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Cash Out This Weekend With Our Favorite Money-Making Apps



Looking for a little more dough to splurge and enjoy the weekend? From apps that help you shop a yard sale better to apps that help you make cash money as a mystery shopper – super easy – we love making life easier via technology. But I get a little extra giddy when technology is combined with making a little extra cash on the side!  All you need is a few extra minutes on your Smartphone and you’ll be able to replenish that daily latte fund!



SquareCash:  There’s no quicker way to accept and earn money than using SquareCash.  Instantly link your Visa/MasterCard Debit card to accept/send money for direct cashless transactions – and earn $5 cash just for signing up!  It doesn’t get any easier than that!

(Free on Android and iOS)


Swagbucks: If an app claims to have given out almost $100 million in gift cards and cash back, we’re definitely listening. In exchange for your shopping habits, coupons, web searching, surveys, video watching and more, you can get gift cards to places like Target, Starbucks and Walmart. Remember that latte habit we were talking about?

(Free on Android and iOS)



Viggle: With this app, users “check in” to a TV show or music in exchange for gift cards to places like Best Buy and GAP. Or, if shopping isn’t your end goal, you can stay within the app and get access to even more TV shows, music and such with your credits. Basically, it’s like getting paid in TV to watch TV.

(Free on Android and iOS)



Field Agent: Companies like Unilever, Coca-Cola and Walgreens use “Field Agents” to pay users to do audits — fact finding and data gathering — or research on certain businesses. You collect feedback, photos, audio, video and more for the companies. Have 30 minutes to kill somewhere? You can even search for jobs via maps.

(Free on Android and iOS)



Mobee: Remember those days where you’d go to the mall and look for mystery shoppers? Well, now you can be one. Mobee pays you to shop and dine at your favorite places in return for feedback. It’s different from Yelp in that you have to answer specific questions in more of a survey form. So you don’t get to totally spill your guts, but you could make a few dollars off of places you already visit.

(Free on Android and iOS)


Now that you have an idea on some of the best money-making apps that can make your pockets a little bigger this weekend, which apps are you excited to download first? Share your favorite money-making apps in the comments section below!


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