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Beauty Bit: Most Important Key to Maintaining Natural Hair…

Everyone in the natural hair community is very serious about their decision to leave the chemicals, and wear their hair in its natural state. I personally commend those who have made this transition! However, there are a few things that you must know in order to properly care for your natural hair (or any hair) to maintain it’s truest texture.




In speaking with two authorities in the hair care industry (Spring Capers of “Springs Place”, Chicago IL-South Loop, & Kelly Jay of “Eula’s Hair Salon”, Chicago IL-Beverly), the common thread of the “how-to” conversation, as it relates to hair, is that you must visit a hair care professional in order to properly care for your tresses. Maintenance is very important. “Whether natural or processed, ends will split”, says Kelly Jay. She advises that you should see your hair care professional every 7-10 days, but that seeing one every 14 days is more common, as everyone’s budget is not the same. Spring says something similar. “The secret to great hair, no matter what type, style or texture, is an APPOINTMENT on a regular basis with a true professional.”


Also, naturalistas have to find the hair care products that work best with your particular hair texture.  Not all products work for every type of hair, so doing your own research, listening to and visiting with your hair care professional, plus “trial and error” will make for the best teacher.







Whether your hair is processed or natural, your hair’s health will all depend on YOU. The woman with the AMAZINGLY beautiful tresses will potentially be the woman who frequently visits her stylist!


It’s not too late to get your hair in order; caring for your hair doesn’t have to be a struggle! See your local hair care professional for your consultation and maintenance if it has been a while.








Have your own natural hair care tips or tricks that have helped you? Know a great natural hair stylist? Share below for the rest of the naturalistas…




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