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Catalog Spree App – Your Online Shopping Destination

Catalog Spree App - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Logo


Your online shopping just got easier.  Catalog Spree is your personal digital mall.  Perfect for the fashionista, shopping addict, and online shopper, Catalog Spree says you can turn your iPhone/iPad into a shopping destination with their app.  No more catalogs snail mailed to the house.  You get real-time updates to the most popular retailers.  Perfect for Cyber Mondays.

Download the Catalog Spree App on Apple App Store (iOS) HERE




Catalog Spree App - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - SC1

Catalog Spree wrote about its app “We launched Catalog Spree in April 2011 with seven retail partners. In our first year we helped change the App Store and create a “Catalogs” category. We invented a new way to shop online, and changed how retailers view tablets. Most importantly, we gave shoppers the best window-shopping experience ever.


Catalog Spree App - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Lists


How Does the Catalog Spree App Work?

With the Catalog Spree App, you can literally shop more than 350 catalogs in one location.  Get and see in beautiful display all your favorite online catalogs in one app location.  The beautiful app display lets you slide through hundreds of catalogs pages, searching for products, building a curated list of your favorite finds and items you plan to purchase.

The app can be personalized for your shopping specifications by organizing your shopping purchases, keeping track of viewed products, building a list of catalogs and products you may like based on your buying habits, and building lists of prior purchases and products you plan to purchase.


Catalog Spree App - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Categories

Catalog Spree App - Analie Cruz - Divas and Dorks - Pages

Sharing With the Catalog Spree App:

Want to share your finds via Facebook?  You can do that too.  Build your curated list of products with Catalog Spree and share with your Facebook friends.  And what’s great about this app?  You purchased products directly from the app.  The app also has a deals section that has all of the catalog daily deals.




Catalog Spree — Your Personal Digital Mall from Catalog Spree on Vimeo.

Tell us what you think about Catalog Spree.  Do you like this kind of catalog shopping?


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