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BEWARE! This New App Is Your Cheating Boyfriend’s Dream!

Ladies, I'm sorry I had to be the one to warn you BUT... The app that single-handedly will make cheating a breeze is here...and there's nothing you can do about it. A survey of 1000 women several years ago found out that, Three-quarters of the 1,000 women surveyed admitted they've looked through the call log of their boyfriend's cellphone. Now just imagine how that number has increased within the past few years...  Everybody has secrets.  Secret plans, secret emails, but what if a person could keep text messages via their iPhone secret for good?  That's right, no easy-to-guess 4-digit iPhone pass-code could do what this app is capable of - and you may want to get familiar with it before everyone learns about it.

A new iPhone app, Black SMS - (protected text), attempts to keep private SMS conversations undercover, by covering them in a black cloud until you’re ready to read them.  The Black SMS app sends what appears to be blacked-out messages using Apple’s iMessage. When you receive a black SMS you then copy the message from your Messages folder, and then paste it into the Black SMS app to reveal what it actually says.  Even if someone gets ahold of your phone and figures out the Black SMS message app, he or she still will need to know the password in order to read the secret texts.

Take a glance at what the secret texts would look like upon receipt in your iMessage box below...

This is how your text arrive, you then copy & paste them into the Black SMS app to see what they say... #sneakySneaky

    Depending on how secretive you really are, this app could either be a god-send or a total waste of time.  Considering that you can't read your sms messages immediately, and that you actually have to go a step further with opening a password protected Black SMS app, I'm interested to see how many prying eyes fall prey to this relationship killer.  

Check out the video below to see how it actually works...

  So now that you know the app is available, what do you think?  If you caught your boyfriend, husband or significant other with the Black SMS app on their phone what would you do?  You better start thinking about it now, before it's too late.


2 Responses to “BEWARE! This New App Is Your Cheating Boyfriend’s Dream!”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Wow! This is insane! I know plenty of girlfriends who peak throught their man’s cellphone…

  2. Bethany says:

    I think if my boyfriend had this app installed I would think he's up to no good, unless he turned out to be a spy, then he would be excused!

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