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A Season Of Something New: My Verizon Wireless Mobile Makeover

It’s very easy to get caught up in the hype of mobile hoarding every now and then. It seems like every other week, there’s a new smartphone I want to add to my “all things mobile” wish list. Although I’m a simple tech user, I still want my smartphones, tablets and laptop devices to do everything under the sun – just short of turning water into wine. I’ve always been a believer in the use of my trinity of Apple devices (laptop, tablet and smartphone). All very useful, for very different reasons of course, but a burden to transport all the time. As a girl on the go, I’ve always relied on having a lightweight laptop that’s versatile enough to allow me to work anytime and anyplace, however my smartphones & tablets were used for communication and entertainment purposes only. After a few years of experiencing updated generations of each with dissatisfaction, it’s quite clear that I need a change and this Verizon Wireless Mobile Makeover is it.


What is a mobile makeover exactly? In this case, I’ve decided to discontinue use of my primary mobile & computing devices and replace all three devices with two. The Samsung Galaxy Camera and the Samsung Galaxy Note II.

 mobile makeover

The Samsung Galaxy Camera, deemed as the world’s first smart-camera offers all the basics of a smartphone without the calling features. Want to share anything, anywhere? On the Samsung Galaxy camera, you can link all over your social networks and share photos instantly without missing a beat. The Samsung Galaxy Note II offers smart communication and easy multitasking simultaneously.


Throughout this mobile makeover experiment, I’m eager to tackle the task of discovering the everything there is to love about consolidating my mobile baggage and getting the most out of each mobile device. Daunting tasks such as email setup (I have over 10 email addresses that I use daily), finding smart, yet stylish accessories and getting acclimated to the overall user experience is in my plans for the next few weeks. With this mobile makeover, I hope to dive in and discover all the things that makes me excited about technology and how it makes life easier everyday. Stay tuned as I’ll be sharing my mobile makeover discoveries over the next few weeks soon.


Are you due for a mobile makeover? What do you love about your current smartphone and what would you improve? Share your thoughts below.


Disclaimer: I am a VZW Ambassador and have received products for use, however opinions expressed are my own.




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