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Aereo – The New Way To Watch and Record Live TV Online

Words By Roderick Scott

Aereo TV - Aereo The New Way To Watch TV - Aereo Logo

For those of you out there who are getting sick and tired of cable bill but want access to broadcast TV to go along with a Netflix and Hulu Plus;  Aereo TV streaming service is the solution to your problem.  If you want to watch live broadcast TV, the service allow you to watch channels like CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, MyNetworkTV, The CW, ION TV, PBS, and more.

Aereo TV - Aereo The New Way To Watch TV - Aereo Coverage
But wait there’s more.   Aereo TV provides their users with access to their remote antennas and paid members access to DVR cloud storage of up to 40 hours of content.  The service launched within NYC and the five boroughs about one year ago and have now expanded to northern NJ, upstate NY, and parts of PA.

So How Does Aereo TV Work?

“Imagine the antenna on your roof or rabbit ears on your TV was somewhere you never had to see them. Aereo makes that possible. Here’s how:

1. We made the TV antenna unbelievably small.

So small it fits on the tip of your finger. But it still gets awesome HD reception.

2. We connected these antennas to the internet.

We engineered a way to put tons of these antennas in data centers, along with massive amounts of storage and super-fast Internet connections.

3. We give you control.

We built a simple, elegant interface to let you control your antenna. Through the Internet. With any device you want. All without cords, cables, or boxes.”

The service can be accessed on your iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Roku, and modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, & more.  They will update the devices that support the service HERE.
Pricing for Aereo’s services range from $1 daily, $8 monthly, or $80 annually.  Those of you who are interested can try the service out for free.
Aereo TV - Aereo The New Way To Watch TV - Aereo Pricing
This is a good option for those cord cutters out there. Do you think services like Aereo TV would make consumers leave their cable TV? Are you willing to rely on streaming services such as Aereo TV?


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