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Upgrade To Clearer Vision With Xperio UV Protection Lenses

November 19th, 2015 by Christen

Growing up, I’ve always had crisp and clear 20/20 vision.  Ironically, I was also the kid that desperately wanted to wear glasses since I was in the 4th grade.  Back then, there was something so studious and chic about wearing glasses and even though I didn’t need them, I wanted to wear glasses bad.  Fast forward 20 years later, after starting the blog and spending 10-12 hours staring at a computer screen, I noticed my eyesight wasn’t what it used to be.  I needed glasses, and I needed them fast.



After years of wearing a variety of prescription reading glasses and sunglasses I thought I experienced the pinnacle of clear vision should be. That is, until I learned about Xperio UV polarized prescription lenses.  Xperio UV polarized prescription sun lenses virtually eliminate blinding glare so you can see the outside world with sharper color and greater depth.  Xperio UV polarized prescription sun lenses aren’t just ordinary sun lenses either. They help you see more no matter if you’re staring at a computer screen in the office all day or playing sports outside, providing excellent clarity of vision all while protecting your eyes with a superior quality lens.


glasses collage


Recently, I got the chance to ship off a pair of designer prescription sunglasses for the Xperio UV polarized lens treatment.  After a few weeks, my sunglasses were returned with a certificate of authenticity & guide on caring for my new and improved shades.  Not only were the polarized lenses a complete upgraded vision experience but they also eliminate 100% of blinding reflective glare, they’re practically scratch resistant and offer maximum UV (SPF 50) eye protection.



xperio uv



If you need an upgraded vision experience, check with your optometrist today.  Your Eyecare Professional offers a wide range of sun lenses, but Xperio UV lenses offer maximum UV protection, scratch resistance and cleanability, while delivering superior vision indoors and out. Want to learn more?  Connect with Xperio UV on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube today or visit them online at online.


This post has been sponsored by Xperio UV however, all opinions are my own.

Discover How To Extend Your Summer Glow All Winter Long

November 11th, 2015 by Christen


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by BIC through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about BIC® Soleil® Glow® Razor, all opinions are my own.

 BIC 3


I must admit, I’ve never been a huge fan of the cooler autumn months.  Sure most fashionistas affiliate fall with fashion and style, but for me – fall weather means dark skies, cold temps and ultimately the final curtain that unveils the cold hard fact that “winter is coming”. 




Because I simply adore summer and never want it to end, I try my best to avoid the cold and chase the sun by traveling during winter months.  There’s no better place to become inspired than the beach.  The warm sun, smell of crisp ocean air and sounds of the ocean not only creates the ultimate moments of peace and happiness – but it also extends the ultimate summer glow. 




Of course, there’s no way I could step foot on the beach without getting beach ready with BIC® Soleil® Glow® Razors first.  Armed with  a few Bic Soleil Glow Razors skincare tips – I was ready to take on the beach and create a summer glow that’ll last well into the upcoming dreary winter months.  Want to know how I extended my summer glow?  Check out a few tips from BIC Soleil Glow below:



  1.  Shave At Night: Shaving removes dead skin cells and the superficial layer of your skin. Shaving at night will give your skin the entire night to recover its strength and suppleness to resist irritation.


  1. Shave In The Shower: Try not to shave any part of your body without having your skin perfectly clean. This will help prevent infection or bumps. Apply hot water or shave after showering. Warm humidity increases skin elasticity and softens your hair. Hot water actually diminishes hair toughness, which can increase blade longevity and wet hair is easier to shave.


  1. Bring On The Shaving Cream: Once your hair is softened, the razor will glide more easily over your skin, avoiding damage. Shaving cream / gel with Aloe Vera is preferred to normal soap as it will be gentler on your skin and lift your hair. Lather the cream / gel with back and forth motions over the area you are going to shave. Leave the cream / gel on your skin two minutes before shaving.


  1. Sharp Blades Make For Great Shaves: Keep in mind that the duller the blade, the more irritated your skin will become. Change your blades regularly, especially if you have sensitive skin. On sensitive areas, such as bikini and underarms, shaving with a dull blade can result in red spots.




