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Apps Make It Easier To Spare A Moment Of Gratitude

When we sign in to social networking sites such as Facebook we are greeted with the question “What is on our mind?”. When some of us answer the question we take the opportunity to vent. News feeds everywhere are filled with people sharing how bad their day was or how much they can’t stand something or someone.  This month however, some people may be noticing their news feeds on social networking sites are becoming filled with more positive messages and images.  It can possibly be attributed to the Thanksgiving holiday being right around the corner, but people seem to be taking the time out during the day to be more grateful for the little things.   A trend that you may be noticing or already participating in is a challenge where people update their status detailing a reason that they are grateful on that particular day.  Those who are not sharing their daily gratitude via social networks may prefer to take the traditional route and record their thoughts and feelings in a journal.  Both of these options may still be on opposite ends of the spectrum for people who think the challenge on Facebook is too public and others who may not have the time or the desire to keep a traditional journal. The good news is app developers have created a middle ground. There are a few apps on the market right now that give smartphone users the opportunity to input the things they are grateful for and it doesn’t take anymore more time than it does to update your status on a social networking site.   Apps like the Gratitude Journal for iPhone challenge users to type five things they are grateful for everyday. Their philosophy is that if you change your thoughts you can change your life. It has been proven that people who express gratitude are happier overall. People who express gratitude consistently report more long term happiness. Gratitude Journal users can also rate their day from one to five stars. Each entry is saved and the rating system allows you to filter your entries. If you need a reminder of all things you already have to be grateful for or you just need a pick me up you can search for one of your previously high ranking days. The app costs $0.99 but that’s a small one time price to pay to have a more positive attitude. Once you finish your entry an inspirational quote appears to give you some extra motivation.   Similar apps are also available on the Android market such as the Attitudes of Gratitude Journal which is currently free.


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