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NEWS: AT&T Acquires T-Mobile

First it was Cingular vs AT&T and now Texas-based AT&T as upped the ante by acquiring Germany-based T-Mobile. For a mere $39 Billion in cash & stocks, AT&T has single-handedly surpassed Verizon as the largest cellular provider in the US. (Although it will take about a year for everything to go through, AT&T customers can rejoice....for about 2 seconds and then I'll tell you why this will suck for us...yes, myself included.) The AT & Mobile Way of Life... PROS Uniformed technologies - With this merger, it's clear that AT&T and T-Mobile will finally be able to compete with the ever growing 4G technology that will soon become a government standard. The good thing, is if you're already apart of either carriers service, you'll be able to benefit from faster service and top of the line uniformed technologies. CONS Less Competition Means Higher Prices - As with any monopoly merger, you have to expect fewer players on the field will yield higher prices based on increased demands. Fewer Choices In Smartphone Devices - Now this is tricky. AT&T and T-Mobile could very well begin eliminating lower performing smartphone devices immediately in order to make room on the stock shelves for the new Galaxy S 4G and Sidekick. But one thing's for sure, they will begin limiting the choices that you have once this merger is complete. For T-Mobile Consumers, you may have some questions similar to those below: (We have some answers for you) Will my service change? NO. There is no change in your service. Will I now be billed by AT&T? NO. Your billing remains exactly the same. Why is T-Mobile USA doing this? The merger will ensure the deployment of a stronger 4G LTE newtork to 95% of the U.S. population (something that T-Mobile nor AT&T could do on their own.) Is T-Mobile USA getting the iPhone? T-Mobile offers devices like the Samsung Galaxy S 4G and the soon coming Sidekick 4G. (Why would they get the iPhone anyways, when AT&T carries it already? --Think People, Think!)


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