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Fitness Gadgets to Get You Across the Finish Line

In case you've fumbled on your New Year's resolutions, these gadgets will bring you right back on track! Make your resolutions - and life in general easier with these convenient and clever  fitness gadgets and apps. Here are 10 of the best fitness gadgets on the market that are sure to help you make it to and across the finish line!

talking strength ball

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Talking Strength Ball

Aimed at enabling anyone aged 9+ to build up their muscles, this talking ball enables you to use programmable workouts or personalized regimes. Perfect for young athletes, working professionals, or anyone that wants to skip the additional monthly fees for a personal trainer and still get results.       - - - - PoolMate -

PoolMate Watch

Perfect for the beginner or advanced swimmer, this waterproof watch has a detector which senses your strokes and laps while swimming. It detects your lap count, average strokes per lap, speed, calories burned and more. Swimming is one of the best ways to get in shape, and with this watch you can know exactly how much further you have to go to get to your desired goals.        


fitbit one


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FitBit One

During the day this clever little device tracks your steps, distance covered, calories burned and stairs climbed with its motion sensor. The difference between this and other pedometers- come nightfall, it measures your sleep cycle! Make sure you're getting the necessary exercise and sleep needed to reach your ideal goals. FitBit can also sync with maps, helping you to chart your progress online. You may find yourself taking the longer route or the stairs to increase your numbers!

fitbit (1)


-- - -

FitBit Flex

Like the Fitbit and want even more for your money? Well FitBit has moved past the clip-on fitness tracker. At CES 2013 the company announced its Fitbit Flex — a wearable wristband with Bluetooth 4.0 that keeps track of your workouts and sleep cycle. The slim wristband can be worn 24/7 and is a constant reminder of your fitness goals. iPhone and Android both have apps that sync with the FitBit Flex.   - Withings

Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale

Perfect for the combined data nerd and health nut, the Withings Wi-Fi Body Scale tracks weight, body mass index and body fat numbers for up to eight people (i.e. an entire family), which are sent to an online account by Wi-Fi. You can view your data on either the website or in the Withings app for iPhone, iPad and Android.      


Storm Cotton Hoodie

This may look like your average sweat shirt, but it's far from it. Storm has come up with a hi-tech cotton hoodie that repels water as soon as it touches its surface. The water simply beads up and runs straight off, like water repellent that is used on car windshields. Guaranteed to keep you dry and warm while you sweat it out, or if running in the rain.          





MiCoach Pacer

The MiCoach Pacer is composed of three devices, the receiver (miCoach), heart rate monitor and pedometer. The real advantage of using MiCoach is its heart rate monitor and coupled with the MiCoach itself, it will instruct you if you need to speed up or slow down based on your training plan. Pretty cool right? Serious runners know that the best way to train for a run (especially marathons) is by tracking your heart rate so you can maintain your tempo pace.     



Zombies, Run!

Picking between reading that novel and going for a jog just got easier! Zombies, Run! was co-created with Naomi Alderman, an award-winning novelist, and is the first fitness app to blend these vocations. When you start a run either outdoors or at the gym, the narration leads you through a story line  telling you when to speed up, lay off, go for supplies or escape the living dead. This app gives new life to something that is tedious and dreadful to most people. If music isn't enough motivation during your run, this app includes 30 missions so that you’ll always discover something new around the corner, and with more missions coming with each update there’ll always be a plot twist ahead.



iBike-POWERHOUSE-Photo2iBike Powerhouse App

If you routinely take your iPhone with you on bike rides, you might as well put it to work as a fitness trainer. The iBike Powerhouse phone app allows you to develop a customized training program to get the most out of cycling. The program measures speed and distance and analyzes your performance against your personal goals. The iBike Powerhouse also includes a waterproof iPhone case that mounts on your handlebars.   - -

pulse-ring-gadgetPulse Ring Monitor

The Pulse Ring from Firebox is super basic, it measures your pulse. One of the most important stats to be aware of is your pulse. Whether you’re building up your stamina or trying to lose weight, it’s important to know whether you’re hitting the high numbers every so often or keeping at a steady pace. So, the Pulse Ring from Firebox is ideal because it provides you with real-time and accurate readings about your pulse through a number of infra-red sensors that measure what’s going on in your finger. The ring itself is really lightweight and has an elasticated, adjustable strap to make sure it’s as comfy as possible as you’re working out, we all know tight gadgets that need to be strapped to your arm or chest can be really annoying when all you want to do is run, run, run.      

These fitness gadgets are a sure way to reach those fitness resolutions you set at the end of last year. Choose your specific workout gadgets and exercise with purpose!

Do you have a favorite fitness gadget or any experience with the ones above? Tell us below...



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