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Babiis: The First Social Network For Toddlers

Timothy and Jane, a young couple, have a two-year-old kid, Nicole. Unfortunately, Timothy's job forces him to travel a lot, and most of the time, he is not at home and with his family during the week. babiis logoBabiis, the new social network App for iPad and iPhone has the ambition to bring and keep families together by making the baby the center of attention.  Babiis is the first product developed by Famiis Online Apps LTD, an Israeli Startup.  Babiis is the first social network for babies & young children (1-5).   A new iPhone and iPad App revolutionizing the way toddlers are going to play, learn and interact with their families through all their mobile devices.  Babiis is also a social gaming and learning platform, allowing baby to learn new words, read stories and play some games like never before thanks to his family’s involvement in his digital/online experience.
  Babiis is targeting toddlers from one to four years old, for whom it is essential to stay close with their family members, especially when they are separated.  More often, little kids Nicole's age show a lot of joy in playing with their parents' devices. Additionally, like older kids and adults, they could also use devices for interaction.  Toddlers express the need to communicate, learn and play with their family members, but is it possible for them to use the features, which are in general available on today's most common social networks? Thanks to Babiis' unique and specific technology, it will be the case soon. By simply touching a familiar picture, the application enables the toddlers to send video messages, upload them in the cloud and notify their family members, all at the same time.  With Babiis, parents are approving every step of their kids' way within the family network, from the registration of the participating members, to the games the toddlers play with, to the video messages or stories they access.

babiis screenshot

  "Overall, with Babiis, families will be able to build a virtual safe family home around their children, guiding their first online steps and watch them grow," concludes Bellity.  Babiis, the family social network, is now available on iPhone and iPad. The App is English only for now, and will be proposed in different languages by May 2014. For more visit or connect with babiis on Facebook and Twitter. Would you introduce your toddler to a social networking app created for them?  How young is too young for social media?  Share your thoughts below...


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