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Are You A Racial Smartphone Stereotype?

What kind of phone do you have?  BlackBerry, iPhone, Droid?  The latest Nielsen study shows that certain ethnicities are prone or drawn to certian phones while others are not.  Here’s the highlights of the recent study:

Thirty-six percent of Asians with smartphones have iPhones, while 31 percent of African-Americans with smartphones go for a BlackBerry.

Asians, Hispanics and African-Americans are purchasing smartphones at higher rates than “Whites”–45 percent of Asians and Hispanics and 33 percent of African-Americans are smartphone users, while only 27 percent of Whites are.

While 60 percent of Asians, 56 percent of Hispanics and 44 percent of African-Americans purchasing phones in the past six months bought smartphones, only 42 percent of caucasian users did the same.

Wow.  Well since I’m bi-cellular (don’t judge me)… I guess I fall into the non-black/non-asian category…just call me “Blasian” – it’s exotic! LOL

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6 Responses to “Are You A Racial Smartphone Stereotype?”

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  2. RJ says:

    Very interesting study but I suspect it's also driven by economics. While iPhone prices have come down recently – it's taken a while. Plus there is the limitation of iPhone being available only on AT&T and now Verizon. Blackberry(RIM) phones are more affordable and they tend to be carried by more inexpensive phone carriers. I'm an iPhone baby – but only because I love Macs and got a reasonable rate through the family plan.

  3. BrothaTech says:

    Now that I am successful and got some money in my pocket and feel that I have "made it", I just crossed over from BlackBerry to iPhone. Does that mean I hate my race? #deepthoughts


  4. Michelle says:

    I'm a blackberry girl myself – not by choice but more by (corporate) force. I had the iphone for personal use first but its easier to conduct business affairs via blackberry…I wonder how much influence does companies like Boost mobile & Metro PCS play in the mix since these prepay providers carry blackberry products & not iphones.

  5. Ivan8!3 says:

    You know what? I'm thinking the same as Michelle…with Metro USA and everyone else carrying BB's, it's automatic for them to have a larger marketshare in a more "economically dverse" group of people.

    …maybe I'm thinking too hard. LOL. Just glad VZW finally grabebd a hold of the iPhone. Verizon, "I am running back to you…."


  6. Marie Denee says:

    ANDROID!!!! I am team android… so I fall into the 27% of af am who rock it! I am with Sprint too, and am down with the HTC family! LOL

    Very interesting article! I tried BB… Not for me!

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