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#Blogalicious11 – 3 Things learned, 2 Different days, 1 Weekend Only

Blogalicious  – 3 Things learned, 2 Different days – 1 Weekend Only           

One of the most anticipated weekends in Washington DC – October 21st – October 23rd was the destination for thousands of Howard University alumni, friends, bloggers and entrepreneurs for Howard University’s Homecoming Weekend and Blogalicous Weekend (the largest social media conference for women.).  The weekend was one of the most intense weekend’s I’ve had in a long time, from travel issues,  family issues, stress battling my desire to enjoy my weekend, make connections and learn from the experience as a whole.


Lesson One:  Women LOVE Smartphones & Stilettos

The weekend began with’s inaugural “Smartphones & Stilettos” Tweetup sponsored by Clever Girls Collective, Amazon & Cricket Wireless.  The #Cleverlicious Tweet Up took place Friday night at the Gaylord National Convention in the beautiful Belevedere lobby bar & lounge.  It was an evening of filled with tweets, prizes and anticipation of my arrival :/  Due to an unforeseen travel emergency – I didn’t even make it to my own party (P. Diddy style…smh).  Luckily, the team was able to fill in (special thanks to Dorthy & Tonia *wink*)  In spite of my untimely absence, the #Cleverlicous tweets during the Smartphones & Stilettos twitter party spoke volumes on how much women truly love smartphones & stilettos.  I also learned volumes on what blogging sisterhood & support is truly all about.  Special Thanks to Cricket Wireless with Muve Music for sponsoring the event. Check out some of the fabulous peeps & tweets from the party!




Lesson Two:  Working With Brands 101:  Learning a level of Marketing Smarts

Upon my untimely arrival to the Gayloard National Resort for the Blogalicous conference, my highly anticipated session to attend was Getting Down To Business: Working With Brands 101 lead by Clever Girls Collective’s own Cat Lincoln & Edita Gassmann.  Two major gems of the conference that I’ll be sure to include in my daily activities are:

1.     Building a relationship with brands by establishing a report.  Including emailing a link whenever I post an interesting story about them.

2.     Marketing your blog to brands that set you apart from other blogs is the name of the game.  Since is a unique site dedicated to the women that love fashion, technology and everything in between we have a niche that’s easily definable – BUT you can always learn ways to market your business & website better (and this panel definitely opened my eyes to additional ways to do so.)




Lesson Three:  Step out your comfort zone & meet someone FABULOUS!

Saturday night during the Aunt Jemima “Breakfast for Dinner” event, exhausted & hungry I (antisocially) sat at an empty table that was within moments bombarded by the most fabulous Latina bloggers from across the country.  From Divina of @DancingHotdogs and Julie of @GigCoin my table was filled with women who blog about everything from motherhood, technology and everything in between.  With true hospitality they introduced themselves one by one and made me feel like “una de las chicas” (one of the girls.)



Blogalicious Weekend was a remarkable experience of networking, learning and partying with friends.  I can’t wait to attend next year and if you’re an entrepreneur, blogger, media specialist or just interested in networking with great women from across the country I highly suggest you consider attending next year too!


Special Thanks to Clever Girls Collective for sponsoring me for the Blogalicious Conference.  If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Clever Girls Collective click here (and tell em D&D sent you:)


5 Responses to “#Blogalicious11 – 3 Things learned, 2 Different days, 1 Weekend Only”

  1. Helena says:

    Hi! So nice to meet you :) I was there this weekend as well. I missed the Working w/ brands session, so I'm really happy you have a recap here. I loved meeting such intelligent and fabulous women! See you next year.

  2. Divina says:

    Christen you rock! I am blushing all the way from CT. Thank you for the shout out. It was a pleasure meeting you and this is a great recap of the conference. I love the Blogalicious conference because it has a totally different vibe and is so educational. I hope to see you soon!

  3. Christen says:

    Hi Divina! It was great meeting you! You were so sweet & friendly and I can't wait to see you again soon.

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