Create your summer glow and shine bright all winter long with BIC Soleil Glow razors. Get social with BIC Soleil on Facebook and Twitter today or visit them online at  How do you extend your summer glow?  Are you rocking bright and citrus colors this Fall?  Traveling south for the winter?  Share how you create warm sunny moments in your life this winter in the comment section below!

Two Gold ‘N Hot 24K Beauty Tools Me, My Hair And I Can’t Live Without

November 5th, 2015 by Christen

People often wonder how I’m able to limit my salon visits and extend the look and feel of my hair.  It’s easy when you have the tools that make home styling quick, seamless and so super easy that your real stylist will start to miss seeing you only a few times a year.



You might find yourself doing a double take the next time you stroll down the aisles of a beauty store. Gold ‘N Hot, the #1 leading multicultural brand for over 50 years, is reintroducing their ultimate fan favorites with NEW innovative technology and NEW packaging.



Gold ‘N Hot 24K Gold


Gold ‘N Hot 24K Gold 1” Professional Spring Curling Iron ($39.99): A reliable curling iron dedicated to creating guaranteed curls that last longer with high heats up to 500°F, which makes it possible to curl ANY hair texture in its natural state. A quick 60-second heat up and temperature variation to adjust to your hair type, styling has never been faster or easier. It’s sleek and modern design only makes the curling iron more easy and comfortable to handle.




The beauty about using Gold ‘N Hot products is the powerful heating technology that’s able to straighten even the kinkiest of curliest hair.  No matter your hair type, the Gold ‘N Hot lineup of hair tools are so reliable, they’re the only tools that me and my family depend on for all of our styling needs.  I’ve been using flat irons since I was a pre-teen and there’s nothing that can whip defiant leave out into silky, straight shape like a Gold ‘N Hot flat iron.



Gold ‘N Hot 24K Gold


Gold ‘N Hot 1″ Professional Ceramic Straightening Iron ($39.99): With a rheostat temperature control ranging from 200 – 450, the styling power is in your hands! With a quick 60-second heat-up and easy access controls, your styling time is cut down. Made for all hair types, this iron’s ceramic floating plates are made to eliminate gaps between plates and create the ultimate polished look.


Get your life and discover how  Gold ‘N Hot 24K tools can help extend the life of your salon visits for good!  Visit Gold ‘N Hot online and get connected for the latest news, special deals and more on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter today.  What’s your favorite go to beauty tool that you can’t live without?  Share your top picks in the comment section below!

#ManiMonday Was Made For the @SallyHansen ManiMatch App

September 28th, 2015 by Lifestyle Staff

We must admit, one of our favorite ways to get over the new work-week blues is to cue up a fresh, new manicure and celebrate ManiMondays in style.  So it’s only fitting that in today’s style meets tech world, Sally Hansen the #1-selling nail color and nail care brand in the US is transforming the way we shop for manicure colors with the new ManiMatch mobile app.

ManiMatch App

Building on next-generation augmented reality technology, users can try on the rainbow of over 200 Sally Hansen nail polish shades in real time, on their nails, before they buy. A simple scan of the user’s hand from any smartphone enables the user to instantly consider and curate her own color choices. Ditch the nail polish remover! There’s no uploading, picture-taking or manual data entry, as the app works in real time. It also generates personalized-for-her-skin-tone color suggestions on demand; using cutting-edge, proprietary technology, the app senses and analyzes the pigments in each user’s hand, then matches its polish-shade suggestions to the ones optimally flattering to her skin.

Julianne Hough picks her perfect nail color with the help of the Sally Hansen ManiMatch App. -PHOTO by: Michael Simon/

Julianne Hough picks her perfect nail color with the help of the Sally Hansen ManiMatch App.
-PHOTO by: Michael Simon/

Choosing the perfect shade is traditionally both the most fun and the most difficult aspect of shopping for nail color; consumers surreptitiously dab color onto a single or several nails to approximate how given shades might look on their hands in relation to skin tones, mood or outfit. ManiMatch flips the trial-on- ly-post-purchase shopping experience that has always frustrated nail color shoppers, transforming the process into a moment of discovery, excitement and pleasure. “The app is addictive; everyone who tries it can’t stop herself from checking out more options,” says Jeremy Lowenstein, Sally Hansen Global Marketing Vice President. “The fact that you see exactly how a color will look on your own hands is just pure fun—and incredibly useful. People end up experimenting with shades they’d never normally try.”

