there, why am I allowing myself to suffer?  For the sake of saying I live in NYC? I don’t think so.


Escape New York




So as the Escape The Room concept goes…you identify the problem and use what you’ve learned to find the solution.  Once I realized that I my time in NYC was winding down, I made the decision to make the leap into a new career, happier commute and escape the city I called home for years.


Since my escape, I continue to stay connected to my NYC friends and family as well as visit on a monthly basis (for business – and as a friendly reminder as to why I left in the first place.)  So what did Ford’s Escape New York experience mean for me?  Other than a super cool activation experience / game affording me the opportunity to reconnect with friends, it’s also opened my eyes to the possibilities of stepping outside your comfort zone in order to grow into new levels and new possibilities.


Now that I’ve ‘leveled up” let’s see just where exactly this escape leads me six years from now.  It’ll undoubtedly lead to new challenges that require problem-solving skills that I’ve learned throughout my journey, but I’ve never been more excited to use lessons learned to solve puzzles and problems in order to escape to the next level of this game called life.




Ford Drives Family Reunion Fun At 2016 Essence Fest in New Orleans

July 5th, 2016 by Christen

Disclaimer:  I have partnered with Ford Motor Company and have been compensated to share my Ford Fusion and Essence Festival experience.  All opinions are my own.


Ford Essence Festival

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The 2016 Essence Festival has come to a close in New Orleans, ushering with it a vibrant trail of excitement to rival festivals of years past. There was no shortage of amazing performances, celebrity sightings and more.  From Oprah, TD Jakes, Puff Daddy, Maxwell, Kenny Lattimore, the cast of “Power” and more – the Big Easy was filled with big fun all weekend long. Fueled by Ford Motor Company, this year makes my fifth Essence Festival Experience and like a fine wine, it only gets better with time.


Ford Essence Festival

Kenny Lattimore serenades the Ford fans during Sirius XM interview with Heart & Soul.

Ford Conversations


Ford Essence Festival


In celebration of and pushing entrepreneurs to “Go Further” in business and finances, Ford hosted panel discussions featuring need to know tips from new media trailblazers.  I partnered with Tiffany Aliche of The Budgetnista to tackle the conversation of “Financial Preparedness” and getting your money right for business and beyond.


Ford Essence Festival

Christen of DivasandDorks, Tiffany Aliche of The Budgetnista and Comedienne Loni Love.

Moderated by Loni Love (The Real), we discussed tips on how to budget for the entrepreneurial leap and the importance of owning your credit blueprint.  The forum was not only insightful and informative for guests, I learned applicable tips first hand from The Budgetnista and even shared super easy hacks to jumpstart and automate your money saving dreams starting today. (#AutoMakeThatMoney – more details coming soon.)


Ford Family Fun


Ford Essence Fest


For most, Essence Festival is an annual family reunion and the Ford experience is the epicenter of games, giveaways and family fun. It’s a great place for celebrity sightings and entertainment.  Ford fans got a special surprise when renown relationship life coach and Ford Spokesperson Tony Gaskins explored the latest Ford vehicles on display. He posed for selfies and answered questions from fans and even checked out the all new 2017 Ford Fusion display. (Are you unstoppable? Check out an interview with Tony Gaskins here.)


Ford Tony Gaskins

Relationship expert Tony Gaskins poses with fans at Ford Essence Festival experience.


My Ford family kept the family reunion fun kept it moving all weekend long.  Whether you’re running into old friends from high school or hometowns or getting reacquainted with new friends, the Ford booth was the epicenter and the Essence Festival experience.  It was the perfect spot to reconviene after performances or meeting point to gather before heading out for New Orleans fun.  Personally, it was a great chance for me to catch up with my dad and show him what this year’s Ford/Essence Festival partnership entailed. (Plus reconnecting in a city that defines our family name is always a huge WIN). Of course, it was only right that we chronicled the moment with plenty of selfies and entered for a chance to win cool prizes like Fitbit fitness trackers, HD cameras and more. (Did I forget to mention that I won this cool HD sticky cam?)



