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Get Ready For The Big Game: Top Apps For A Smooth Super Bowl Sunday

Haven't figured out where you're celebrating the Big Game?  If you're not in New Orleans, chances are you're hosting a Super Bowl party or even better, making plans to go to out to watch the big game.  Did you know there are some apps that can make your Super Bowl Sunday easy as pie?  From party invites, creating & sharing snack lists and more, we've listed some of the top apps you can use to enjoy a smooth Super Bowl Sunday below...

Social Network Apps

These apps help you get the word across; manage meeting times and locations.

Google + (Google Plus)

google+ appAre you planning a big party? Want to fill everyone in? Want to do a little more than Facebook event invites? Try Google hangout; for that you will need the Google+ App. I know what you’re thinking! Google+?! Well, let me inform you that it Google + (Google Plus) has outranked Twitter to be the second largest social network after Facebook with 343 million active users. With Google hangout, having group video chats is easy and stress free. Anyone that has an Android phone has a GMail account (it’s necessary for setup, apps, etc.). Getting together and setting things up is fun and easy with Google Hangout, so get that Google+ app installed and running.   Apple App Store (iOS) - Google + Android Google Play - Google +  


hootsuite-logo-200x200If you're like me; you probably have a Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, and Foursquare. No matter how great your phone is; multi-tasking can become quiet the chore when updating, checking in and tagging. Make it easier with HootSuite. You can manage different social media profiles and go crazy with the updates. HootSuite App Download  


vine app iconShow off little clips from your Super Bowl happenings on Vine. The looping videos can highlight great moments throughout your Super Bowl event. These 6-seconds videos are very entertaining.
Only available for Apple App Store (iOS)  - Vine

The Official Team App

49ers AppAre you going for the Ravens? The 49ers?  Show them true fan support by downloading the official team app. You can see videos, clips, interviews and stats. What's better than that?

Apple App Store (iOS) -  San Francisco 49ers App

Android Google Play -  San Francisco 49ers App


ravens app  Android and Apple - Baltimore Ravens App


Wings and Things

We all know that wings, chips and beer are a major part of the festivities. If you want to take a different spin on things and create different party dishes. Try these apps:


GrubHub AppIf you're not making any food and want to order out. Grub hub will let you know whats around for delivery and pick up options. Android Google Play= GrubHub App Apple App Store - GrubHub App


Seamless FoodAn alternative to GrubHub is the Seamless Food Delivery and Takeout App.  You can order food from your fave restaurants quickly and easily from your smartphone and/or tablet.
Android Google Play= Seamless App Apple App Store - Seamless App


FooducateIf you're being careful about your diet; the Fooducate app is helpful. When shopping for groceries; scan products and find out what's good and bad about a product. With over 200,00 UPC's you're likely to find all the info you need
Android Google Play= Fooducate App Apple App Store - Fooducate App

Guides and Updates

Super Bowl XVLII Guide

Super Bowl Guide APPThis official guide; presented by Verizon gives you the official scoop on nearby nightlife, and points of interest. Stay updated on the latest buzz with push notifications Android Google Play= Super Bowl Guide  Apple App Store - Super Bowl Guide

ESPN Score Center

espn score appMost sports fanatics already have this on their devices. It helps keep track of your favorite teams. It's a must have for updates and staying in the loop Android Google Play= ESPN Score Center Apple App Store - ESPN Score Center

SB Nation

sb nation appDon't want to hear a commentators perspective? SB Nation is the app for you. You get coverage from over 300 blogs from a fans perspective. Stay updated  with the latest updates and breaking news in the sports world. Android Google Play Only= SB Nation App


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