ManiMatch App.

The launch of this app coincides with the release of the new Miracle Gel® Top Coat and new fashionable shades. Available for download for free on iOS platforms when it launches September 2015 (and select Android devices later in fall),

ManiMatch is poised to revolutionize nail color shopping, both in store and ecommerce. Want a chance to become the next Sally Hansen hand model for Sally Hansen social media? Download the ManiMatch App and use the #ManiModel #contest hashtags to enter for your chance to win.  For more information visit

Discover The Best Secret Apps To Love Your Self(ie) Over And Over Again…

August 25th, 2015 by Christen

best apps for selfies


Creating the perfect selfie is one of the most coveted social media moments that everyone wants.  Sharing the perfect selfie online can contribute instant profits and even instant fame. Don’t believe me, just ask Kim Kardashian – who has just become the queen of Instagram (over taking Beyonce) to become the most popular person on the photo-sharing app with 44.1million followers.  What is she famous for again?  Selfies.  (I mean, she wrote an entire book about selfies for goodness sake!)


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No matter how many selfies you snap or share there’s always new apps and photo editing secrets to improve how you share your best assets online.  Check out a a roundup of the best apps for selfies to love your self(ie) all over again below!


facetune selfie app



FaceTune – Let’s face it! Every selfie won’t be post-worthy, but it can be with FaceTune!  This app lets you airbrush your way to flawless greatness…and as one of the top selling apps on iTunes – it’s no secret why this app is #1 on our list! Professional photographers and graphic designers constantly photoshop models to perfection, and now so can you! Without the expensive price tag or complicated tools, Facetune gives you the ability to retouch and add artistic flair to selfies and portraits with ease, from the convenience of your iPhone. (Download FaceTune in the iTunes App Store.)



Photofy selfie app


Photofy – Photofy is one of my favorite apps that I use weekly!  It’s a super-easy photo editing app for personal users and businesses that combines all the features you need in one app: Filters, Light Effects, Photo Mirror, Fit (Insta-size photos to square for easy sharing to Instagram), Text with 90+ free fonts, Meme editor, Collage maker with over 70+ free layouts, and the world’s largest collection of overlay content (40,000 graphic elements).  (If you’re a Blogger, entrepreneur or marketer – Photofy is must have for creating great content on the go!) (Download Photofy in the iTunes App Store.)



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best apps for selfies selfie app afterlight


Afterlight – Looking for a power packed app with more features than you can handle?  The Afterlight app comes equipped with 128 frames, 74 filters, 78 textures and a host of cropping/editing tools that are sure to create an impressive selfie no matter what! What makes Afterlight unique?  Afterlight has Fusion filters, allowing you to mix tools, filters and textures to create your own personal filters, making each photo as unique as you! (Download Afterlight in iTunes App Store)



best apps for selfies colorsplash selfie app


ColorSplash – If creating striking photos and playing with colors is your thing, then the ColorSplash app is for you.  Color Splash lets you quickly and easily give photos a dramatic look by converting them to black and white, while keeping your chosen details in color.  Use your finger as a brush to “paint” sections of your image black and white, or to bring back the original color. (Download ColorSplash in the iTunes App Store)



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best apps for selfies Visage Lab HD Pro



Visage Lab PRO HDIf you were to download just one beauty app, Visage Lab PRO HD would be it!  Visage Lab PRO HD is a professional beauty laboratory for your facial photos. Remove pimples and wrinkles, outline the eyes and whiten the teeth in seconds, with all operations made automatically! After automatic enhancement has been performed, you can compare the before and after photos to evaluate the changes. Finally, share your enhanced photos with the world via Facebook, Twitter and e-mail or save it to your photo album. (Download Visage Lab PRO HD in the iTunes App Store)


Of course photo-editing apps aren’t essential to loving your true self.  After all, too much airbrushing eliminates what makes us unique and beautiful in our own way.  These are just a few of my favorite photo-editing apps that’ll get you excited about loving and sharing your best self(ie) online over and over again.  Did I miss any of your best apps for selfies?  Share them in the comment section below!