Ford Essence Festival


One of the many things I appreciate about Ford is that they fuse a variety of experiences that empower guests of all ages and backgrounds at Essence Fest. From entrepreneurs to retirees and everyone in between aren’t only entertained, but they’re empowered with tools that can impact their families, communities, businesses and more. In addition to Ford’s Warriors in Pink initiative raising money and awareness for cancer research, Ford awarded lucky Essence Fest fans a chance to win the all new 2017 Ford Fusion!


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Ford Essence Festival



From celebrity guests to community empowerment, Ford is committed to representing for Essence Fest fans and once again I’m proud to be apart of this unforgettable experience.  Did you check out Ford at this year’s Essence Festival? What did you think?  Share your comments or tweets us at @DivasandDorks using the hashtag #MyFordFam


Want to learn more about my spectacular drive in the 2017 Ford Fusion? Discover what drives the festival fun on the Road To Essence Fest!  Looking for pricing? Or details on how to schedule a 2017 Ford Fusion test drive of your own?  Discover the all new 2017 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium edition online at and get social on FacebookTwitter and Instagram today!

Get Ready To Ride Shotgun On The Road To Essence Fest With Ford Fusion!

June 28th, 2016 by Christen

Disclaimer:  I have partnered with Ford Motor Company and have been compensated to share my Ford Fusion and Essence Festival experience.  All opinions are my own.


There’s just something sweet and sacred about the city of New Orleans, Lousiana.  It’s been four years since I first made my way to NOLA and Ford has been there every step of the way!  Remember way back when? I partnered with the Ford Escape and to share my discovery of authentic cuisine and Cajun fun in the 4-part “Escape to New Orleans” series.


essence ford fusion


Since then, year-after-year I’ve experienced epic ESSENCE Fest moments, performances and local NOLA faire.  From the shopping, museums and all the magical moments in between, an ESSENCE Festival experience should be on everyone’s bucket list.  It’s 2016 and we’re back again with the 2017 Ford Fusion Hybrid on the Road To Essence Fest!


Ford Fusion


There’s so much more to New Orleans than Burbon Street and Beignets!  There’s a rich history of culture that you can smell, see and taste around every corner.  Over the past years, I’ve found a deep love and appreciation for a city that I would have never known if it wasn’t for the Essence Fest experience.  Now I’m getting ready to take on my 5th year at ESSENCE Fest and I’m more excited than ever before!

Essence Festival: Escape To New Orleans


All this week, I’m taking you behind the wheel on an epic ESSENCE Fest journey unlike any other.  I’ll be sharing beauty and style tips for easy holiday travel, tips on navigating Essence Fest and NOLA like a pro and more – all powered by the 2017 Ford Fusion!



Ford Fusion




Check out my first impressions of the all new 2017 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium and see just why this hybrid sets the bar for style and sustainability!



Discover Five Tech Savvy Travel Tips For The Ultimate Road Trip This Season (+ Visa Giftcard Giveaway!)

May 24th, 2016 by Christen

It’s the unofficial start of the summer and road trip season!  With most planning on driving more than 50 miles in search of summer fun we’ve got the tips you need to make your next road trip a great one!


From how to drive, travel apps and more – we’ve teamed up with Toyota & industry expert Jeff Fortson to help make holiday travel more fuel-efficient and fun! (Plus we’re giving away Visa Giftcards to help fuel your holiday weekend travel!)


road trip giveaway 2



“Drivers can take simple steps to help them get the most gas mileage on their trips this Memorial Day weekend,” says Fortson, founder and editor of, a site dedicated to auto education and car-buying clinics. “Taking heed to these tips will not only lead to fuel savings but will help provide a little extra money once you arrive at your destination.”


Toyota and Fortson offer six fuel-efficiency tips designed to help protect your pocket at the pump before you start a memorable road trip with family and friends.


  • Use the cruise control (and the optional radar-activated cruise control system) for holiday road trips. Both systems minimize sudden acceleration and de-acceleration. According to, speeding, rapid acceleration and braking can decrease gas mileage by 33 percent.


