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Be Smart with Your Smartphone – Simplify Your Life

Be Smart with Your Smartphone – Simplify Your Life


Be Smart with Your Smartphone – Simplify Your Life - MainIf you are not using your smartphone to change you life, you’re missing out.  No, No, No!  I’m not talking about connecting on Facebook, Tweeting on Twitter, watching YouTube, Pinning on Pinterest, or posting selfies on Instagram.  We’ve covered that already.  I’m talking about lifestyle enhancements that offer real life convenience, time saving benefits with seamless transactions anywhere, anytime.  You can blend online, offline, and on-the-go convenience in real-time.







Be Smart with Your Smartphone – Simplify Your Life - savvy

Did you ever imagine you would use a mobile phone to deposit a check to your back account?  Or comparison shop and make a purchase directly from your phone?  Smartphones and savvy consumers have changed everything.  Savvy consumers lead the demand for better, more convenient services from their smartphones and new technologies empower them to be a savvier consumer.



Be Smart with Your Smartphone – Simplify Your Life - Control Living Room

How about this – Do you often get home late at night?  Would having an app on your smartphone to remotely turn on the lights in your home help?  Or, did you forget to lower the garage door?  I’ve done that.  It’s 110 degrees outside and you forgot to turn on your AC.  Yes, there is an app for this too.  Actually, there are companies that offer both these services and most other technology driven devices in your home under one service.  You can manage all your home devices on one app.

Be Smart with Your Smartphone – Simplify Your Life nest thermostat-iphone_app

Be Smart with Your Smartphone – Simplify Your Life check picI hope you are not going to your bank and waiting in line to deposit a check, send money to someone, transfer funds, and open an account?  Really!  DON’T!  Most banks have mobile apps that provide most of those quick banking services you need.  Need to deposit a check?  No problem.  Use your smartphone camera app to scan the check and it’s deposited right in your bank account.  Just like magic.  Need to send money to your college kid?  Western Union not needed.  The transfer is done right from your account into their account instantly.





And, let’s not forget saving money.  No other time in history has finding the best price for a product been so easy.  61% of smartphone users say they use their phone to research for the best product price before purchasing.  Why not, the apps are right at your fingertips.  Here is one example of how comparison shopping can work in your favor:

“I was in a store and the guy said he had the best price available so while he was holding the product I scanned the barcode, and I found it for $600 as opposed to the $759 he wanted for it. So I said, ‘Okay, here’s the price I’m going to buy it for within the next 5 minutes. If you’ll match the price I’ll buy it from you.’ And he said, ‘Well, we don’t match online,’ and I said, “Well then WE don’t get my money,’ because I’m really going to hit one button and I’m going to purchase it right in front of you.’”

Be Smart with Your Smartphone – Simplify Your Life shop deals

That’s being an active and informed consumer.  Smartphones can bridge our offline and online worlds by bringing us the best technology and services that make a major impact on our lives.  How has smartphone technology empower your personal lifestyle?



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  1. AsmShir says:

    Thanks a million Nicole! You've mentioned a bunch of Smartest tips to be smart in using our most favorite smartphone. Well done…!!!

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