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A Season Of Something New: Discover Your Heart Health With UrgentRX

As a woman constantly on the go, I don’t have time for aches, pains and unscheduled illnesses.  (Just last year, I suffered two untimely hospital visits – one on my birthday and the other just hours before my international flight to the London Olympic games.)  Since then, I have made it a priority to take necessary steps to safeguard my health.  Although my regimes, aren’t extreme they’ve seemed to keep me happy, healthy and ready to conquer the world one day at a time.  Just adding simple steps like adding vitamins and supplements to my everyday regime has created a whole new vision on what I want my healthy living to look like 50 years from now.


From Vitamin C, Biotin, Fish Oil and more – I have to keep a healthy supply of supplements ready and available everyday in my pink vitamin container from Duane Reade.





In addition to nutritional health, I’ve been taking more effort to ensure a healthy mind, body and heart. DID YOU KNOW:  Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women.  Every year, about 715,000 Americans have a heart attack. About 600,000 people die from heart disease in the United States each year—that’s 1 out of every 4 deaths.  Just recently, I discovered that carrying just one small packet of UrgentRX Critical Care Aspirin To Go could save a life.  Of course most of us think about aspirin as a quick remedy for pain, but the affect of just one quick dissolving packet of UrgentRX administered during a heart attack could quickly reverse the adverse results of blood-clotting and heart failure before it’s too late.  (Read Dave’s story on how UrgentRX saved his life during a heart attack here.)



In celebration of Heart Health Month, I’d like to challenge everyone to take a little time to take inventory on your own heath and the health of your loved ones.  You can never be too prepared when it comes to your health. Stop by a local Duane Reade, pick up a few UrgentRX quick dissolve packs (they’re so light and slim, you can easily fit a few in your purse while you’re on the go.)  In addition to Critical Care Aspirin, UrgentRX also offers case-specific packs for headache, stomach ache, allergy relief and more.  The quick dissolve powders work fast, dissolve without water and if you’re planning on taking your health seriously, there’s no reason not to have your own stash readily available.  Try something new by taking your health seriously this season and there’s no better place to start than at Duane Reade.






Check out my complete health overhaul experience at Duane Reade here.  For more information about UrgentRX visit online at or on and today.


Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias® . and UrgentRX #cbias all opinions are my own.



2 Responses to “A Season Of Something New: Discover Your Heart Health With UrgentRX”

  1. Monica P says:

    Ah, that’s pretty cool … OTC meds that don’t require water. I hate when you have to save up some spit to swallow a pill .. lol. Ok, that happens – rarely, but I have been in that situation.


  2. Kristy says:

    I love that they don’t require water. That’s awful about the hospital visits!! Glad to see you are doing better now!

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