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Top Apps to PIMP MY PHONE!!


This week is for the Android users. I’ve been doing a random search of the best apps on the Android Market to make the phone work to the best advantage. The Android market is full of free apps that will turn your phone into your Personal PIMP Phone!! Below are some of the Must have Free apps for your Android phone. ( Don’t worry Blackberry and IPhone users, I got you next week)


Angry Birds – Gaming. When you’re bored get angry!!! This Touch Screen game will have you addicted in hours dishing out revenge on the greedy pigs whole stole the eggs. You must use the unique power of each bird to destroy the pigs fortresses. All of the 240 levels require logic skill and force to solve. You will be playing for hours!!


Plume – Twitter Application.  This Free App makes twitter easier for the newest user to use. From making your favorite followers have specific colors so they stand out, to muting people. This is the application has is all for the Twitter Lover who has an Android phone.

Shazam – Music & Audio. Ever wondered what song is playing in the store, car or at the shop. Or you know the song but don’t know the artist. Well now there’s help, find the speaker and turn on Shazam! It identifies the song and gives you the option to buy it, read reviews on the artist and share it via FB and Twitter.

Ringdroid – Ringtone Editor. This app lets you take any audio file and create your own ringtone, alarm or notification sound all from your Android device. You can start in the middle of the file or at the end, doesn’t matter you become the producer of your own ringtones!!! No more buying ringtones!! Must have.

Handcent SMS – Messenger for Android Phones. Handcent takes your regular text messages on your android phone and customize each text to your personal needs. With a pop up box, Individual contact notification and custom looks, Security and password protect from that “special person”, this app has it all. It even has a Blacklist option so when that “Special Person” becomes your “Not so Special Person” you can block them and NEVER receive another text from them again until you take them off the list. *Downloading NOW!!*

Where’s My Droid? – Locator. Ever lose your phone and you go to call it and remember that it’s on Vibrate or Silent? What to do? Well with this app you can text your phone with a custom pre-set attention word and it will turn your silent mode off and the ringer on so you can find it with ease. Its also equipped with a GPS Location so when you text it a different word you can go get your phone back from that person that stole it from you last night!! HA!!!

Flash Player 10.2 – Mobile Browsing. It’s not really an app but the Flash Player enables FULL web browsing on your mobile phone. Only for Android 2.2 and 2.3 users it delivers access to your favorite web videos, games and interactive content straight to your mobile device. No need to wait to get to your laptop you can perform it all right there in the palm of your hand!!!

Google Maps – Navigation.  It’s a Free Voice Guided GPS Navigation system, with Hotspots and Real live photos, so when you make it to your destination you know what side of the street and building to look for. Did I mention it was Free?!?!?!

Words with Friends – Gaming. Love Scramble? Well this word building, triple score seeking, chat bubble sending goodness is for you. Invite friends; play with strangers and even celebrities. U can play up to 20 games simultaneously. Play at your own pace a notification will let you know when it’s you turn. Let’s see how well you can spell!! Leeego!!!

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper – Live wallpaper. Android Phones are equip with 7 differ screens. You can have each screen set as One picture or let it flow through your gallery, album folder and web album.  U can double tap the screen to change the pic or have it set by time interval. The best way to enjoy your photos on your phone.


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