  • Be sure to check and properly inflate each tire, including the spare before you set out on a trip. Gas mileage can be improved if tires have adequate pressure. Some vehicles are equipped with a tire pressure monitor system which alerts you when it detects tire pressure is critically low. If the car isn’t equipped with this system, a tire gauge can be purchased at the local parts store and the service department can check the air pressure.


The Toyota Camry XSE Is A Sporty Sedan With Serious Style!

  • Rent a fuel-efficient vehicle. If you are renting a car, you may want to consider a hybrid vehicle, such as Prius or Prius V.


  • Use the factory installed navigation system or a favorite app like Google Maps and Waze from your smartphone to make your drive safer. These navigation systems will alert drivers of traffic congestion and provide you with the shortest route to your destination.


Discover The Best Apps For Drivers And Driving Worldwide


  • Always pack smart. Just like flying, you should only take necessary items for a road trip. Avoid using the roof rack, if possible, because it reduces the aerodynamics and decreases fuel efficiency.


  • Watch the A/C. It is recommended that you use the air conditioner when driving highway speeds. When driving in stop-and-go traffic, turn the air conditioner off and allow air to circulate through the vehicle.


road trip giveaway


Are you getting ready for your next road trip?  What’s inspiring your upcoming road trips this summer?  TWEET US! @DivasAndDorks and share your favorite road trip inspirations on Twitter using #ToyotaMemories for your chance to win a $25 Visa Gift Card today!


Unforgettable Moments From My #FindNewRoads Cross Country Camaro Drive

November 10th, 2015 by Christen

It’s always been an experience I’ve wanted to scratch off my bucket list for some time now.  Who wouldn’t want to grab their best girlfriend and go on a cross-country road trip in an amazing car?



Over the course of several weeks, Chevrolet’s hosted media influencers and journalists on a drive throughout the 48 US contagious states.  Driving behind the wheel of the 2016 Chevy Camaro, we were encouraged to #FindNewRoads and discover points of innovation throughout the country.  We visited landmarks and discovered the roads less traveled during our drive from New Orleans, LA to Dallas, TX (with plenty of exhilarating & unforgettable moments to spare!)

Check out a few of my favorite moments from our cross country Camaro drive in search to #FindNewRoads below!


Crescent City Connection

If you’re familiar with the Denzel Washington flick “Deja Vu” chances are, you’ve seen the iconic twin cantilever bridges that carry U.S. Route 90 Business over the Mississippi River in New Orleans before. Formerly known as the Greater New Orleans Bridge (GNO) – it’s the widest and most heavily traveled bridge on the lower Mississippi; instrumental with the Hurricane Katrina evacuations in 2005.


2016 Camaro


The 2016 Chevrolet Camaro and the Crescent City Connection – two iconic symbols of mobility and strength all rolled into one #FindNewRoads moment.


2016 Camaro


Mardi Gras World

What’s the next best thing to visiting New Orleans during Mardi Gras?  Taking a trip to one of the happiest places on earth – Mardi Gras World. We were looking for a real, behind-the-scenes look at New Orleans Mardi Gras and boy did we find it!

2016 Camaro


At Mardi Gras World, guides take the mask off Mardi Gras with an all-access Mardi Gras tour, winding through the massive studio where these magnificent floats are built from the ground up. Guests learn about the history of this unique and festive tradition and go beyond its reputation to get a deeper understanding of the real Mardi Gras.


One monkey don’t stop no show:  The massive Mardi Gras World experience is a MUST during your next New Orleans visit.  Make sure you bring plenty of camera storage because there are plenty of picture perfect moments you’ll want to capture during your visit.

Bayou Dinning And Aligator Bites

After a 15-mile drive outside of New Orleans, we stumbled upon the beauty and bounty of the Restaurant des Familles. Nestled along the waterway home to alligators, turtles, egrets and other wildlife (Bayou des Familles) – we were in search of authentic Cajun and Creole bites and the Alligator Stuffed Mushrooms with Alligator Sauce Piquant more than delivered.