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Mani Monday Goes Designer With Sally Hansen Designer Collections For Fall #ManiMonday

August 24th, 2015 by Christen


mani monday


Who doesn’t love kicking off the week with an abundance of sparkle, color and pizazz — all on your fingertips!  That’s what Mani Monday moments are all about, right?  This Mani-Monday has my fingertips more excited than usual because Sally Hansen has partnered with designers Prabal Gurung, Tracy Reese and Rodarte to create some of the most sought-after shades of the season!  This Fall, manicured tips are going designer with the new Fall 2015 inspired Sally Hansen color collection.


Prabal Gurung For Sally Hansen

Each designer contributes an effort of style and aesthetic to each shade.  The Prabal Curung collection includes Complete Salon Manicure in Midnight Affair, Complete Salon Manicure in Leaf Peeper,  Complete Salon Manicure in Concrete Jungle.  From Prabal Gurung’s graphic, modern take on effortless glamour to Rodarte’s use of translucent color and the subtlety of watercolors – there’s a shade for everyone!


Rodarte’s take on Autumn glamour includes simple yet elegant limited edition shades like, Complete Salon Manicure in Gold Glass, Complete Salon Manicure in Beige Glass, Complete Salon Manicure in Rose Glass  seen below.


Rodarte For Sally Hansen

One of my favorite stand outs of the collection has to be Tracy Reese (Remember, her fall runway shoe collection was absolutely stunning from head to toe!)  As a muse to the new Sally Hansen color collection, you can clearly see why the Complete Salon Manicure in Yummy Yam,  Complete Salon Manicure in Maasai Red and Complete Salon Manicure in Winter Sky will be shades that no manicure should be without this season!



Tracy Reese For Sally Hansen

These entire custom color collection can be found in Sally Hansen’s award-winning Complete Salon Manicure collection that infuses trend-setting shades with an expert quality formula to deliver salon-caliber results. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure delivers seven salon manicure steps in one bottle. Chip resistant strength joins gel- quality shine. Must-have color meets nourishing benefits. Plus, a built-in base and top coat, it’s everything you need to achieve a professional manicure at home. These three limited-edition colors will be available beginning September 2015 for $7.99 each.


Sally Hansen

Which shades are you excited to check out first? Share your designer desires in the comment section below!



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Move Over Ruby Woo, (An Affordable) Louboutin Lipstick Is Coming To Town

August 6th, 2015 by Lifestyle Staff

Louboutin has heard your cries and has answered with sweet news for the lips. You can now wear that classic Louboutin red…on your lips. The iconic shoe designer, Christian Louboutin, has launched a collection of Louboutin lipstick inspired by Babylonian architecture and Queen Nefertiti of Egypt.

Louboutin lipstick


Last year Louboutin released a line of nail polishes featuring pointed caps, which resembled the designer’s famous high heels. They retailed for a hefty $50, but hey, that’s a whole lot cheaper than $600 shoes. Besides good color, the lipsticks make an interesting statement necklace too! Beauty mavens can wear the tubes around their necks; each cap is threaded with with a small black ribbon.) The colors come encased in a jewelry box and silk carrying pouch.


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louboutin lipstick

There will be 36 shades, available in three textures (Silky Satin, Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile), that will retail for $90 a piece next month at Saks Fifth Avenue and on the company’s website. Rejoice! You can now wear that classic Louboutin red on your feet, your nails and now on your lips! If you’re looking for a new hue of rouge, the new Louboutin lipstick collection may be just what you need!


louboutin lipstick


We’re always looking for new hues of reds to rock all year long and lucky for us, this collection is a little easier on the pockets than others!  We can’t wait to see what’s next in the world of Louboutin.  Are you looking forward to checking out the new beauty collection? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

Check Out Beautiful Textures For Getting The Most Out Of Your Summer Color Styles

July 29th, 2015 by Christen

Summer hair is all about drama, beachy waves or an occasional dye job or two.  This summer, I turned up the heat (in living color) and became a platinum blonde!  Of course, adding color to your tresses can be damaging and even cause your hair to become brittle, eventually breaking off.  However, with a few healthy hair products from Beautiful Textures, I can share just how I’ve been getting the most out of my summer color styles below.

