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African Americans and Mobile Devices – The Numbers Tell the Full Story


African Americans and Mobile Devices

African Americans, Mobile Devices, and Social Media - Consumers There are 43 million African Americans in the United States and is an economic powerhouse.  How does the African American community impact a company’s bottom line with their purchasing decisions, mobile phone activities and digital experience?  The numbers tell the full story – You Matter. This post is a continuation from my previous article on African Americans and Social Media – The Numbers and Networks, published recently.  The article was a synopsis on a Pew Research Study that found African Americans are the highest users of social media applications Twitter and Instagram, mostly women, urban residents, between 18-29 years of age – Generation Y. Another in-depth analysis titled “African-American Consumers:  Still Vital, Still Growing 2012 Report” provides a better understanding of buying power and what drives, influences, and motivates African Americans in their buying behavior focusing on mobile, online, and other products and services.  The report is geared to help businesses better market and advertise their services to African Americans. So how are the numbers of African Americans and Mobile Devices, read some interesting stats below:       African Americans, Mobile Devices, and Social Media - Smartphone - Age

African Americans and Mobile Devices - Gender

The report suggests that: ·         Black women are critical in the Black community and are the most influential in what products get purchased and services used.  Black women are more likely to use social networking sites and purchase clothes, groceries, health, and beauty products online. ·         Black women ages 18-35 are more likely to publish a blog, like, link, or follow a brand or website. ·         Black men are more likely to view and monitor stocks and investments online and read tech news. African Americans, Mobile Devices, and Social Media - black women  

African Americans and Mobile Devices - Influence and Advertising

·         31% of African Americans watch consumer-generated video online including YouTube (48%), Other (31%), Netflix (10%), Hulu (8%), VEVO (3%), and yahoo (1%). ·         Young African Americans are early adopters of new technology and are pop culture influencers across the board. ·         91% of African Americans believe that Black media is more relevant to them and that 60% of Generation Y users (ages 18-34) consume Black media information on a mobile device. ·         African Americans are heavy smart phone users with a rate that grew from 33% to more than 54% last year. ·         African Americans are heavy users of mobile features including texting, internet access, email, camera usage, music, video, and accessing social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. ·         “Black consumers are 30% more likely to visit Twitter using mobile phones than the average consumer.” (African-American Consumers:  Still Vital, Still Growing 2012 Report) ·         African Americans are more likely to conduct research on their smart phones before making a purchase.     What do you think of these numbers?  Are you a digital consumer?


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