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#2013CES: Celebrity Endorsed Consumer Electronics…Are We Over The Hype Yet?


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While enduring the massive LVCC floorplan – filled with thousands of products demos, hundreds of gifting samples and too many celebrity appearances/autograph signings to name – I’m reminded of a conversation had with a fellow technology blogger regarding celebrity tie-ins and it’s impact on the bottom line of consumer convincing sales.  Don’t get me wrong, months ago when it was announced that Kanye West would be the surprise celebrity performer during the Samsung Galaxy Note II press event in New York – I was ecstatic!  (Mind you, I’ve been a true Kanye West fan since 2002 and this was before the whole KimYe relationship-baby-publicity stunt thing came to light…but I digress.)  As much of a fan as I was of the celebity, I just don’t believe that their affiliation with a product could sway my decision to spend hundreds of dollars on a particular device.  Sure, the celebrity involvement may grab the attention of consumers, but it’s the actual product quality and user experience that will translate those consumers to sales generating customers.

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One may beg to differ, by using celebrity endorsed weight-loss campaigns or fashion campaigns as examples of celebrity endorsements done right.  In regards to those two very different segments, you could be right, without any argument from me – however, both of those industries (and quite honestly the endorsements too) are based on the psychological desires of consumers to be accepted, look a certain way or feel a certain attachment to a celebrity through a product.  Because consumer electronics do not omit warm & fuzzy feelings of acceptance, desire or attachment – I believe that it’s difficult to create a highly influential consumer base by attaching a celebrity to your product for ooohs and ahhhhhs.
But that’s just my opinion….what’s yours?


2 Responses to “#2013CES: Celebrity Endorsed Consumer Electronics…Are We Over The Hype Yet?”

  1. John says:

    Definitely over it. I’m quite sure they don’t bother to use the products they endorse. Were we suppose to believe Kim K used Quick trim to stay in shape NOT lol

  2. It depends, if it’s fashion and “done right” I could be convinced, but I guess it depends on the credibility of the product and the celebrity Little Wayne can sell stretch pants but could he sell you a computer NOPE!!!

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