Good Eats:  We enjoyed the best of the best from the Restaurant de Familles including the grilled Shrimp & Grits with jalapeno-cheddar grits with scratch gravy, Caesar Salad and Catfish strips.

The Alligator Stuffed Mushrooms with Alligator Sauce Piquant was amazing – and the views of alligators just a few feet away were even better.


Swamp Tour Through Gator Country

I’ve never been in an airboat before, let alone on a tour through the swamps of the bayou.  So of course finding the road less traveled lead us to the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve. Trained guides escorted us into the murky waters of Louisiana swamps where we came face to face with the beauty and beasts of nature.




Meet My BFF And Find New Roads In The New 2016 Chevrolet Camaro




Driving The 2016 Camaro

The 2016 Camaro more than handled the road, it commanded it.  Driving from New Orleans to Dallas  as a Camaro road warrior was beyond amazing.  As the most efficient and powerful Camaro SS ever it’s equipped with improved handling, performance, technology and kept heads turning throughout the entire drive.


2016 Camaro


2016 Camaro


Discover where the 2016 Camaro SS is headed next!  Keep up with all the spectacular sights and see how others #FindNewRoads by visiting

Meet My BFF And Find New Roads In The New 2016 Chevrolet Camaro #FindNewRoads

November 3rd, 2015 by Christen

It’s amazing how driving a car can introduce, impact and ignite friendships that can last a lifetime.  Driving is one of the rare experiences that highlight shared moments in your life that you’ll never forget.  Exciting moments that lead to earning your first driving permit to unforgettable road trips with friends, no matter your age – you can always remember moments that involve your first or favorite car on the road!

This week, I’m revved up with excitement as me and my best friend get ready to take our friendship on the road driving the 2016 Camaro across the U.S., seeking people and places that embody the spirit of Find New Roads by pioneering new solutions in technology, business, education, arts and culture.


Find New Roads


My BFF Tiffany and I met years ago as key players for our high school volleyball team.  I was a high school senior and she was a wise-cracking freshman who bummed a ride home from volleyball practice.  We instantly clicked and became friends by riding home from volleyball practice together.  Who knew that months of after school driving would set the foundation for a 17-year friendship?!?



Months later after graduation, I was off to a whole new world – college.  We eventually lost contact, but was once again reunited by the same car that drove our friendship into existence.   One random afternoon, Tiffany noticed my car-bra-clad sedan (in aftermarket electric blue) parked outside my college dorm. Can you believe she yelled out my name, over and over until I ran outside?  I found my best friend and just like that, we were connected at the hip again!



We were the epitome of girls that love their cars!  We both had the same make and model and created our very own car club on campus (we were the only two members of the car club, but who cares – we thought we were haute stuff! LOL)  We always compared notes on driving/parking tricks on campus and cultivated the foundation of our friendship over cars, wise-cracking jokes and the craziest college co-ed experience ever!  Over the years we’ve watched boyfriends, degrees and even random auditions for MTV’s “The Real World” come and go and 17 years later, you ain’t seen nothing yet!


BEST FRIEND (noun): A person who you value above other friends in your life, someone you have fun with, someone you trust and someone in whom you confide.


  Find New Roads


Meet my best friend… we’re exact opposites and yet exactly the same – and this week we’re going on the road in the all new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro.

From college to a cross-country road trip, where can you find us next? Meet us in the Big Easy this Wednesday, November 4th at the NOLA Motorsports Park! Check out our road tripping hijinks, map track the tour and details at #FindNewRoads

Check out the #Drivetastic Giveaway with @DivasDriveHeels and @Autotrader_com on

September 17th, 2015 by Christen




Have you checked out lately?  Divas Drive In Heels….Haute cars and stylish automotive news, for women – by women!  That’s what we’re all about!  The newest rides, automotive trends and how they intertwine in entertainment and everyday life. – the web’s first lifestyle automotive hub online, for women, by women, is a driving source of everything automotive that’s important to women, we are the authority in automotive news, entertainment & more for women interested in purchasing, maintaining or upgrading their vehicles.  Finally a fresh spin on what matters to style conscious consumers most…


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