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Are Gadgets Keeping You Up? 4 Tips to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Are you guilty of it? Nestling with your phone as you get cozy in bed? You’ve probably been found with your eyes closed, phone still in hand as if you were scrolling down your Twitter timeline, until you drifted off into dreamland. Although we are all guilty of it at one point or another, the question that comes up once you’ve entered dreamland is whether or not your sleep is meeting your needs? Sleeping with our smartphones, tablets, and laptops is not healthy. All of this can be detrimental to our sleep patterns. Here are some important stats from multiple studies, and compiled by Online Psychology Degree.


Who doesn’t want to be well rested every morning? A good night’s rest is great because it allows us to feel like we can conquer the day and are less likely to have to drag ourselves out of the bed. Getting sleep of bad quality doesn’t just affect our desire to go about our day, but also creeps into other aspects of our life. When not well rested, folks are more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel, at work desks, and later in life are more likely to have a heart attack. Take these tips and decrease your risks. morning 1. Try sleeping with your phone, tablet, or other device on your dresser or nightstand instead of in bed with you. It will be less likely for sleepers to be woken up by texts and emails if their phone is further away from their beds. 2. Unplug from all devices an hour before sleeping.  This allows people to live a bit without their devices attached to them. 3. Pick an unwind routine that works for you. If you live with people, use this time to have undistracted conversations. Or, you know that book you’ve been saying you’d read? Use this time to turn some pages in it. Maybe you could even prepare your lunch for the next day, or do some yoga. Reading In Bed 4. Avoid caffeine within three hours of intended bedtime. That way, you won’t be wired and needing to get work done on any of your many devices. reported on how celebrities find the time and get their rest. Check it out here!

Do you think your phone, tablet, or computer has an effect on your sleep? Have any tips to add to the list? 


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  1. Monica P says:

    I can live without my Blackberry .. but my Kindle Fire .. oooh, I love it. I read about a chapter or two before going to bed. I can’t imagine waking up and checking my phone .. zzzzzzzz


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