As a child, I can remember Saturday nights always being DIY salon time complete with washes, blowouts and silk stove pressings by my Nana.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  This past Saturday night, I found myself stuck at home preparing to wash and style my hair.  So of course this was the perfect time to break out just a few of my favorite Beautiful Textures products to make my Saturday night regimen as flawless as possible (and given that it was a Saturday night and I was actually at home washing my hair – I was indeed in for a wild and crazy DIY night!)


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Beutiful Textures product shot


After washing my hair, it was time that I used Beautiful Textures’ Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner for an intense moisture-rich formula that renews damaged ends, and helps adds beautiful shine.  It’s my favorite product for damage control, and does a great job repairing heat and color treated hair.

Once washed, conditioned and ready to go – it was time to add a little oomph to securing my style and that’s when Beautiful Textures’ Curl Definer Mousse becomes my ultimate product of choice for setting my summer style.  The Curl Definer Mousse is a quick-drying mousse that is mostly used for achieving smooth, bouncy spiral or roller sets, but did you know it’s actually a great product for us girls that are transitioning into the natural lifestyle too!  It’s unique formula actually allows you to blend two textures of hair flawlessly and create the style you’ve always wanted.


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Beautiful Textures wash and go


After an hour or two setting my hair underneath the blow drying, it’s time to pincurl, set and go!  The next day, my hair felt rejuvenated and completely softer and more manageable than ever before.


Beautiful Textures Final Selfie


Discover more amazing products and healthy hair summer styling ideas by visiting and get social by following Beautiful Textures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram today!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Strength of Nature. The opinions and text are all mine.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond…My Favorite Sparkling Beauty And Tech Buys

July 22nd, 2015 by Christen

Have you ever felt like life has your sparkle fading away? Maybe it’s the stress of work, family or the need to feel like you have it together all of the dang time that takes its toll. I’ve had my moments or two where I’ve felt “less than stellar” time and time again and sometimes you need a friendly reminder to “shine bright like a diamond.”




Sometimes you can find your moments of inspiration through meditation and prayer and sometimes all you need is a good ole retail therapy session to remind you to sparkle no matter what. I’ve found a few sparkling reminders that remind me to keep shining bright and want to share just a few of my favorites below.


Secret Shiny Flair

sparkle charming charlie earrings


Charming Charlie Earrings – My new obsession (I mean, besides this blonde bob cut I’ve been rocking all summer) is definitely the front/back earring trend.  It’s a cute and subtle way to add unpredictable flair to any day or evening look. The secret behind my new favorite accessory is that unlike most earrings, the front/back style is locked in place in front and in back of your ear lobe, giving it a unique “floating” look.


Liquid Shine Meets Fab Lips

Who says shiny and sparkling has to be limited to bling and jewelry? My favorite accessory is the god-given soup coolers on my face – aka my lips! During a recent trip to New Orleans, I got the chance to score lush and long-lasting lip colors that would make a Kardashian jealous.


stilla liquid lipstick and magnolia makeup


Stilla in “Bella” – Stay All Day® Liquid Lipstick delivers intense moisture and long-lasting color that stays in place for up to 6 hours of continuous wear. Bleed-proof and transfer-proof, Keeps lips soft and hydrated. If you love pink lippies – a new favorite of mines is “Selfie” by Magnolia Makeup, it’s the perfect pop of pink for any pout.  (Say that five times fast.LOL.)

Stilla in “Como” – Stila’s Summer Collection features five new, bold shades, inspired by the colors of the sunset: Rosa, Como, Bella, Venezia and Amalfi. Unlike most matte lip colors, leaves your pout super soft–not dry or flaky. Magnolia Makeup in “Petal Pusher” is another one of my favorite mattes and you can’t beat the pigments in these hippies anywhere.


