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Avoid Paying Big Bucks For Bottled Water With Top Rated Water Filters Under $50

  In case you've been under a rock, you're familiar with the destruction that Tropical storm Sandy has left behind in the mid-Atlantic region.  As if high winds and flooding wasn't enough to worry about, now there's a chance that drinking water could be contaminated in remote areas as well.  Fortunately for New York City residents, Mayor Bloomberg has announced that NYC water has been tested and extra chlorine has been added for security of safe, drinkable water.  

Water tasting like it contains a little too much chlorine?

  Since most water filters effectively removes sand, silt, sediment, and rust from your drinking water. It also reduces the taste and odor of chlorine, so you can enjoy water straight from the tap and save yourself the plastic waste and expense of buying bottled water.  Filters helps you minimize the harmful environmental consequences of buying bottled water. If a mere ten percent of North America's bottled water intake were reduced by switching to home-filtered water in reusable containers, we could eliminate:
  • 133,000 trucks driving an average of 500 miles--saving nearly 12 million gallons of diesel fuel
  • Over 100 million pounds of greenhouse gasses--equal to taking 1,100 cars off the road annually
  • 213 million pounds of PET--equal to 1.5 million barrels of crude oil or improving the PET recycling rate by 10%
Purenex FT-1 Countertop Water Filter System - ($36) The countertop water filter is a great value, designed for chlorine treated water supplies-provides excellent filtration at an affordable price. Outstanding performance using a carbon block to filter down to 1.0 microns and filters chlorine taste and odor, sediment, rust, and particulate matter for sweet, clear, great-tasting water. The long lasting carbon block-replaceable water filter-included-provides 2,500-Gallon of great tasting, crystal clear water. That's about 3 cents per gallon without lugging bottles around! We recommend annual replacement of the water filter cartridges. Installs in minutes. Housing wrench and faucet adapters included.      

Brita 42633 Black and Chrome Faucet Mount ($35)
The most advanced Brita water filtration system for healthier, great-tasting water, right from your tap. It eliminates 98.5% of the Lead and reduces Sediment, Chlorine (taste and odor) and also reduces chemicals that may be linked to cancer risk (TTHM, benzene, TCE, toxaphene) that may be in your water.  

Watts 500315 Counter-Top Drinking Water Filter ($40) This Watts system sits beside the sink and operates by use of a diverter valve attached to the main sink faucet. Filter will reduce chlorine taste and odor, sand, silt sediment and rust form the water.  The unit occupies a small area on the countertop beside your sink, attaching to the faucet by way of a diverter valve. Installing the CT-1 is so easy that most users can filter their tap water in a matter of minutes. The quick installation also means that the CT-1 can be moved from sink to sink with ease.
The improved next generation of PUR faucet mounts is at your service. With a one-year warranty, high-quality construction, 1-click installation, and easy push-button removal, there's never been an easier or more reliable way to get PUR water. Each PUR MineralClear™ filter gives you 100 gallons of clean, healthy, great-tasting water.  MineralClear™ filter filters water over natural minerals for a crisp, refreshing taste. Certified to reduce lead, chlorine (taste and odor), microbial cysts, and more.  Easy push-button removal makes it easy to remove and replace when you need extra room in the sink.
 Imagine drinking crisp water, saving money and the environment at the same time!  Ahhhhh, REFRESHING!
Depending upon which Watts water-filtration product you use, you can prevent up to 16,000 half-liter bottles from being deposited in landfills--all in the time it takes to use and replace a single filter.  So not only is getting a water filter healthy for your wallet, it's also a healthy choice for you and for the environment.  If you weren't one of the lucky thousands to stock up on cases of water at your local grocer before running out, now's the perfect time to invest in a water filter and start saving big bucks right away.


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