Golden Gadget Girl

Trina Turk iphone 6 case


Trina Turk Iphone 6 case – Fashionably guard your Apple iPhone 6 with this Trina Turk chrome case, which features a slim, sliding 2-piece hard shell for easy docking and removal and a stylish print. The cutouts provide easy access to your device’s features.



Frends Taylor Headphones


Friends Layla Headphones – Taylor is the perfect modern statement piece. The distinctive silhouette, gold shine and sound quality round out this addition to your wardrobe as your most justified accessory to date.


Adding a little shine to your everyday is as simple as 1-2-3 when you bring a little bling to it.  I’m loving how upbeat everything feels when you add a little sparkle to it and that’s just what my latest buys did for me.  What about you?  What’s your favorite retail or sparkling buys that bring a little joy to your world?  Share your favorites below!

The My Black Is Beautiful Movement Continues With Laurieann Gibson, Sevyn Streeter & More #MBIB #AllTogetherBeautiful

July 9th, 2015 by Christen

As part of its long-standing commitment to touch and improve the lives of African-American women, Procter & Gamble (P&G) was proud to be a major sponsor of the 2015 ESSENCE Festival for the eighth straight year. This year, P&G’s My Black is Beautiful inspires women to celebrate and share their All Together Beautiful message during the 2015 ESSENCE Festival and beyond by providing signature experiences with its partner brands, CoverGirl Queen Collection, Pantene and more!


Sevyn Streeter


What does confidence mean to you? To me, it means the ability to walk into a room full of people with my head held high and begin dancing, like no one’s watching.  Confidence is what the My Black Is Beautiful movement is all about.  (And that dancing like no one’s watching part, it actually happened… but I’ll get to that later.)

Kicking off their weekend of fun, MBIB hosted an exclusive influencer dinner with guests including Laurieann Gibson, Raheem Devaughn and performances by Sevyn Streeter and Amber Riley.



Getting in the groove with celebrity choreographer Laurieann Gibson.


Kindred Family Stone

Kindred the Family Soul

Sevyn Streeter MBIB

Sevyn Streeter and Digital Sorority

In addition to celebrating the goal of reaching and empowering over 3 Million young women and girls to embrace their beauty from within, the My Black Is Beautiful campaign also lead Essence Fest as the epicenter of self-love, beauty and entertainment.


MBIB PG Dinner Essence Fest

BlogXilla and Vanessa James hanging with the Digital Sorority crew


Amber Riley and Raheem DeVaughn

Amber Riley and Raheem DeVaughn 

Photo credit: Chris Mitchell


Friday launched the MBIB Digital Sorority Social Newsroom Takeover with Kela, Ty and I hosting celebrity interviews and revealing #AllTogetherBeautiful moments from Essence Festival in New Orleans.  We got the chance to chat all things beautiful with Essence Fest celebs, plus get a few beauty makeovers and touch ups of our own from the fabulous beauty baronesses from the My Black Is Beautiful team.


MBMB Digital Sorority

Digital Sorority talks being #AllTogetherBeautiful in the MBIB Social Newsroom.

MBMB Digital Sorority

Kela Walker of cracking up inside the MBIB Social Newsroom



It’s only befitting that I got the chance to sit down with celebrity choreographer – Lauriann Gibson and discuss her favorite My Black Is Beautiful moments, why she partnered with MBIB and who she finds inspiration from.  (Check out the video HERE.) We also chatted about my impromptu dance session where your’s truly had a dance party solo! *LOL*

Essence Fest may be over, but you can still enjoy the celebration by reliving all the fun at the My Black is Beautiful booth and check out the amazing makeovers, live music, celebrity meet-and-greets, and more on social media using #MBIB and #AllTogetherBeautiful. For more information about My Black is Beautiful, visit and follow on, Instagram (@MBIB) and Twitter (@MBIB), using hashtags #MBIB and #AllTogetherBeautiful.




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